BREAKING: Ebola Spreading in Dallas – CONFIRMED

alright good morning Gary franchi here it is Sunday morning and unfortunately I don't have the best news for you right now this just came in and I'm reporting it to you as I'm learning about it just a few hours ago patient number to the second patient to get Ebola in the United States was diagnosed at the Presbyterian Hospital and that is the same hospital where Eric Duncan was being cared for preliminary tests are in that this is confirmed the second case of Ebola in the United States contracted from Eric Duncan himself Thomas Eric Duncan i should say what what the the strange thing they're saying here is that this health care worker was wearing full gear when taking care of Duncan so there's another factor at play here regarding the transmission of this disease that you know the CDC is telling you that oh it's not airborne and don't worry about it and we've been reporting here that it is in fact airborne you've seen the videos that we've been posting with different doctors so what the CDC is not telling you is that yes it can be transmitted through airborne sneezing through droplets in the air so that that is tezz airborne um this is type this is this is type of quite frightening actually so let's get some more information here the worker reported a fever late friday and was isolated and referred for testing we knew a second case could be a reality and we've been preparing for this possibility that comes from dr. david lakely the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Health we're broadening our team in dec in dallas and working with extreme diligent to further prevent the spread so it looks like the person came down on came down with some symptoms on friday and so that's really all we know right now the announcement came hours after New York's JFK airport began at a bowling a bola screening program a little late i think a lot of these airports now just now incorporating some sort of Ebola screening president obama still refuses to lock down the borders and i don't know what what's up with that guy but you know i just want to make one point before I close out some of the people have been leaving comments about our reporting is being fear-mongering uh but let me just make this statement I would rather be afraid and aware then dead and stupid all right take that to the bank we're sitting here trying to report things keep things keep people informed and have a healthy level of information being transmitted so this information is terrifying a terrifying prospect that Ebola could be spread here in the United States we're keeping you informed once it thanks all of our supporters out there who are sharing these videos keeping their friends and family updated with this information and we'll keep doing it no matter what that what the haters out there saying we got work to do we got America to protect we have you the viewer to keep informed and I'm going to keep doing that right here on this YouTube channel thanks for watching share this video tell your friends

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  2. Thank you for sharing i really appreciate you keeping us informed…keep up the good work…if you have haters just mark them off…your always going to have that…

  3. Here is an outline of a much more just society. Start one in your country please.

                                     The People Must Have a Voice

    I think Canada has a lot wrong and have listed the problems in this document. I also believe I have the solution for it all and want to start a new political party to make the changes. Posted below is the document detailing first the wrongs, and then the changes needed to make Canada a wonderful utopian place to live. This document will take some time to read and absorb.

    As someone that is in my 60's I have seen many changes in Canada but the ones happening now are frightening. Internet legislation proposed long ago by the Conservatives appears to be a re-make of much of old world Russian Communism.
    In the days of Stalin there were spies everywhere reporting your every move.

    Now because of the advent of technology we now do not need this anymore, We can do it all electronically from the comfort of the office. By passing right to spy internet legislation we now have every key stroke monitored. There is now a spy in your home 24/7.   You could have police show up at your doors at any time because your activities were not approved. Even if Conservatives promise to never use it that way it is not good enough. They should never have been allowed to have it. This will lead to fear of usage and fear to speak freely, fear like the people in old world Russia used to experience.

    Yes things are becoming much like things were under Stalin in Russia. And what is here today is so much more effective than human spies and police. I often said that with today's technology, if a dictator ever got in power we would all be in real trouble. We are in trouble now. Despite this, I do not believe that we will have goo-lags, or internment camps as these cost money. Capitalists would rather fine you with nit picking useless laws, taking food from your children in the process. By doing this through use of the courts they will get to pocket it without much cost.

     Their children eat well from this revenue I am sure.

    As for the internet itself it was free 30 years ago and as usual a very few were given everything without any of “we the people” ever being told before hand, or ever given a chance at ownership ourselves. No, as usual free for us was made into another expense for the average person, owned as usual by the same few. We have nothing free anymore.

    They take it all, exactly as the Nazis and communists did from their people.

    Fellow Canadians please before it is too late, understand were we are now as a society.

    Under communism all things were owned in common, but in reality a very few administered it. They in conjunction with a few government officials took and kept all the benefits, and the rest  of the people got what they got.

