31 thoughts on “Bulldog Puppy vs Bottle

  1. Honestly I dont understand people who says that bulldog is ugly…bulldog is funny and sweet. maybe just these 2 compliments make every single bulldog one of the best dog ever and very beautiful 😀 I have a beagle by the way but i also have a crush for bulldogs 😀

  2. this puppy really cutes like a long day to die its paws is so tiny like a wheel toy he can't even stand properly he's like an old man to stand really cute baby dog go get that bad bottle!

  3. want a free dog toy for your baby bully – check out tucker at https://www.instagram.com/_tucker_the_bulldog_/

  4. That is so cute amazing awesome i love it i might be getting one iv always wanted one they are so cute!!!

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