2 thoughts on “Brownsburg boy turned away because of service dog gets Santa surprise

  1. People that treat disabled people and children like this or discriminate against the disabled should be placed in jail charged with a felony. The disabled are people too and should be treated just as equal, regardless of their disability and the medical equipment they use. The treatment of the disabled gotten worse sent Trump started his mocking and attacking The Disabled and The Americans with Disability ACT with threats of cutting off disability medical and fund like SSI/SSDI and stating the disabled should not get food stamps/EBT but a Trump Food Box instead that will only contain potatoes, rice, low-quality pasta, beans, powder milk, and eggs. Trump even made it possible for businesses can be avoided getting lawsuits for failure to follow The ADA law that requires them to make accommodations for the disabled with medical equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, and even service dogs and theses businesses can avoid being discrimination lawsuits by a disabled person when they discriminate a disabled person for any reason. Because of this poor little disabled boy with his much-needed Service Dog Medical Equipment was discriminated against. Just because Trump does it and he is, unfortunately, the POTUS, does not give anyone including you the right to treat the disabled like crap.

    Thank you for caring fire department for making a special visit to this darling disabled child and his Service Dog.

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