Bring Common Sense Back in Dog Training | WWJD

3 thoughts on “Bring Common Sense Back in Dog Training | WWJD

  1. I've been raised with dogs my whole life. As a child we had gsd's swarming around us. At 12 I raised a wolf dog from 2 weeks old when it's mother died. Growing up and moving to a city I had smaller dogs and bred Shih Tzu. This time I wanted to do it right with my rescue pit/mastiff and paying for puppy classes was mandatory from rescue. Never been so shocked in my life! Walked out on 3 different trainers because of the stupidity of dealing with dog behaviour. Clicker was cool but the rest was ass backwards. Got tired of arguing and demanding they NOT reward my puppy for bad behaviour and started searching the Internet for answers. And, here I am 🙂

  2. You do know common sense is a SUPER POWER these days right ? Seems like it's just too much for MORTAL MAN . ( Which is why I hang out with dogs lol)

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