Buying a Homeless Dog EVERYTHING He Touches!

– [Rocky] Whoa, he touched it, yeah! (Rocky and Angela laugh) Hanging out with King today and we’re gonna do something really fun. I don’t know if you guys saw
the video with Nicole Skyes called Buying My Dog
Everything He Touches. Nicole, it was such a fun video. It was awesome, but
basically, it’s just that. You go into a pet store and your dog gets to
pick out what they want and I thought, how awesome
would that be to do with a rescue dog like King right here? (upbeat music) Thing about King, he’s with
Marley’s Mutts Rescue Group and he’s homeless. He’s a homeless dog. Not only has he never been
able to pick something out for himself at a pet store, but he’s never had anyone that
goes to get him dog treats or takes him to the park,
which is why I’m really glad there’s this trend right now, Buying My Dog Everything He Touches, but first, let me tell
you King’s back story because it’s a heartbreaking one. He was abandoned, he was hit
by a car, his leg was broken, and Marley’s Mutts did
everything they could to try to save his leg,
but they just couldn’t, and unfortunately, it had to be amputated. The good news is, now
he’s doing really great and he’s been rehabilitated. For some reason, he hasn’t been adopted and I don’t see why because
he’s such an amazing dog. I think it’s because he’s a senior. To me, senior dogs are some of the best because they’re calm,
they’re loving, they’re kind, and he’s still got a
lot of great years left. Okay, let’s go shopping. Before we get started, hit
that thumbs up button for King. Make sure you subscribe
and let’s go have some fun. Come on, let’s go shopping! Also, I wanna introduce you to Angela. Angela, come here. So, Angela. Sorry, I said your name really weird. So, Angela works at Marley’s Mutts and is the ranch director? – Ranch manager. – Manager. Extraordinaire of the ranch. But basically, it entails
you handle everything. – Yeah.
– Whether an emergency happens in the middle of the night or just walking the dogs everyday, you take care of those guys. – Getting them adopted. – Getting them adopted,
that’s why you agreed to this crazy Petco shopping spree. – Yes. – So, we’re gonna buy
him anything he touches. I mean, if he’s like super into fish food, we get him fish food. – What if he touches a hamster? – Okay, alright, maybe not everything. He can’t have a hamster. Okay, let’s go shopping. Come on, King, come on! – Let’s go, buddy!
– King, come on! He moves pretty quick for three legs. Alright, so we took just a minute just to bring King’s energy level down, ’cause he’s never been
into a pet store, right? I mean, he’s never been into a pet store. – Never. – So, it’s pretty exciting for him, so we needed to just take a minute and bring the energy down one notch. I think he’s gonna have a lot
of fun picking things out, so let’s get this shopping spree started. Come on, buddy. (upbeat music) Oh, did he touch it? – [Angela] He touched it. – [Rocky] Which one did he touch? – [Angela] He touched this one. – Grab it. Okay, let’s go. He’s already getting dog food. Let’s do it. If he picks out a toy, it
could be his first toy. He might also not have
any clue what a toy is, so let’s help him a little bit. (toy squeaks) – I think he’s more of a smell guy. (Rocky laughs) – What is that? You meet your first toy. You know what, he touched it. He touched it. Did I make it? (crowd cheers) It counts. What’s that, what’s that? Grab that, grab that! – [Angela] I think he wants these. – He wants healthy treats.
– You’re doing so good. – [Rocky] Where to next, buddy? Where to? Oh. Oh, he touched it, yeah! Needs a little shopping break. (Angela and Rocky laugh) Shopping break! – Oh, is he gonna grab it?
– Oh, oh! He touched like three things! Okay, alright, here. That, the bone, you got this tire thing. Did he touch the rope? I think he touched the rope.
– I don’t know. He’d definitely play with it. – ’cause enough of you
guys are gonna share this and we’re gonna get
him into a loving home, and I tell you what, this is a promise, if we can get 30,000
thumbs up on this video, we will do another
shopping spree like this. The treats, okay. Alright, you like that one? What is this?
– We have those at the ranch and he likes those.
– Grain bakes. He likes the baked stuff.
– Good chews. – Yeah, he likes healthy,
grain-baked treats. – [Angela] He’s a big guy. He’s gotta keep his figure. (laughs) – [Rocky] Oh, here’s the money ticket. Oh! Oh, we’re not even having to do anything to grab that one for him! Here, you need some help, my man? – [Camerawoman] Oh, he licked that one. – [Rocky] (laughs) He’s cleaning house. Oh my goodness. – [Angela] Alright, he’s gonna take it out.
– This a good one? – [Angela] He’s got it. – He’s like, wait, that’s
not the deal. (laughs) Alright, I think we found his section. Oh, that one? Alright, alright, alright. Come on, come on. Here, let’s cruise, let’s cruise, buddy. Okay, he got that. Alright. Okay, you want that one? Okay. – [Camerawoman] King, I think
you should touch this one. – [Rocky] Hey, hey, are you
setting things up? (laughs) Alright, well. – [Camerawoman] King
