Bully Kutta Puppy Bajou Training and Feeding

this is this is thirty pounds a bag it's not necessarily an expensive way to feed your dog especially when it gives the right results but that that is what I expect to see when a dog eats good boy watch my fingers but you made mistaken but there's no food aggression I can take his ball away no problem okay yes he's jumping up but no food aggression he's not growling at me all he wants is his food back good boy now put it back down friend come on boy good boy no food aggression puppy talk about food away and not have initially especially as a dog that's going to be a family pet and you know this is the objective with these dogs superb superb well done boy the doctor just balloon and if you look at his past pins as well he's he's past into getting a lot better they were quite flat his pastures are getting a lot better beautiful boy beautiful boy good boy yeah the athleticism of this breed is incredible ah I think I might have to buy just one more just one more I think I get another female possibly good boy beautiful beautiful dog I've managed to get a little bit of a rag you can see this rag crazy dog and you know if you're gonna want to do sort of some work with your dog it's very important that you start to get them quite game he's he's a bit distracted by the biscuit in my pocket unless you see if we can wash it good boy get boy good boy I said Benedict what's this what's this boy I says why what's this boy good boy good boy then we give him a nice treat well done go boy good boy let's try that again sorry they're filming might be a bit a bit rubbish but come good boy good boy you see that good boy good boy good boy win good boy good boy and there should be no problems being able to take the rag that's all I can put my hand in hand and you shouldn't try and bite my hand again good boy good boy good half gone gone now just make him work a little bit for this good boy God take it good boy what do we do again because he's doing so well we give him another treat here we go boy well done well done and he will start to understand it it's a game because trypsin is a game for them you know that they enjoy they get a lot of pleasure for to sport you know how we enjoy playing football the nose on these dogs is fantastic I can't even ride with him anymore who says Sat right by my head but my pocket because he does I've got some biscuit in there so they're quite interesting to see if they'll be good at any sort of search work let's treat you come on boy sit poor boy sit good sit can you see that ah no down barge of good set a firm ative you need to be very clear and decisive about the instruction there's no blithering seat but maybe not you've got to be clear with your instruction so he understands good boy you know this is not magic you know mass responded je responded tricks he responded and guess what bar dö responded can it be fair then to say that the breed is trainable I'll leave it up to you guys come on we move away again he's jumping all over the place but yet I'm moving away in fact he's it but he's learned that he's not going to get anything until he sits PC watch watch barge oh there's no argument about what he needs to do you know there's no grabbing up at me he's waiting patiently and for being a good boy I will reward you good boy that's what you want he's going to be very very easy to to train so state budget let's see if we can get him in it down have not done this with him but let's see it's quite difficult when you're filming sit sit bars you sit good boy cook sit down ah no no bars you sit good sit maybe two too much in one day to Monday that was yes yes it's gonna be so easy to train well done well done let me just show you something what I've just taught this guy my prime stud dog watch watch happy happy can you see him here Andy little rounded little bully cook calm happy thorny ear powder rules look at those ears those rays are all or minging when he first came look at those ears thorny card of rules anybody that has a dog that doesn't useful is just asking for trouble it's inexpensive no-brainer yeah you know what I would even like to do I'd like to offer a challenge any of you that have problems with your dogs or whatever get in touch with me and I will recommend certain things for you and try it out and and see how you get on because I can assure you I'm not talking out my ass I can assure you

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