    Under Fascism, the companies were private enterprise, and they in conjunction with a few government officials took and kept all the benefits, and the rest  of the people got what they got.

    Under capitalism, after all the corporate mergers are complete and very a few own everything, and again they run it in conjunction with a few government officials that take and keep all the benefits, and the rest of us get what we get, what are we.

                         No different than Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany.

    At this point there is no difference, none. We literally have communism for Corporate convenience. This is where our voting habits and hidden legislation have led us. We must register to vote and make a massive change.

           With what the conservatives are doing we must never elect them again.

    This will only happen if every working person that is sick of always paying through the nose for everything shows up to vote at 100% and we defeat them in every single riding.
     Even if they back off they should never be elected again just for trying.


    I believe the rich are trying to remove most peoples ability to buy houses.  That way all will have to pay monthly rent to the same few that own everything now. This is how things were under Russian communism. There most never owned houses or property either.
             This is a youth alert. GET OUT AND VOTE PLEASE.

                       Also our drug based medical system is very Nazi as follows:

    In the concentration camps in Nazi Germany identical sets of twins were selected for medical testing. They would be separated, then one would be stabbed with a needle and deliberately infected with a disease, while the other was kept disease free. Then they would be taken to an infirmary where they would be made to eat the same food, sleep the same hours, drink the same drinks, and take the same drugs and then given the same tests. This was the cruel Nazi form of clinical trials.

    The second part of the story is that once sick they would be allowed drugs only and if they did not work they would be allowed to die no matter what else could work. They were simply not allowed it.

    In Canada to day no one goes around stabbing anyone with infected needles. Canadian politicians have to be more creative. To create Nazi conditions while still getting people to think they are free takes some thinking. So in Canada we chlorinate all our water systems. In doing so we weaken the human immune system and the diseases fall where they may. It all looks random so we never suspect.

    The second part of the story is that once sick we are also allowed drugs only and if they do not work we are also allowed to die no matter what else could work. In Canada no matter  which doctor  see, you get drugs only  prescribed. All other forms of medicine are banned just like it was for Jews in the Nazi concentration camps. Doctors in Canada are not allowed to prescribe effective herbs or anything else but drugs. Some freedom hey.

     In short, you have as much choice of medical treatments as a Jew in a Nazi concentration camp. For this we sing oh Canada and say we are free betraying our grandparents killed the Nazis for these very things among others.

    So people………What is the difference between being a Jew in a Nazi concentration camp and a free Canadian medically speaking??? 

              Well it is the method by which you are infected and nothing more.

                 Great to be a free Canadian under conservative rule or is it.

    Herbs can stop Aids, Hepatitis, Cancer, TB, and almost every thing else. Yet if we do stop any health issue, we are so communist like and unfree under Conservative rule we are put in jail for practicing medicine without a license. I know I can stop all four of these diseases personally and I work with herbs only. I have been refused clinical trials repeatedly.

    Oh by the way the conservatives make sure none of us can ever get a license so they can always arrest us. They use this power against us daily.

    I know right here in Canada what it is like to live communism, without freedom of speech. I am always subject to arrest for healing people or even giving advice on how to be healed.

    Think, arrested not for killing people but actually for healing them.  How Nazi of our Conservatives and Liberals.

    This is how much our representatives of the people put drug company corporate profits above human life.

    Note:   To make this point a few years ago in Canada, Harper's conservatives could not pass bill C51 designed to stop us who work with natural medicines because of Canadian protests. Yet are even today they  are having naturopaths arrested and jailed against the will of Canadians, without one word from our corporate Pravda and Tass style media, quietly destroying lives just like Nazis and old world communists did.

                             And lets not forget GMO food.

     We are so free that we  are not even allowed to know what we are eating. Even communists and Fascists never did this to people but Conservatives do. Is a peach really a peach any more.

    The only safe food today is organic.  At 65 I eat this only and live in perfect health.

    I believe that the reason why organic is better is in what I read a few years ago. That is that on average GMO food has approximately 28% less in nutritional value than organic produce for the same volume of product.  The organic nutritional values are what food is naturally supposed to be.

     Those who eat G MO food are 28% closer to just eating plain cardboard.

    But in usual conservative style, and for the Nazi corporate success of a few, compared to the rights of the majority, here we are.

