Bus driver accused of DUI

DROVE A BUS FULL OF STUDENTS… WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE. TODAY… WE’RE HEARING FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS ‘ON THAT BUS’ AT THE TIME. STATE POLICE ARRESTED HOLLY BROWN SATURDAY IN WASHINGTON COUNTY. THE STUDENTS WERE ON THE WAY BACK TO ELLIOT COUNTY… AFTER A TRIP TO LOUISIANA. WKYT’s VICTOR PUENTE TALKS TO A CHAPERONE… ABOUT HOW THEY PUT A STOP TO THE DANGEROUS RIDE. The principal here at Elliot county high school told me the students involved in this had raised the money to pay for this charter bus, and police say it was those students who called 911. VO Sunday afternoon the group of 41 students and 9 chaperones, including some teachers, were coming back from a future business leaders of America conference in New Orleans. Janie Adkins Parent Sot 29:29 we all had a good time, everything went smooth. Adkins is a parent of one of those students. She says shortly after switching drivers in Bowling Green everyone on board began to notice the bus swerving as they travelled along the bluegrass parkway. 30:31 I could see her face on the mirror, I thought she was about to fall asleep, I was concerned and it just seemed to keep getting worse. Kentucky state police say several students on the bus called 911. Elliot County principal Zachary Mayse says he got a call after his teachers asked the driver to pull over in Washington County. 20:17 they got off at the gas station and refused to get back on the bus because of the way the lady was driving. By then an Anderson County deputy had located the bus and state police came to arrest the driver, 46 year old Holly Brown. She was charged with driving under the influence, having a prescription controlled substance not in the proper container and wanton endangerment. Principal Mayse says he’s thankful no one was hurt, and thankful for the quick thinking or his teachers. 25:02 when you deal with kids, those two things just do not mix. 32:20 I saw first hand how they took control of the situation and I couldn’t have asked for any better. The company brown drives for, Miller Transportation, is based out of Louisville. They told a tv station there that they have random drug and alcohol screenings for their drivers. They also said they believe brown suffered from a medical condition while driving and they believe the charges against her may eventually be lowered. Kentucky state police tell me that will depend on the result of her toxicology tests. In Elliot county, vp, WKYT. PRINCIPAL MAYSE SAYS HE SPOKE TO THE PRESIDENT OF MILLER TRANSPORTATION THIS MORNING. HE SAYS THEY APOLOGIZED AND ARE WORKING TO MAKE IT RIGHT. WE HAVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS BUS DRIVERS MUST MEET BEFORE GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL. THEY MUST HAVE A COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE. DRIVER’S HAVE TO PASS A DRUG TEST BEFORE RECEIVING A C-D-L. DRIVERS ARE THEN SUBJECT TO RANDOM DRUG TESTING. FEDERAL REGULATIONS LIMIT COMMERCIAL BUS DRIVERS TO ELEVEN HOURS DRIVING PER DAY… AND SEVENTY- HOURS PER WEEK. A POWELL COUNTY

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