– [Dan] Do you like your home? Do you like your home? I don’t think it likes its new home. – Is this it’s food bowl? What is this? Like he runs? Do you see how hard this
is gonna be to build? – Look what we got here guys. The other day we did a video called, we bought a hamster. And we showed our hamster
for like two seconds, but, of course, all of the comments were, “I can’t believe you. “Her cage is way too small! “Don’t know anything about a hamster. “It’s gonna die.” We learned from you guys, so
thank you for your comments. I bought this ginormous cage. But now, Lincoln’s hamster Peachie, is going to have mansion,
a hamster mansion. – It’s huge.
– It is big. – It is huge. Okay, this what the final
design might look like. – [Dan] There’s your
final design right there. (upbeat music)
No big deal. You can do that.
– Yeah. – Ready, set, go!
– Okay. – [Dan] We got a few towers here. – Okay, let’s put them
all in this plastic bag. – Alright, we need more help. We need some reinforcements. So I’m gonna go down the street and see if we can find
another really smart friend to come help. Hmm, Tesla? Or electric bikes? Or skateboards? Okay, bike it is. Okay, we got it. This bike is really wobbly. It’s kinda broken. Check it out. Whoa. Like if I shake it. You can’t really tell, but
the whole thing is wobbly. The kids refuse to ride this one. They’re good bikes. But we probably gotta do
something to get this thing fixed. Maybe I didn’t build it right. (upbeat music) (knocking) Where’s Kai? Kai.
– Yeah. – I need your help.
– Why? (everyone cheers)
– We have more help! – Hello!
– Help us please! – [Dan] Okay, Kai, really important. Here’s the instructions. – Okay.
– Okay. Read those. – There’s nothing.
– I know. That’s it. That’s all we have. Okay, back to work for a minute. See you in a second. Look what I got. Look what I built. I built a bottom floor and a middle floor.
– I got one! – [Dan] Good job. I got two stairs and these
little guys underneath. – See, look. They made it completely
different than the instructions. Like, look at this. – Yeah!
– So the top kinda goes up a couple of times. – Look at the difference, right here.
– That one’s straight across. Hmm. (upbeat music) Okay, we were making progress. Well, turns out, I am making progress. The kids have all abandoned this tall task and left it to me. But look a this, we got a house in here. – We don’t know how to–
– There’s a little room. We have all the stairs going on. That’s looking good. Looking good, and we have just
a few more parts to put on. What’s your best tip for somebody that’s just starting flag football. – Pass it to you big man. – Always run forwards. – Not backwards?
– No. Yeah. – [Dan] Alright, we got a mean game of football going on here. Who’s playing against who? Alright, let’s see it.
– Hut! – Yeah, Kai!
– Look at that! – 48-14!
– Alright, Lincoln! You did your tip! Throw it to the big man. (everyone laughs) Good job! – Amazing.
– Let’s go check out the hamster and put it in its new home and see if it likes it. Thanks for all your help. – You’re welcome. We actually did do a lot, but we kinda just wanted–
– You did a little bit. – Wanted to go outside and play football. – [Dan] Yeah. Well, I put this on.
– Wait, how’s it gonna get up there? – [Dan] Um, that’s a fair question. If it goes in this hole right here. How’s it going to get
all the way up to that. Okay, size comparison. There it is. Internet, please be kind to us. I think we have the right size. (silly music)
– Come on. Come on.
– Why don’t you just take her… – [Dan] Yeah. Yeah, now back it out. Ooh!
– Historic moment. – [Dan] He’s in! – Watch it just jump out. – [Dan] Shut the door, shut the door! – All the way up to the top.
– Going up to the home. – Hi!
– Doesn’t like taking ladders. Oh, he went in the house. Almost! He went in! (everyone laughs) (everyone laughs)
Yeah! Good move Lincoln.
– That’s how you do it! – Wow!
– There it goes. – [Dan] It’s gonna be in and be like, wait, I’m back here?
– No bitting. – [Dan] Alright, I don’t
think it likes its new home. – He’s biting–
– He’s trying to bite his way out. Hey, what’s the verdict, Lincoln? – I really don’t know. – You think it likes its new cage? – No.
– Kind of. – [Dan] Kai, what do you think? – Not really. – Kind of.
– You don’t think he likes it? Okay, it’s been about 30 minutes. The hamster seems to be a bit, it’s either really curious about its home or it’s really nervous, because it’s running around really fast– – And biting the cage.
– Looking for somewhere. So, it’s really trying
to get out of there. I don’t know, we listened to
our comments on the internet. They said get a bigger cage. We got a bigger cage. What else should we do? We want be good hamster parents and dog parents. We got a bigger one, but
what do we need to do to really like its cage. Let us know. We’re gonna post this
quickly after we filmed it. So that you guys can
give us your feedback. Then we can do a follow-up video. So help us save the hamster. Peachie, the hamster. Do you like your home? Do you like your home? Tell us. Tell us. (upbeat music) – I love her. – [Dan] Hey dog. Hi Tesla. Are you okay that we’re building
a nice home for the hamster and not you? Poor dog.
– Aww. – [Dan] You can tell which one’s the favorite child in the family. The hamster.