                   Zig Heil Stephen Hitler ups that should be Harper?

    One of the reasons we are in this mess is because we are without information. Please do not ever believe our press is free. The fact is that media are dependent on advertising, and because of this are careful not to offend their corporate paychecks. This allows corporations to stop stories. If our corporate leaders are openly with holding information from us by restricting the press, what does this make them??? The answer is communist. The restrictions are the same as the Russian press under Stalin.

    Please do not tell me that our free elections make a difference because they do not. All working people know that no matter who is elected the one sure thing is that we are never represented. All parties in Canada represent corporations only. For us voting has no meaning at all, although governments take great pains to make us think so. To understand just how bad it really is please watch this documentary and understand why I choose to present a better way.

    Next look around and see. How many areas are we free in law but freedom is then removed by making it too expensive to access. This removal of freedom is the difference between western democracy and communism. It does not matter if it is too expensive or made illegal through legislation. The result is the same.

    Example: On the books, you are free in law to run for office but the reality is that you could never take the necessary time off to actually present you message. Do you see the communist result created by removing freedoms through making them too expensive to ever access. The fact your assets would be taken, is a punishment for use of a freedom a few do not want you have it. They want this for themselves only. This by the way this is the western way of creating communist conditions, while making the laws free and democratic.

    Example: Have you ever wondered why the supreme court in Canada is priced at pocket change prices for corporations and governments, but at prices that would bankrupt the average person. This is a big example of freedom in law that is made financially inaccessible to the average person.
    Under communism the people were never allowed to access any courts to plead for their freedoms because of laws preventing it. We allow freedom on paper and then make it too expensive to ever use, effectively creating the same results as communist legislation in Stalin's Russia did. Understand that this restriction of this freedom, for any reason, makes us communist as well.

    Think about this. We the average people get our choice of business people only to vote for, as they  have arranged society to make sure they will be the only ones with the money to run for office.

    Years ago, about 1960 we had a person come to our school in Wembley Alberta and told us that we did not want to be communists. As farm kids that had never seen a television set. Our first question was what is a communist. The answer this person gave us was that communists made the mother and father both work so when we kids came home there would be no parents there for us. We did not want to be communists did we. We all shook our heads and said no.

    Today we have exactly the conditions of communism with the capitalist system taking ever more, to where two people now have to work to support a family or live in poverty, never owning a home. This is identical to communist conditions in the old Soviet Union.

                     Our children no longer have parents to come home to either.
                                                 There is a solution

    One thing that has become increasingly obvious over my life is the hopelessness of trying to make any real changes to this system because of the way our societies are currently structured under economics. Next quarters corporate profits will always come first. Add to this the fear of adding more dollars to most nations already unmanageable debts, is something many societies consider no longer to be an option.

    In short the world can never be changed as long as some corporations can be bankrupted by the changes. All politicians know that there has to be several zillions of hours of employment to have house payments, utilities, credit cards, and more paid for by families each month. This is reality under our present world order.

                  It can not be changed with the current economic system.

    First one has to understand that our system of commerce is barbaric and left over from early man. It is no more than a fossilized dinosaur that can never be made to serve our needs. We all can see it serves its own self interests only. The problem with this is that economic interests are not in any way aligned with the needs of our planet or most of its people. Instead they are discriminatory and harmful.


    1. Any system that has seniors pension eroded through inflation, so corporations can profit through the raising of prices on goods and services, is horrible. Good government would have pensions indexed to this inflation. Not doing this is the abandonment of the old, destroying them economically, leaving them to die in poverty. This is life under the capitalist system. This is an atrocity equivalent of any done by any other tyrants throughout history. The truth is under our system of currencies there is not enough money to prevent this.

    The price, decency and a civilized attitude toward the old are sacrificed to economics.

    2. One child having everything while the next gets nothing shows how barbaric our system is. It is a horrible and demented the leadership that allows children to learn discrimination on the basis of money. This is a system ran by monsters; Liberal and Conservative monsters in Canada to be exact, as they are the only ones to govern in our history.

    3. Students are often in over 100,000.00 dollars in debt for taking higher education to be greater in their contributors to our earth. This is allowed by government, while criminals get checks on leaving prisons. How pathetic is our liberals and Conservatives for allowing this.
                               Why do they do it, because of money.

                           Our intellectual future is sacrificed to economics.

