Bryan Wilks Calls Pest Control – Fallout 3 Prank Call

good afternoon this is I understand you need some assistance hello hi are you a current customer of ours no no okay and what can we help you out with today I need you to find my papa my Papa is missing and I think the ants may have gotten him your Papa is missing and you think the ants might have gotten them yeah but is what is a Papa what you’re saying your Papa is missing what yeah Papa have another yeah your father is missing the and secured okay no I would I would call 911 great and that killed everyone they’re doing what those things they keep coming me they scare me make it stop I would call 911 out much a pest control company can do to help you out right now I know if you found my papa he’s got have some cats with him he’d pay you all right I would dial 911 immediately right now and dial 911 no you won’t leave me like all the other grown-ups you you could help me whoa hello hello you need to hang up and call 911 no no you grown-ups are all the same that’s all help you hello how can I help you I need you to find my papa my Papa is missing and I think the ants may have gotten him do you have an account with us no are you need an account with us yeah okay what address would we be servicing for you I live in great egde as well what is that the city yeah is that in Arkansas yeah what is your address I don’t know you don’t know my papa is me what it ain’t my papa is missing and I think the ants may have gotten him okay those things need dignity I can’t I’m sorry they’re all over great itch and they killed everyone okay I can get your name and number and having someone call you on Monday would you like for me to do that no my name’s Brian Wilkes hello yes I’m here you won’t leave me like all the other grown-ups you you could help me okay Brian what what is your phone number I don’t know you don’t know your phone number no okay Bob whenever you’re calling me from would that be the same number okay I guess police found my papa okay my Papa would always say they’re fuckin ants well that’s what he used to call them anyway can you can you protect me hello I’m here please do [Music] hello [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Bryan Wilks Calls Pest Control – Fallout 3 Prank Call

  1. Brian Wilkes: [gets roasted alive] "Arrgh! Please! No!"

    Receptionist: "I'll be glad to have somebody call you in Monday."

    Me: ?

  2. "my papa would always say theyre FUCKIN ants. well thats what he used to call them" I cried laughing when he said that

  3. Wtf, I searching for this video by using "fallout prank greyditch", but how the hell did the search engine know? "Greyditch" isn‘t in the title or description. In the comments perhaps? It is often surprising to me how the engine knows what I want even when I know I am being vague.

  4. This one is not funny mate. All other ones are. Its crying wolf. Kid phones and needs help u got a responsibility to help. Its taking piss out of important aspect of that responsibility. You are lucky these pest control companies didnt dial 911 on kid's behalf and have police investigate. That is what they should have done actually, and I would have done that in their place. Not funny.

  5. "I know if you find my pappa he's gotta' have some caps with him. He'd pay you!"
    – "alright"

  6. "Your father's missing. The ants scared him. Okay. I would call 911" Pretty tough ants!

  7. unless the first guy know its a prank call idk if its a good idea to tell a kid to call 911 about your dad being taken away by ants lol

  8. That lady heard a kid get attacked by de random shit she's probably in the brake room with a long blank stare right now

  9. The thing I thought was most restarded is how they asked him if he had an acct. and its like no shit I obviously dont…

  10. The first time I was at Cambridge I tried to kill the ants with a Flamrthrower but I was getting on fire all the time. I thought my flamethrower was broken and leaking.. It was really pissing me off untill I realized the name of the enemy "Fire Ants" I changed the weapon and saw the stupid thing breathing fire on me. Eternal Facepalm

  11. Fire ants are hella tough. But I killed them all and even the professor who wanted to shrink them over time supposedly which is why his dad died from ant flames ???? just like everyone else. Oh yeah poor Brian's house is in shambles but he is alive still.

  12. Америка замечательная страна! Только в ней живут дебилы! А если кому помощь на самом деле нужна? (RUSSIA)

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