Build a Rabbit Hutch Design #2

Recently I built a built some rabbit hutches
for my neighbor. Since then I’ve had a chance to reflect on that knowing that I was going to have to build something similar for
my own family. So I thought about some of the things that
I liked about that project. But I also thought, had that project been for me, what would have been some things that I would have
incorporated. So per the norm I am using some 2x4s. I’ve
got my cut list worked out so I can actually cut my pieces to length first. Ripping them down to 2x2s is a simple matter.
A home improvement store will most likely already have 2x2s if you prefer to skip this step. I’m going to assemble the hutch by putting
together a front and a back frame. Whenever you’ll be using screws near the ends
of boards always predrill. Now I’ll measure for the bottom cross piece. Predrilling is not as important when your
in the middle of a board but it helps when starting screws. Alright so lets assemble the front frame. The front frame will have two doors so I’ll
trim those out with some small pieces. I’ll be attaching side slats in just a moment
for the sides so some three quarter inch strips will act as ledges for those. The back frame obviously does not have doors
but back slats yes. So these pieces will be my ledges. Now the back slats. Now that left me with this odd sized opening,
so I’ll just take a measurement. Rip that one down on the table saw. As I was assembling the back frame I realalized
there was a piece I forgot to attach to the front frame. I’m going to put a divider in the hutch to give our bunny
some privacy and to get away from prying eyes if she wants. These pieces I’m attaching now will be the ledges for the divider piece.
Too make sure the pieces line up I’ll take a measurement from the front frame. And transfer it to the back frame. Then attach
the matching ledge. OK so the front and back frames are built.
Lets attach em. I clamped the front frame on end to my table
and then secured the cross piece for the side. No measureing required here because the ledge I attached earlier for the side slats
acts as a spacer for me to be able to attach the cross pieces. I forgot the matching ledge for the back frame.
Not a problem, I’ll just attach it now. Now the side slats. For this top slat. I lay it in place. Take
a straight edge and lay it across like so. Then mark a line. A jigsaw would work to cut that line. A bandsaw
just as easy. I have a tapering jig for my table saw so that is what I used. Yes I do have a project video for that. Here
is a link for you. Now I can tack that in place. The divider piece is glued and tacked in place. For this I simply used a scrap piece of ply
cut to length and width on the table saw. Then I marked out the opening and a jigsaw
finished things up. After sizing and assembling the doors I attached
those and then attached the roofing material of
my choice. I’ll talk more about that on the blog post. Simply easy diy dot com. Check the description for the link. Hey thanks for watching, subscribe if you
haven’t. Don’t forget to check me out on facebook and Pinterest. If you like this video here are a couple more
you’ll like as well. Until then.

59 thoughts on “Build a Rabbit Hutch Design #2

  1. Reflecting is always good.. hey did u ever figure anything out for the zero clearance insert? Thanks for sharing daughrer has a pet rabbit nothing special fluffy with floppy ears ..maybe ill hook her up with 1..have a good one man!

  2. what would best 18v /20v system cause I wont to start to get a line up and I was wondering what would be the best brand to go with thanks

  3. this is great and I am sure this rabbit would love it but I am also a rabbit owner and if you have wire flooring it will most likely give the rabbit sore hocks. they really just need that little cozy house part of the hutch to be lined with cardboard since there feet are very sensitive

  4. I've been looking up facts about rabbits and they say that wired floor is bad for the rabbit. One more thing can your rabbit hop four times? and can your rabbit lay down with no problem? Also can your rabbit stand up with no problem?

  5. Stan, something I started doing to save time and money on a project is that I take a box of countersink screws over to my bench grinder and I will grind of one side of the threads about 1/4 of the length of the screw from the tip. This essentially turns a regular screw into a self tapping screw like you see with Kreg Screws. It's tedious while doing the grinding, but so worth it come project time.

  6. Nice vid, I like the design of the ones you made for your neighbor better for breeding meat rabbits. And I wanted to share a tip I found when working with hardware cloth. I recently made a 12'x12' chicken run all enclosed with 1/2" hardware cloth, and an angle grinder is by far the best way to cut that stuff down. Takes only seconds.

  7. I'm curious what metal type wood clamp you were using in this video. I looked around today and didn't find anything like that. Would you mind sharing the specifics of yours? I really like it. Thanks for the video. I'm going to try building one tomorrow.

  8. My dad and I are going to build a modified version of this hutch for my pet rabbit for the backyard sense my brothers dog isn't too good with rabbits. Your design was really good but my dad is the guy who doesn't want to copy people but make his own design out of it so… Yeah, thanks again! 😀

  9. Worst thing I have ever seen! First: a rabbit needs SOO much more space than that! Second: a rabbit should not have mesh/netting floor, that causes store feets. Third: A rabbit Ned enough space to jump and run! I didn't like the other rabbit hutches you have build either, it is way to small, sorry.

  10. Nice. Do u raise pets or meat? Just a question. I personally don't believe in eating rabbits but it's your choice

  11. CAN EVERYONE STOP WITH HATE COMMENTS!!!! He can do what he wants! If u make it, modify it with your needs.

  12. Thanks for doing this video Stan! My daughter and I are going to build the hutch together when school is out for summer!

  13. I think it's very well built I'm trying to build a rabbit hutch of my own I thought it was best to have a sliding tray for the floor and wood beneath that. all together I think that hutch is brill

  14. Looks like an A-1 quality job you did Stan, have you had many request to build any for friends and how much would you charge?

  15. What size wire do you use for the cage bottom? I used 1" X 1/2" wire and got sore hocks and thinking about using 1/2" hardware cloth. Maybe the smaller wire will be less irritating on their feet. And yes I made foot savers out of plastic laundry baskets and that didn't help.

  16. Hello, can someone please help me?I literally know nothing about hardware tools and stuff like that.So I wondering what that tool is called at 4:20

  17. I have 5 rabbits and i am busy making my hutch too, almost finish,but it took me almost a week to build it. bommer only now i saw this video. I love this hutch,you make it so easy to make it.Thanks for sharing this video Stan.

  18. Insight from what I have learned – we get a lot of rain, and at some point you will realize it would be nice to have a gravity feeder. I built a hutch recently, and wished I would have made my roof cover the gravity feeder too. I just use a scrap piece of tin and lay it over it for time being.

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