Brushing out a matte using a dematting comb

here's a mat on her leg the legs are usually real sensitive the dogs don't really like it but this Safari de-matting rake with nine blades you can get for eight dollars on is wonderful you just hold the leg up and then you just kind of start working your way into the mat in the same direction that the hair grows and what it does is it literally just cuts into that mat and you can tell once you've gotten through the mat completely to the skin because you're able to actually feel her her skin this is kind of the first step and that was a good size mat you couldn't see it I'm going to turn around a little bit here it's still pretty thick and I can still feel it so I'm going to work a little bit deeper with the D matting rake I'm going to feel man was just about to her skin so you might want to clear the rake from the extra hair and if it seems like it's going to pull like that just did especially on the inside of the leg you can kind of rock it looks like I'm being hard but it's it really isn't pulling on her like you would think like a comb would or something because it's actually every time I'm moving it it's cutting the hair just a little bit and allowing the blades to cut through the mat instead of pulling them out so the next step on this before I go any further with continuing to cut with that de matting rake is I'm going to pull the hair back and I'm going to use the thick the longer firmer bristle brush I'm going to pull up at the base where the mat starts I can feel it and I'm going to just kind of work one little section at a time and brush as close to the skin as I can get without slicker brush burning her then I can take the comb and do the same idea it's kind of work from the tip of the she here's a doggie outside it's a good girl thank you lift this leg so I can work on it when you lift up the opposite leg or the one you're working on they have to put their weight on this one like they had no other choice so it makes it easier than sometimes trying to fight em or lift up so I'm switching over to the other smaller you can tell where my comb is resisting there's still a little bit of the mat left so we're just going to go over it a few times and it's just working that mat out you can see there's just a little bit little bits of mat still still left and then the way that you know you got the whole mat out is you take the comb and you part it and you can see the skin and you can feel that it's brushed completely down now I'm working going starting to work towards the back into that mat we've got the front part of the mat now there's some back here that I'll work on

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