     Many young feel that is pointless to go to school as there will be decades of debt and interest to pay back afterword. They will become old before being able to break even. Add this to the sacrifice for years of learning without income and many bright youth are just going to work. Increasingly only the children of the ever richer will be educated with the rest of us unable to afford the cost. While the laws will say we are free, increasingly economics insures that we are not. We are becoming ever more a land of rich and surfs like middle ages England. This seems to be the corporate dream.

      Maybe the cure for cancer gave up on school and now drives a Ken worth.

    4. Any time a person is turned down for a mortgage their constitutional right to own property is violated. In Canada this is allowed because it benefits some corporations. This is a violation of our very charter or freedoms. Even so it is allowed every day by government. It does not matter if you are turned down for a loan, or the house itself, the result is that you can never own a home, just like the people of Stalin's Russia.

    Nothing green can be done with present economics because corporations could be hurt, and every politician knows there has to be work for average people to pay bills. Without jobs there would be no votes. With this form of blackmail available we all know corporations really rule our society, not the elected politicians. In truth we are no longer a democracy, at least not behind the scenes.

    The culprit behind all this is economics. This takes away from the ability to adjust society to what is right, and make the changes needed. As you can see this is not a system that can be made to work from within, nor can it be adapted to be any better than it is today. So many have tried and gained little or nothing.

                                    The current system has to be replaced.

    This is what I am writing you about. I can fix all these problems with one change but it is a big one, and would forever make the world better for all. This is monumental but like I said, but the results will be worth it.

    If we want to make real changes it will require breaking the backs of all corporations at once without a war, in a way the people would embrace and vote for what we present. It would have to be done without any new debt, giving back personal freedom to the Canadian people with the privileges and status of millionaires, all at the same time. I can do all of this with a single idea. This idea will also bring freedom for individuals and families like never before in human history.

                       This is how it must be done and how it will work.

    In this new world there will be no such thing as poverty. Everyone that is gainfully employed will automatically have all the benefits of society. To achieve this each person would receive a card with 45 years of hours, at 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, less stats and say a month’s holiday per year plus your birthday. Once the hours run out you will be allowed to retire and still have all the benefits of society, till the day you die. No more senior’s poverty.

     Think armloads of gifts for the grandchildren forever. This is what I am offering to all on earth starting in Canada.

    Children would have school supplies and lunches guaranteed. They all would have new computers, bikes, toys and more. No more childhood poverty. All children would eat well and live well with all of societies benefits.

    A university student would graduate with no debt and be entitled to all the benefits of society for the full duration of the years of their degrees learning process.

            They would have to be passing with decent grades of course.

    No family would need to have their children raised in a daycare center just for a mortgage because there will be no more home loans. Families would have all the benefits of society with one adult member working full time. This would include a home with deeded title, utilities, in fact everything would be yours. You will even raise your own children again in this new world. No child will have their parents removed just to benefit the economics of corporations.

    We call ourselves a free society yet we make it economically impossible for one income to support a family, using economics to create the same forced labor conditions as in Stalin's Russia.  This the result of years of voting Liberal and Conservative.

                                           Please consider this.

     If any elected official allows a corporation to pay such low wages that an employees child can not even eat quality food, let alone grow up having all the benefits of society, does that not make them along with the corporate leaders that pay the low wages, nothing more than a group of child abusers? Are they really fit to lead if they allow this to happen to any child, as the Liberals and Conservatives have always allowed?
                                    We will change the world like this. 


    The  very concept would be eliminated and all who are gainfully employed would have all societies’ benefits from cradle to grave.

       By this single change we could eliminate so many wrongs.

    First  planned obsolescence would go, as there would be no expense to doing it right the first time. With in years we could gear the planet down and stop much pollution on this one change alone.

    We would all own our homes outright from the date of purchase, our utilities would be guaranteed, and would include our phone, satellite, cable, and internet. No home could ever be repossessed.

    No more zillions of hours of work will be needed to pay bills. Our society would produce goods as needed with our needs being much smaller, because things would made to last. If you need food you would go to the store and get it. No one gainfully employed would ever go hungry because of money ever again. The handicapped, seniors, and university students would also all have all the benefits of society.

       Our laws could make quick effective changes under this new system.

