Bus Passengers’ Kindness Help Make Dog’s Christmas Wish Come True (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Today, Grandpa and Grandma are late.. Mingki watches the bus eagerly but can’t find Grandma and Grandpa among the passengers (At the hospital)
Owner : I can picture him vividly when I think of him waiting.. Owner : I have to live for a long time so that he receives love.. Treatment is taking longer than usual so the couple couldn’t arrive back on time On the stairs that lead to home Mingki is waiting fervently Worrying that he might’ve missed them somehow He goes back the road he had taken with the elderly couple.. “Mingki!!” “Mingki, come here!!” Examines his surroundings even on the dangerous road at night When are Grandma and Grandpa coming back? Huh? “Woof Woof!” The couple finally arrives, late at night PD: Why were you so late today, Sir? Owner : I have to get cataract surgery done as well so Owner : I arrived late to visit the eye doctor and get examined Owner : Oh I’m so sorry! Did you wait for a long time.. They know better than anyone how long he must’ve waited So they try to comfort him “I’m sorry..” “I’m sorry” Mingki is just happy to be back with them again♡ Their worries for him deepen when they know they have to return late at night Owner : He doesn’t usually go on that road like that… Owner : My mind wants to ‘hurry hurry and come home’.. Owner : and I get scared Is there any way that Mingki could be together with them? Informed the bus company about the pitiful situation Bus company rep : If the grandpa wants to board the bus with the dog Bus company rep : he should ask for understanding from the other passengers first Since the elderly couple isn’t healthy enough to carry around a dog carrier Mingki will instead receive etiquette traning!☆ Dog Trainer : To not inconvenience other people in public places, Dog Trainer : you have to always use a leash like this or train him It’s the first time that a leash has been put on him so Mingki will need some time to adjust to it Owner : It’s okay! You’re a good boy~~ At the thought that he can accompany Grandma and Grandpa now, *Hop Hop* Bit by bit Mingki is learning to adjust to riding the bus..♡ Shirt on Mingki translated:
Protector of Grandma and Grandpa
Mingki Shirt on Mingki translated (bottom line):
I can’t be away from them *Leap* It’s their first day going to the hospital together☆ Even when other passengers get on Mingki : Gentle is my middle name 😉 Owner : Mingki is happy and I also don’t have to be away from him, Owner : when we’re together like this, how happy would we be, that’s my best wish! Thanks to the passengers’ kindness to open their heart to Mingki.. Mingki’s Christmas wish came true..♡ and the happiest trip together began♡

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  1. Merry Christmas/happy holidays everyone!!? Here's Part 1 of Mingki and the elderly couple's story:

  2. 500 dogs thrown into a dump. These dogs were left to die in this dump. 500 sick and hungry dogs. Help Please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D28hkHuov0

  3. I am very happy. Yesterday watching part 1, had me worried that Mingskhi could possibly get hit by a vehicle and killed or paralysed . As cute as he is, someone could have dognapped him, NEVER to be seen again. Thank you for the kindnesss

  4. El staff que conforman Kritter Klub son lo máximo. Me alegra como han solucionado el problema. Se le ve feliz al perrito y a los dueños.

  5. Nossa fiquei tao feliz com o final feliz p a familia que deus de muita saude p esse casal que irradia amor parabens a esse canal que tanto ajuda os animais desejo um feliz natal a todos?

  6. There's so much love in the world. Sometimes you only see the bitterness, but one look at this dog makes you forget the bad things.

  7. Pobre ANIMAL no es justo para el q este así..
    Por dios hacer algo por el..
    Le va a pasar algún dia algo..
    Necesita una familia q lo cuide y lo quiera no solo d noche sino todo el dia un perrito es una responsabilidad muy grande ..
    Hay q cuidarlo darlo d comer todo..
    Q alegria q pueda ir en el autobús ..
    No e podido dejar d llorar..
    Amo animales..
    Gracias por quererlo y llevarlo contigo..
    Feliz navidad..

  8. Pobre perrito esperando durante largo tiempo a sus dueños.Mingki los quiere mucho.?????????ahora podrán estar juntos cuando ellos tengan que ir al hospital.Feliz navidad.????

  9. Put that music with anything and you’ll cry. A sunset, a pastrami sandwich, metallic colors, mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross a busy highway.

  10. How can such a tiny, precious little dog be left alone to wander the streets by himself. Poor little angel loves his human Mom and Dad – Im guessing his tiny vest shows he’s a therapy dog and now allowed to accompany his parents everywhere. I hope so! ?????

  11. The dog just wants to love. How sweet. He loves his Daddy so very much. He's not sure about that leash!! It looks like his friends got him all set up.
    Merry Christmas to all of you at Kritter Klub. Love the work all of you do!! Thank you!!

  12. I'm so happy for both of them the older couple and the pooch got the best Xmas present from God above human kindness?????thanks for such a happy ending to such a sad beginning

  13. That's great but my concern is the hospital, where will Mingki go? I hope grandmother will be outside or have a place with Mingki while waiting for her hubby's treatment.

  14. Ojalá los animalitos de todo el mundo pasen buenas Navidades estén donde estén… FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS ?☃️☃️???☃️☃️?

  15. Amigos en Korea…les deseo feliz Navidad ? y a todos los activistas y gente buena que hace reportes de abandono y maltrato animal ? que dona y asiste m…que el universo los colme de recursos económicos, salud y sapiencia con fortaleza…todos debemos aportar nuestro granito de arena ?? me alegra mucho que está pequeña sea rescatada como un gran regalos de navidad ?????lleno de compassion y generosidad.. saludos desde México ✋????

  16. Aaaww…That's a wonderful ending! ? Thank you Kritter Klub team for a great help. Merry Christmas to y'all and may you have a great time with your love ones??

  17. Awwwe poor baby is so lonely and misses his family ☹️ I'm so glad they came back !
    This little fur baby is so so happy?? and Yaay he can ride the bus with them?

  18. Very nice story and very good ending. Thanks so much, Kritter Club, for all the wonderful things you do to animals in crisis. Thanks also to all those who made Mingki’s Christmas wish come true.

  19. As happy as I am for them, I was a little confused by it.

    1. If it was dangerous for Mingki to be outside while they were away why not leave him at home with the door closed and locked so he can’t get out?

    2. Did Mingki become an official service dog? I know you can’t pet service dogs and that lady on the bus was touching him. If he didn’t become an official one how can he go to the hospital with them because animals aren’t allowed in human hospitals.

    sorry just genuinely curious.

  20. A long long trip together for the dog and his parents. When I saw the dog on the street when he wait and run I was so sad for him. I am happy his grandpa and grandma take him on the bus, so he is no alone.

  21. 一緒にバスに乗る事ができて安心しました❤?夜や、危ない道路で何かあったら悲しいですもんね?バス会社、乗客の方々に感謝です?✴️

  22. A dogs love should never be taken for granted. Choke collars are not good for a dogs neck or wind pipe. Use a harness, which can also be used for lifting as well if needed. Also, don't let your dog run around on the streets alone, there's a lot of nasty people out there who are not very forgiving or patient.

  23. That little cute doggy was so Happy that he could ride with the owner in the bus, you could see the smile on the face of the doggy.

  24. Мне надо сделать операцию,поэтому пусть моя любимая собака побродяжничает пока,походит по проезжей дороге…и если останется жива,я ее заберу домой….Да….хороший хозяин…

  25. This is so far one of the most heartwarming video I have seen showing the unconditional love of a dog to his human. So happy that it has a happy ending… I watched this on Christmas Day and part 1 on Christmas Eve…it made my Christmas Day so much better. Love to everyone from the ??.

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