Burglars Target Pet Groomer In San Bernardino

these wood and wire kennels might be a bit worn but they were built with love it's just a home-based dog grooming shop Theresa rough made them by hand when she was 21 years old it was 1989 when she first opened San Bernardino's lucky dog Pet Grooming we don't bring other people in I don't have other groomers and it was last Saturday the one-woman shop was first broken into I was really hurt when it first happened and I just felt broken this grooming business already has bars on the front window here so the burglars had to get creative they actually tunneled their way in through a wall it was completely busted through with a shovel it started around this area and it just went all the way up Teresa says the shovel the burglars left behind in the vacant shop next door knocked out the electrical wiring and the mess they made ransacking the place made it hard to determine how much was taken all my blades Clippers specialty shampoos dog dryers a shop vac and a generator I'm surprised they didn't take my towels anything of value is gone Tuesday her friends stopped by to help her clean up and repair the damage other groomers have already replaced some of her equipment give me high five but she worries about her clients predominantly elderly people they bring their pets here because they count on her compassionate prices I don't want to let people down I feel like if I don't get up from this and keep going I'm gonna it's gonna hurt more than just me in San Bernardino Nicole Comstock CBS 2 News

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