100 thoughts on “Brutal Lion Infanticide and Mating | Battle of the Sexes In The Animal World | BBC Earth

  1. To all the people arguing, the goal is not to avoid being a step lion dad, it’s to transmit stronger genes. This system has its issues since the lions that are older may have been stronger but when the lions are young it ensures only a strong pride of lions can survive and be part of the next generation. There’s no joy or pleasure in infanticide, even though they’re doing it it’s a step taken for safety and for the pride’s prosperity. You cant feed all your lionesses kids especially if she’s had multiple that’s too much strain on the hunters and the animals getting hunted in the environment.

  2. Thats why tigers are better… they just mate and leave and the tigress protects her cubs from everyone including other male tigers

  3. The poor baby Cubs that saw it coming are the type I would love to take home and nurture. They for sure would be loyal with you till the end.

  4. i get confused while watching these videos m i safe being a human and a part of this civilisation ? But then i get scared of my future and career

  5. Short video without the annoying sound track, just the brutal sounds of a cubs spine and bones cracking from the bite of the new king.

  6. These Camera crew could have easily saved these little cubs and sold them for a very good cash, maybe more than their documentary job.

  7. It’s not necessarily true that the lionesses have no choice because a group of lionesses can take on males in defence of their cubs and win

  8. Different scenes 2:07 & 2:13 cub is already dead… 🙁 but still heart breaking… 🙁 😢😭

  9. Females submit to the strongest males in order to survive and continue the strongest male species. Natural selection.

  10. If those lionesses teamed up with the males and fought off the rivals, they wouldn’t have to deal with their cubs being literally murdered. But nah, they just sit back and let it happen. Smdh

  11. The mainstream idea is like "Lions are the greatest, Lions are Kings" but the truth is that it sucks to be a Lion! Period.

  12. Well, I felt sorry for the cub for short period of time because if one of them was a male then it will be his turn to do the same thing when he grew up. It is the jungle rule.

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