  1. The cage is not ginormous. And it is not a mansion. It is a very very small cage You need a way bigger cage. And peachy is probably bitting the cage because it is to small and he is getting stressed

  2. Just a tip, you shouldn’t get barred cages as they can push their bedding out also you need 450 inches of square space squared and that’s the bare minimum you shouldn’t get barres cages because they can push their bedding out and start monkey bar in which is not healthy they also need lots of room and hide out and chew toys

  3. Yeah you know why he doesn't like his home because it's too small get a bear cage and do your research before getting a hamster

  4. Either get another hamster to keep it company or go to a pet store and get it some toys and for the hamsters company make sure the new one you get is the same gender.

  5. "It's huge." That cage is waaaay too small. For reference hamsters need a BASE AREA of AT LEAST 450 sq in. That's the bare minimum in the US and you should probably have around 650 sq in (even that may be too small). Just because it has levels doesn't mean that it's suitable, they need floor space. Never THINK you have the right size, do your research. You should have an area of your cage with 4-6 inches of bedding for burrowing. The hamster is so stressed out. Give it 2 days to settle in before you start to make noise and touch it. That wheel is horrible. I don't see many comments talk about this. Your Syrian hamster's back will bend on that and it will cause long term and severe back pain. In the wild, hamsters run at least 5.5 miles and the wheel is the only way it is going to get that kind of exercise (especially in that small cage). A 10 in wheel should be good and will leave some growing room. Bar chewing is a sign of stress and not to mention if the paint is ingested, it can get sick. The sleeping area is also very hard and there is no soft nesting material. The hamster could get cold and won't be comfortable. Some good youtubers to watch are Erin's Animals, Hopping Hammy, Victoria Rachel, Vanilla Ham Ham, Hammy Lux, Pickles Pets, and Lori's Hartland.

  6. No you don’t have the right size+ that “dream house is more of a “nightmare house for ANY type of hamster

  7. Omg no I'm in shock that you think that cage is huge for a hamster and plus the wheel is far far to small for a Syrian hamster do some research there is plenty of videos on hamster care and cages

  8. You can use a large storage tub for a hamster with hides and if it’s biting the wire it’s stressed

  9. 1. the cage has to be 100x50x50cm or bigger, so this cage is much smaller than it should be!
    2. plastik is really bad for hamsters! when they gnawing the plastik, they can die, cause it's like poison for them!
    3. plastic tubes are horroble! the hamster doesn't get enough air and the hamster is too big for the tubes, so it can get stuck!
    4. the sawdust has to be 20cm high, so he can dig tunnels!
    5. the running wheel has to have diameter of 30cm! when the running wheel is too small the hamster hurts his spinal column and can die!

    these are the main points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please inform yourself before you buy a pet!!!!!!!!!!

    (ps: sorry for my bad english, i'm from germany! i hope you can understand everything)

  10. 0:01 no he those not like his home, he needs at least 450 square inches of unbroken floor space and THEY DONT NEED TUBES, if you want to get tubes you should get a fun tunnel, OvO habitral tubes, of DIY water bottle tubes and he needs more beeding they need at least 3 and a half inches of bedding and a Syrian if this size needs a weel that is at least 10 inches

  11. That cage is still too small
    Is better to get a tank or build a hamster cage yourself that has enoigh space to run and the bedding needs to be 6 inch tall or more to be able to dig and there wheel if your hamster is a syrian or chinese you need a wheel measure 8 inch or more if it is a dwarf hamster you need a wheel measure 6-8 inch or more
    The hamster may die in that cage is not a dream cage is a hAmSTer dIsaSteR cAge!
    The bigger the cage the better it is
    (Not that size of cage)

  12. Please put this hamster in a different cage. You can buy a bin cage for 15 dollars at Target that provides the space a hamster needs. Your current cage is too small. Studies have shown small cages can stress hamsters and shorten their lifespan. Your hamster will be happier and healthier in a larger cage, so please reconsider.

  13. You have a big audience and most are children and they look up to you and this is just unacceptable. That hamster is suffering and you are using him/her for content. Smh. All of this video is just heart breaking to watch as a hamster owner. Please acknowledge the comments and address this situation

  14. My dad ordered the same cage and I did research today.. and I realized the cage my dad bought wa donkey 3 inches of floor space idk what too do…

  15. You just need to give it LOTS of floor space and you need to give it at least 6 inches of bedding so they can burrow properly

  16. Noooooo
    I cried you need to. Get a way bigger cage
    At target get a large bin drill holes in.
    Put 7 inches of beding

  17. Make it bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger

  18. 5:37. its bigger but not really better, buy at example an ikea detolf for 60€ that would be a very good hamster cage
    (sorry for my bad english)

  19. Lots of people saying it need to be 450 sq inches but according to the ASPCA Minimum (200) and HSUS Minimum (288) this cage is pushing 300 so it should be fine. maybe more if you have a bigger hamster but i think this size is suitable.

  20. Hi, I have a few hamsters and I personally think you need 450 Square inches of floor space I have to say that different floors don’t Count. So please try a 40 gallon cage at the least thank you bye

  21. If you can afford a Tesla and electric bikes you should be able to afford a good hamster cage.

  22. If this is a GIANT cage i really don't wanna know how tiny the other one was. I have a cage with 741 square inches of JUST floor space and there's two stories and the second story is almost as big as the bottom floor. And that's for a dwarf hamster. PLEASE get a bigger cage. You can get a fish tank or a cage with bars but way bigger

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