    EG. Since it would be no cost to anyone, we could legislate solar panels on the south side of every roof, or windmills where possible, and water power in Eco friendly ways. Stores full of non polluting products for all.

    Imagine! Everything could just be done just because it is right, human right, green right, and just because it is right in every other way.

               We eventually would catch all the important changes.

    At this point and could shorten work weeks, or have earlier retirement, or or, or??? saving even more resources for future generations, while allowing more  hours for the enjoyment of life. Doing what you want instead what you have to in order to survive.  Any one besides me tired of all a persons waking hours being spent on survival created by the low wages of corporate greed.

    I would like to also leave you with some final thoughts and two DVDs to watch.

    Final thought one. To do this we will have to form a political party to run in the next election. More below.

    Final Thought Two. I have shown you how our system is now Communist. If you love freedom from economic slavery we are the choice. I have offered all working people the status of millionaires, with unparalleled human freedom. What more is there to give. Join us please.

     It is that or ever more harsh economic slavery under  the presents system.

    If you want to see one of the most corrupt decisions I have ever seen made in a Canadian court as well as see how far corporations want to go to take away all our human  freedom go online and watch “ The Future of Food”. If you are not afraid to vote Conservative or Liberal after seeing this there is nothing that will influence you.

    Wall-Mart makes money by insuring employees lives and collecting on their deaths. This is reported in the DVD "Capitalism A love Story" by Michael Moore. There is much more thought provoking content as well.

    Wall-Mart's wage structure is one of the ones that would prevent employees children eating well.

     I hope you will read this and pass it on to all people possible and they will also do the same.


    If you are sick of the hypocrisy, and spin doctor statements that are too far from reality even for fantasy land, lets do something. Lets change the world and I mean it. To do this would any of you be interested in starting a political party to run in the next federal election. One made up of working people, highly educated people, university students, the handicapped, seniors, and the poor, all of us other than corporate business people.  You have read what I have in mind.

                   The time is now and think.    Life would be so much more fair.

    As a post script there is only one form of protection available for the average working person under economics and that is the trade unions. I suggest all people that are underpaid join one. There is no other form of protection for the working person, and this is not communism. I  have already shown you communism earlier in this document. Call the most local hall in your area and ask how to get better wages and benefits so as to raise our children in a manner that is going to give them life's privileges. For now these are our only hope.

    In conclusion. People, I feel it is the right solution to both human and planetary problems and should be considered. Our current system and those leading it are total failures and I am convinced we vote for it only because alternatives are never presented. I believe that is solved here in this document. Life will be so much more fair and equitable if we succeed.

    Thank You for your time.

  4. This is a massively powerful immune system building program and it is herbal. I use this daily and it works for all that is germ or viral based. Understand that in Africa there is already a near 30% survival rate now with nothing being used but drugs. This survival rate can be greatly improved with a herbally charged immune system.

    NOTE: At only days from contamination until death, Ebola is so fast acting  that it it is some where between difficult and impossible to prepare the bodies defenses in time. This makes waiting until you are ill to do something a very bad decision. It is highly recommended that you prepare well in advance, strengthening the immune system, to the point it becomes between very hard and impossible for any disease to invade. I am personally doing this daily. Here is how.

                                                    Use Pure Water
    By this I mean chlorine free, such as distilled, natural mineral, or RO water  . This is to be used for cooking, making drinks, drinking, or even to brush your teeth. For the very best results I highly recommend going the next step, and that is usage of the water purification unit. It is the best that I know of right now and is available online only. The alkalinity and re-mineralization of water filtered through this unit is great for the body, keeping cells alive and healthy for years longer. I also found that my immune system is greatly strengthened as well, this being the  reason I use it.

    Note: I have been told by herbalists and water specialists that for every point your body is alkaline your immune system becomes stronger and more reproductive while diseases become sick and sterile. On the other hand for every point of acidity, this becomes the exact opposite, with the immune system itself becoming ever more sick and sterile, while diseases flourish  and  reproduce. Stop buying any drinks at local corner stores. They are all acidic every one.

    To improve upon the alkaline water even  more, add a product called cell food at 8 drops per liter. It massively feeds your body all the minerals, trace elements, and amino acids needed for its daily intake at between 24 and 40 drops per day depending on your age. The effect will be greatly strengthen your very cells against invasion. Buy online.

