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Hey, how’re you doing today? Good, how are you? I’m good. I’m Tyson from Bulwark. Just here to spray the house for you. I’m here to do the initial service on your house. I’ll spray the inside and outside. Any issues
or anything I should really know about? No, it’s been good so far. Okay, good. Well, I’ll just do my thing. I’ll do the outside and then I’ll just come in and take care of the inside for you. Okay. Alright? Thank you. Yeah, no problem. So, Thomas Ballantyne. Matt.
Matt Sultilla. How’s it going? And Matt is the man we met a few months ago at a conference, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Matt. So, since I’ve seen his mad skills, I thought
I’d come out and try to impress him with some of our mad pest control skills. So, a couple
of things about scorpions, most people like to know how scorpions get inside the house.
And thats one of the main things people ask us whenever they call us up. Well, how’re
they getting side the house? You know, I don’t see them very often. Why are they coming
in? Scorpions feed on other insects. They walk around the house. They’re really, really
sensitive to moisture because, living in the desert, that’s how they have to survive. So,
they’ll walk by your house and all along these stucco walls, you’ll get, you have what’s
called a J-rail. And if you look at this, if you zoom in here, you see that, see that
crack in there? You can actually stick a pen all the way up in here, that’s your J-rail
and it goes all along the bottom of your house. So, and what they use that for is they use
that let the moisture out of the house, out of the walls. So you don t build up mildew
and all that inside your walls. Because inside your house, you’ve got the AC running, it’s
cool inside the house, and so when the scorpions walk by, they can actually feel this moisture
coming out of the house and they’re drawn into the house. In fact, that s one of the
main areas, besides under the J-rails and getting up into your walls, the other main
areas they come through is under your doors. If you would close the door here. You know
how secure we think our houses are. I’m not going to break into the house. I’m not going
to show you that trick. But, as secure as we think that houses are, you can slide a credit card straight through there. I’d imagine so basically what you’re saying is if you
can stick a credit card through, the scorpion can fit through. Exactly, they can fit through, I think if it’s one-sixteenth of an inch, a
scorpion can slide through that. They can collapse and just slip right on in. Alright
you’re all set. Excellent, thank you very much. Everything outside and in should be taken care of. Anything else I can do for you? No, excellent. You know, things have
been good. Just want the bugs gone. Oh yeah. Well, that should do the trick. If you see
any issues or anything in a few weeks after everything s been settled, you know, you might
see a little bit of activity, but you know, if you’re still seeing some bugs inside or
outside, just feel free to give us a call and we’ll come back out and take care of it.
Thank you very much Alright. Yeah, no problem. Have a good one. You, too.

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