Bully Puppies Turn 7 Weeks (Famous X Drama Boy)

what a bully world this is Derrick the mall kennel hope everybody's having a good weekend today puppies turning seven weeks and wonder that you guys give it up close and personal look at him got a couple that's already sold I have a few puppies that are available so me let you guys check them out this is the famous in drama boy litter let's get into the puppies that's already song like this male right here just beautiful male he sold to my man Julio they'll be going to Florida next week boys the beast man he really has it all is really awesome awesome boy y'all really had some nice stuff system very boned up nice grill socks hanging muzzle is very very it isn't too short isn't too long it's really kind of just how we like it but shout out to my man Julio Miami this is real quick right here seven weeks old but you get a good look at the boy our next meal is this meal right here he sold as well and he'll be going to Amman Brandon shout out to my man Brandon out in South Carolina he comments on all the videos so you guys are fishing through the comments you got to see him always coming on his boy he's probably the biggest male in the litter and once again just super super thick bones are crazy nice head has very nice bike very nice shape size fit muzzle once again isn't too long as a true art I'm really proud to splitter y'all famous really did our thing once again really couldn't ask for anything better this pup right here is gonna have it are you gonna be a beast it gonna be awesome awesome stunt tell me just wait on this man here that is available he will be 3500 plus of shipping and once again you guys phone head shape size muzzle girth full tell ya a slight kink in there but that's nothing to worry about too much it smells rings right here I didn't decide if I was gonna sell this mill just yet that's why I really haven't posted him and said if he was available or anything on youtube if you follow my other social accounts I have had them available for a while so let me know if he's got what you guys think if you anybody's interested in this man he'd be fighting 500 plus shipping once again this is a famous and drama boy we had this female actually you know this feeling I'm still up in the air I'm not really sure if she's gonna be sold or not I might just hang onto it for just a little while longer she uh she develops but she is a famous clown she looks exactly like our mom a real famous clown girl she's tiny just how famous was when it came to compared to the other males in the litter and you see famous this is kind of just almost a spitting image of how she was same consistency with her toe you know for her to be a female she has a very very good substance to her these dogs very energetic love to play around like I said this is a famous famous clawing off and they go and get their ears done on Thursday sorry got seen fresh from the barber my man who's about to get his dearest clips or the white pup the WIPO won't have his ears clip but everyone else imma go ahead and get his ears clip I'm gonna go ahead and get the male pup that is available I'm gay this is clip – so whoever decides to get this puppy you know somebody contact me before Thursday and they don't want that here is done then we won't get the ears done bathroom right now the ears are getting done on him too so I'm not gonna put a price on her because I'm not really sure she's available just yet you guys but here in a couple weeks I don't know for sure she's available so I'll get back to you guys let you know if she'll be available or not but that's really it you guys your Sunday we got the dogs out bully out the fans out everybody's kicking it having a good time and I couldn't think of a better way to do this update for you guys then coming out here some sunlight and let the dogs play around once again like we always say thanks for liking thanks for scrubbing everybody who supports the movement the program really really appreciate you guys 100% thank you thank you thank you any ideas for future videos if you guys have in mind just let me know put it in the comments and we'll try to make a video exactly what you guys want her scribe or her subscribers requests thank you guys smoking

36 thoughts on “Bully Puppies Turn 7 Weeks (Famous X Drama Boy)

  1. OMG those are some beautiful ass pups I'm in love??My pup is all white pitbull/bullie she jus turned six months old an she's 60 pounds

  2. Mane I got my bully for 500 I would never pay thousands for no dam dog and yes my shit is a real bully he actually looks better than his no kinky tale or nun of that

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