Bug & Pest Control Tips in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona’s warm summer temperatrues
and mild temperatures the rest of the year provide an ideal environment for all types
of bugs to flourish The common pests that we deal with here
in Arizona are ants, black widows, bark scorpions cockroaches and many other types of common
pests. There are many things homeowners can
actually do to help reduce pests around the home and getting into their home. Some of these include repairing weather
stripping around doorways, making sure not to excessively water their lawn or
plants removing unnecessary debris around the
yard and leaf litter and making sure to keep their
landscaping well-maintained. These steps along with a regular pest
control service will provide the best Results. Blue Sky Pest Control has become well known
for the quality of our service technicians and the thoroughness of our
services all of our service technicians are
background checked, drug tested and have passed our rigourous training program. We’re actually one of only two pest
control companies in the entire state That have received the Rosie on the House
certification and we maintain an A+ rating with the better business bureau. In addition to pest control we also
provide termite control, Bee control, beehive removal and
Bed bug services. If you have questions or would like pricing on any
services, give us a call at 480-635-8492
We’d be happy to help you.

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