Breeding Rabbits: How to Guide and Tips (2018)

How to breed rabbits. Hi, I’m Wendi with Country Bumpkin Homestead. Today, I’m going to try to breed these two rabbits. Now, I say try because it is winter, it has been very cold, and she has not been receptive or interested in males. However, I do think that will have some success today because the weather got up into the 50’s for the last several days. Plus, earlier this morning I checked her genitals and noticed that it was a bright pink. For the last several weeks her genitals have been an off-white pink. So, I think we’re good to go on trying to breed these two bunnies. I do have some concerns. This will be his first breeding. He’s very inexperienced and I think that they’re going to have some challenges. You know… as he tries to figure out the mechanics of breeding. Alright, I’d like to go ahead and give you some more information. Technically, you can breed females as soon as they have their litter. As a rule of thumb, I like to wait until the babies are about 4 weeks old because then they’re able to eat some pellets. That will take some of the burden off of the female because she will continue to nurse her litter. What I’ll do is… or in the ideal situation when it’s not winter and breeding has come to a halt… In an ideal situation, wait till the kits are about four weeks old… breed the mom… keep the babiess with her for about two more weeks until they’re six weeks old. then start wean them. This give the her a couple of weeks to recuperate and prepare for the next litter. Because does are territorial, I’ll
have to put her in with the buck. If I put him in with her, she might attack him. Let’s go ahead and snatch her up. Come on baby. That’s not easy to do with one hand. Let’s see if they’re receptive towards one another. Alright! Awesome! That was the first time he successfully mated. That’s what they call a fall off. We’re going to sit here and wait for that to happen a few more times. He’s trying to get her excited. Okay, see how he kind of gave up there. That was not a successful breeding. She has to lift her back end so that he can actually penetrate. He’s just hopping off. That’s not falling off. There’s a big difference. I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed. She just will not lift her back end. I’m starting to think maybe the kits
next door are making her nervous. So, I’m gonna go set something up that will give them some privacy. Okay, so I’ve set up a nice romantic
getaway. Hopefully, this will do the trick. The reason why it’s so important to get a couple of fall offs is because it will help you maximize the number of babies in your litter. Now that’s what I call successful
fall off. I’ll check her abdomen in a couple of weeks to see if I feel babies. Thanks for watching my video. Ever since I was a young girl helping my uncle with
his rabbitry, I’ve been learning tips and tricks
on how to raise rabbits. If you’d like me to share some of my knowledge with you, please watch my series on raising rabbits on YouTube. Thanks again and have
a blessed day.

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