     For bathing, laundry, sinks, etc, please put in a water softener if you can. This total removal of chlorine is so important.  Buy this locally where water softeners are sold.
    If softening is not for you there are full DE-chlorination filters that fit on the main line in, available at many water stores. This will filter the whole house just as a softener will. Buy these also locally.
     If this is out of the question then please get brand filter for all the sinks, and showers. These DE-chlorinate the water quite well if the filters are changed as recommended. These can be purchased online. Some filters may need to be bought at local water stores. Please beware of Britta as its own literature states that it does not fully DE-chlorinate. Use Santievia or Rain-shower brands for filters you buy locally. They work well.
    What most people do not realize is that 70% of the daily intake of chlorine happens as it soaks in through the open pores of your skin in the shower. In my personal life the total removal of chlorine has resulted in much better breathing, along with the restoration of my histamine balance and immune system.  Chlorine can destroy up to 50% of the immune system in general,  allowing a lot more diseases to invade the body. Pure water is this important.

                                                Additional Water Info
    For garden hoses where the filters do not work, use rubber gloves and a rubber apron to prevent the chlorine from getting into your body. Buy these at at local lawn and garden or grocery stores.

     Remember also to take lot of pure water to drink when you are out.

                                                   There is more!
    Use Take the maximum dosage daily of this immune system building herbal combination. This product is the most important in creating internal strength against disease. It regulates the immune system to totally normal and optimum and with continued usage keeps it there. This is the cornerstone product for immunity.

    Buy Wonder Tea Original Formula The Miracle. Use three teabags per day. Make a pot of tea in the morning and drink it between breakfast and supper. Add nothing to the tea as it has a pleasant taste, as it is as well as being a balanced nutritional formula, licensed in Canada. Steep the tea for 30 min minimum before drinking. Steeping all day will not hurt it and it can also be drank as an iced tea. This product generates massive homeopathic immune system responses and also gives me energy to burn. Buy locally.

                                           This is extremely important !!!

    Should you actually have a germ of viral problem then please add the usage of the Chinese Immune System building herb Astragalus. Use it at the rate of three every 15 min at the very first signs of problems or at any stage. Do this for one hour, then go to three every three hours on top of the other herbs, until the disease is gone. Astragalus is like using nitrous to get a power boost in a race car. Use it as such then discontinue it. 

    The wonder tea is optional when not threatened by disease but many people keep taking it for many other fine benefits on top of immune system strength. 

    Keep the mushroom extract in full time usage for life, and live in great health as I do.
    Please also read  and use the information below. It gives you places to buy organic none chlorinated soaps and other products. These are vital.

    First the seemingly small parts per million of pollutants allowed in each product we use daily adds up. Understand that everything we ingest, or apply to our bodies, gets inside our bodies. We all know  that what we eat affects health. Medicine acknowledges this with special diets for heart and other health issues. What is not considered as much,  is the amount  absorbed through the skin. It affects health also.

    People up to 20% of your immune system can be destroyed by the residue of ordinary cleaning chemicals not removed in the washer rinse cycle. These are now seeping into your body through the open pores of your skin, from your “clean” clothes, while you are perspiring on a sunny day. Laundry soaps, organic ones that do no harm, are more important than one thinks.
    To do this right change to buying all your household cleaning chemicals , and personal hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, shampoos, makeup, etc, to these organic ones. This assures that every thing touching you is either inert or actually adding minerals and trace elements to the body with each usage. The difference I found  in my life is ongoing enormous.

    Also change to buying your food to the organic choices at, (use the vital greens from here), and,, and There sites also include cleaning products, personal products etc. All bought online.

    The reasons for this are as follows: First by changing your cleaning chemicals, soaps, etc. your immune system will jump in strength by up to 20%. Now add to this the roughly 28% extra nutrition from every bite of organic food and the body becomes stronger, more energetic, less likely to become diseased. For your health this is win win win. Now add the up to 50% increase in the immune system strength and internal cellular cleansing from the use of pure water. I am sure you can see, this is a huge part of the road to never catching diseases, and to subsequently great long term great health.

    On these instructions alone without any other knowledge, anyone anywhere on earth can have a massive immune system boost causing a much greater, (up to and including near total), resistance to all illness.

