Bringing Panthera to her puppies after not seeing them for 2 months

hi guys I'm Rashid its Fonterra it's Jenny that Sergey we're going to the puppies petrest puppies we will see how she will react on a puppies often almost two months she haven't seen them so I'm where Carys if if she missed her the puppies so see you later here's another beauty Gamora most earn little thing so we're here there's our big black panther and again for the first time she will meet her babies come in yes she do it on command to explain how you learn her on command this this is how someone looks when he has his funny pants on what a gift okay here we go hey guys we're gonna stand over here so I don't we take a good chat they're gonna put this mind getting calm a sure you will I take the big boss attack the big boss how much does she weigh you think 40 45 pounds something like that that's a loud sound hey guys Charice whoops but she didn't miss them like we thought she didn't miss them the puppies did mr. mom still mr. mom but I'm not sure for 100% if they know she is her mum their mom but you know she gets a lot of love attention things like that so guys thanks for watching see you guys next time please like subscribe and hit the note notification button for the next video ok and I'm not little doe on yes hey dawn is not here

30 thoughts on “Bringing Panthera to her puppies after not seeing them for 2 months

  1. Mother of the puppies r not HAPPY 2 c her puppies. So SAD. No bond non what so ever. I knew something was wrong with u as the dog ownwr, because u said that u don't know if Mother of the puppies r hers or not. Yes she knows those r her puppies, she just don't want 2 be bothered with them and I don't blame her. I haven't seen them in 2 mths, out of sight out of mind.

  2. Lol, this is how someone looks when he has his funny pants on. ?

    He's always got jokes. Love the pups??????

  3. She looks as if they bred the hell out of her, based on her private parts loosely flapping in the wind.

  4. That was cool!!! Mom was like…..hell no!!! Get me out of here…it's been two months….iDC these lil boogers are mine lmaoooo

  5. Can you ship to Hawaii ? 8087474732 Michael I live on the big island ? goggle wiakola big island Hawaii it is paradise

  6. …..HA……she though she was back in the trenches again……probably happy to leave…without them.

  7. Her genes are dominant as fuck! Those puppies look exactly like her! I love how they are chasing her around and trying to give her kisses and she is trying to avoid them and looking at you for help to get her out of the cage with them! Lol

  8. Why were they separated? She's not accustomed to interacting with her puppies. They missed her but it's not good for pups to be separated.

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