Brielle Plays ‘Heads Up!’ with ‘Sesame Street’s’ Big Bird and Cookie Monster

Hi, everyone. It’s me, Brielle. And we’re celebrating Sesame
Street’s 50th birthday by playing Ellen’s very own
Sesame Street deck in Heads Up! Kids. Oh, do you mean us, Brielle? Hi, Brielle. Yes! Can we play? Yes. Oh, great! Let’s play. Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh let’s play. Three, two, one. OK, it’s a little animal and
it goes ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff! Oh, uh– A dog. Yeah, yeah, a dog. Yes, you got it. OK. OK, oh, yes. It’s a little flying insect. It sounds like this. Oh, is it a fly? No, no. Is it a bird? It sounds like this. [BUZZING] Sounds like a fly. And it could sting you. Oh. If it land on you,
it could sting you. Is it a bee? It’s a bee. Oh, OK, good. Good one. Oh, uh, nom-nom. Oh it’s a– Cookie! It’s a cookie! It’s a cookie. Cookie, yeah cookie. OK, there’s an instrument
that you sit at and you play like this. Trumpet? No, you sit at it. And you play. Oh, piano. Piano, that’s right. Piano, we got it. Good, good job, Brielle. OK, this you– you drive in it. And you sit in it,
it’s a steering wheel and you go down the– It’s the city bus. You go down the highway– A taxi cab. And you can have your
whole family in the back. A car. Yes. A car. OK, this an animal it’s so cute. A cow. It go like– no,
it sound like this. [OINKING] Pig! Pig. Yes. Time ran out. How many did we get? Five pictures. Well, that was pretty good. Pretty good. Five is great. Yeah. Is it time to celebrate? Yes! Cookie! Do you have cookie? Yes. Oh, and Big Bird, you
got cookie though? Me going to share cookie. If you want. Here, you take this piece. Oh, thank you. And me got this piece. Thank you, Cookie Monster. Ready? On three. Let’s eat them. One, two, three! It’s raining cookies! [MUSIC PLAYING]

69 thoughts on “Brielle Plays ‘Heads Up!’ with ‘Sesame Street’s’ Big Bird and Cookie Monster

  1. Ellen is just absolutely the best in this world !!!! The littl girl is beautiful w her big smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I don't know who are these puppets don't blame me cuz I am 11 that means I was born 2008 and IDK who are these can you please tell me ?

  3. Thank you Ellen. You just made my youngest granddaughter who will turn 3 in March, her Day. Thanks again Ellen. We always are Kind to Others?????

  4. Wow; y'all are seriously messed up disabling comments on your rotary phone video. Brave enough to talk trash but not enough to take it I suppose.

  5. Big Bird's only has one hand that can hold stuff, it is attached to a clear small string that goes to his beak and to the other arm. Since the puppeteer can't have two arms in (one is operating the mouth) the string balances the arms out making them look natural. In this video (0:25 beside Brielle & 1:43) you can see it!

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