said he wanted that one. He touched it. – I mean, we didn’t really set any rules. I feel like our camera operator here… – I’m looking out for him! – [Rocky] Alright, alright, fair enough. No one’s mad at ya. Aw, there’s a good boy. Somebody’s having fun. It is a lot of fun. What’s cool is, so here’s
how we’re doing this. So, I don’t know if you saw the shop– (PA announcement blares) The ticket is adding up in the cart. I mean, it’s gonna add up, but
you know what, that’s fine, because how we’re doing this is, this isn’t sponsored, right? We’re not sponsored. Is if you join the channel,
you’re a part of it, so just hit the join button. I’ll put the link down below and you can click on that
and you can be just as much a part of helping out King as me. Oh, he likes the chew ones, okay. He just touched all three of them! Okay. Okay, I’m excited about this next aisle, because I’ve been loving him up close and that breath is hoohoohoo! I mean, he lives on a
ranch, and you know… Come on, buddy, come on, come on! Oh, he’s not picking any of them! – [Angela] Ooh! (Rocky and Angela laugh) – King does not care about dental bones. Oh yeah! Oh yeah. Okay, good boy. You like this one? Want a little Bo Peep? Alright, he didn’t touch them. Yes, cleaning supplies for the ranch. Oh! – [Camerawoman] Oh! – Oh no. No, King! (laughs) Look, dude.
– He touched it! He touched the cat tree. He has expensive taste. – I’m gonna set that up front. Pretty funny, but you know what? Actually, that gives me an idea. We should put him to the test and see if he’s
strategically planning this. Let’s get like three
items and then lay it out and see which one he picks. Okay, I know what three. Hold on, I’ll grab it. Okay, I set up something fun. I wanna see how his nose is. We have cat litter, hamster hay. Hey! And peanut butter treats, and so far, he’s loved crunchy treats. So, okay, Angela, you ready? – I’m ready. Are you ready? – Buddy, which one? (Rocky and Angela laugh) Oh, is he buying dog food? Oh, he picked a bag of dog food. Okay, that’s good, he
picked a bag of dog food. Not a bad thing. It’s almost like you’re smiling. You know exactly what
you’re doing, don’t you? (dog pants) Guys, please make sure you
share this with everyone you can because we have to get him adopted. I’m gonna put a link to his
adoption application down below. – [Camerawoman] Is it hot in here? – Dude, I’m actually… (camerawoman laughs) That’s embarrassing. You go make a dog rescue video. Next time, next time… We’d probably actually get
subscribers then. (laughs) – Well, I’m wearing sweaters and I’m good. – [Rocky] Tell everyone to subscribe. – Hey, subscribe. (Rocky laughs) – Touch the Nerf gun. Yes! We have a dog Nerf gun launcher, yes! This is for the road trip, okay? You can give him cookies on the way home. We’re making a video where we can, we’ll put it on YouTube. Have you heard of the
YouTuber, Rocky Kanaka? – No. – Oh. – No. No. – You can subscribe to my
channel, it’s PewDiePie. – PewDie? – PewDiePie. PewDiePie. This is his first time at the pet store and he picked all this stuff out himself. Even the cat food, by the way. Okay, 492, we can do that. Deal. Come on, come on, King! You did it! You did it, my man! – [Donna] I’d like to
donate $5 towards that. – You know what, thanks very much. – [Donna] You’re welcome. – I’m gonna give it to Angela, that is the ranch manager
of Marley’s Mutts. What’s your name? – [Donna] Donna. – Donna, I’m Rocky. I really appreciate this. Guys, that is so amazing. There are amazing people in this world. If you’re ever having a bad day, it’s things like that
that will just lift you up if someone just wants to help, you know? – That’s awesome. – It’s awesome. (upbeat music) – Okay, success? – Success. – It was a lot of fun. Definitely check out the last video, Giving $10,000 To A Homeless Dog. I’ll link it right up here and Nicole Skyes, thank you for this idea. I’ll put her video. Click it down below, watch
it, it’s a lot of fun. Go Marley’s Mutts, woo!
– Yeah! – And we’ll see you soon.

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  1. I agree with rocky senior dog are the best because they are energetic and calm. My dog is 5 and still as crazy as heck ???

  2. OMG a YouTuber and a YouTuber wow I just wanted to say I love your videos keep doing what you're doing and you're super inspiring bye??

  3. If I had your subscribers I would loveee to do the same in my country.. But its like people often dont care about the animals 🙁

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  5. He May Be Homeless He May Have A Broken Leg But He Has A Good Life And Good Time In The Store 🙂 He Looks Cute!

  6. Not that Kane having three legs is a bad thing but it makes him who he is he is so cute and kind but my question that I’ve had for a very long time is why do selfish people abandon there dogs like that it can’t be that easy they just need to open there hearts up to these homeless dogs

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  8. i think they dont wanna adopt king because he’s been though alot and people think that king needs alot off docter things
    Thats what i think! i love king btw ?

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