26 thoughts on “Bullmastiff VS Neapolitan Mastiff – Giants Match

  1. Neapolitan Mastiff Actually are the sweetest ! Offense hopefully ! Or not ! ETHER way ! Their better suited for Children then adults then need excessive attention & don't buy a puppy too have it as a unfriendly guard dog ! Man had one that loved anything you gave it too eat and wouldn't ever attack unless the owner yelled a certain command ! So without further delay" excuse meh" awesome video by the way !. Thank you for sharing !.

  2. I've owned both and hands down my neapolitan mastiff was way more chill and sweet ( way droolier) but other than that this video was created by someone that has never owned both. The only thing I will say is that my neapolitan attacked to separate vets one when he was getting neutered and another time when he had swollen balls( both vets grabbed him by the balls while they were swollen and in pain)

  3. Listen! American breeders from the 1900s up to the 1960s Hill billies are renowned for breeding Pit bull terriers. My buddy had a beautiful mastiff ..he thought it was a Ferrari .LOL . Then he seen my Old Family red, bred with a Budro ( breeders names ) legendary breeders from the south.. .. CHOCOLATE brown color PIT bull with white socks & stripe down the nose .. These dogs live up to 15 years & are the most protective smartest damned dogs we ever had .. Easy to care for, short hair .. You have to raise them right ..& not to fight … & you will never have another dog after that dog ever again …

  4. Why the fuck do people always use this annoying ass music in the background my mind losses every time forget the match up

  5. This list is clearly biased towards the bull mastiffs. These are both great animals and are very similar in their aspects.

  6. I have owned a Neó Mastiff for many years. I have a house in another country where many people would come and steal and I got a Neo and nobody has stolen since. Very good with family members, kids, even new people as long as you’re there they have no problem. All around amazing Dogs i Recommend this breed 100%

  7. I think they both are the same, the neapolitan is harderd to grown because has a lot more skin tan bullmastiff, and they are prone to eye infections, but if you take out the skin you going to find the same dog

  8. I do not agree with some of this video. As a long time Mastiff owner, breeder, and trainer I have lots of experience with both of these breeds. The Neo is underrated in this video. In my experience Neos handle cold much better than Bullmastiffs. The Neo is fare quicker and more active than it's looks surgest. Their are some Neos, which are a bit more compact in their body type, and have a very muscular build. This type is my favorite of the Neos, and will throw down with a bear, and even overcome it. This is why I favor Neos over the Bullmastiff, which I love also.

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