    List of diseases I send out free info on. All will either cure of bring total remission with quality of life. They include,   Aids, Pollen Allergies, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes 1 2, General Disease Immunity, Ebola, Heart Attack, Hepatitis, How to rebuild Bone and Joints, Ischemic heart Disease, Kidney Failure, Lower Respiratory Infections, Muscular Dystrophy, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and Stroke.

  5. You have to watch "World Deadliest virus Ebola plague fighter Nova Documentary" this give you the whole story from 1967 where the first Ebola symptoms was detected. very informative.

  6. (great job!) okay did they have a regular health care person caring for him THEY NEED A SPECIAL care Personnel who deals with plasma and proper anti-virus cleaning she might had went to the REST ROOM touch a knob he touched or sit on the stool,THEY should had a person who specialize in disease control cleansing ….I would sue the health care company if the person was kin to me…I worked in the field so i know what they DON'T do for those under paid workers….. Yes I'm taking it personal…

  7. 2 people out of 350 million!! wow that is news.
    Questions: what is going on Iraq and Syria, Russia? what is going on with the selective genocide in the USA being committed by the police? what is going on with the unemployment rate? 
    This ebola shit is just scaring people in the USA with the intention of distracting the citizens from the real news! 
    This idiot says "close the borders" hahahahaha

  8. remember patient zero went to the hospital and was sent home, she could have been in contact with him then, it doesnt mean she had to contract it while he was being treated second time around…

  9. Thanks for keeping us informed.  Of course the CDC is lying, the nurse was wearing a face shield which is not biosafety level 4 protection.  To be at level 4 protection you need an outside source of air piped into a completely enclosed suit.  Most of these healthcare workers are wearing Tyvek which has pores 1 micron in size.  The Ebola virus is 0.08 microns in diameter.  You can easily fit 100 viruses through those openings which can be jetisoned inside your "protective" Tyvek suit from just one sneeze.  And there's nothing to prevent her from breathing the virus saturated air with a face shield on.  If the CDC wanted to contain the virus they would give top notch training to the staff and not allow anyone to touch a patient without full level 4 gear on.  The treatment room would be in a trailer outside the hospital so the air ducts couldn't carry the virus throughout the ventilation system.  The only logical conclusion is they want an epidemic.  We all get to be their personal petris dish subjects so they can nod their heads and say see it can spread just like we predicted.


  11. This is fear mongering. It is NOT Airbourne. Airvourbe meabs if you breathe the same air in the sane room you will get it and you can pass it by coughing into a room and people far away from you will catch it. Just because its in saliva does NOT mean its airbourne. And it 2 frigging cases. Stop the fear mongering. There is no way this will spread, especially in a developed country. You need to research things before you talk about them. You sound so uneducated

  12. I think we are all screwed. Safest place at this point might be Iceland or Alaska. Seriously, this is a dire situation.
    Very sad

    NOT RACIST – being careful
    It is time to deal with the ebola here in America and we dont need anymore new cases : (

  14. (Ebloa) People we better lock in load on this one. While we have time. The rich & politically oligarchs are blaming the poor African people for Ebloa. They gave it to the African people. They have it in airtight cans to spread around USA just like they did in Africa. They are going to kill your family & over half of the people in the USA with Ebloa . I wish some general would fight back today I am over 70 yo but I would follow him. We better do it now because we will not have a second chance to do it in the future.

  15. You know there's not allot o difference in people in Africa laying in the streets dying and people being taken in ambulances in the US.  If they can't contain this in a secure hospital with protocals what can be done.  

  16. Agreed. Informed and afraid instead of dead and stupid. But wouldn't they want us all to be scared little rabbits and line up (or be FORCED!!!) to take their 'vaccine'? Of which i would not dare trust as far as I could spit. During this whole 'outbreak' has anyone actually SEEN anyone else dying from the effects of ebola?…or just a bunch of guys spraying around in white suits and moving 'bodies' around in white bags? They have paid actors and have hoaxed us all before…Where is the hard proof that any of this is R-E-A-L? And what's with Duncans one and only green shirt sparking an absolute rash of bright green everything everywhere this damn story is?

  17. Thank you for keeping us up on what is going on.  I've seen the posts on people accusing channels such as yours of "fear mongering" as well…I'm sure there are a plethora of channels that they can watch to escape this.  There are also people who seek out these channels in order to deliberately generate a conflict.  Perhaps they are just teen-agers practicing for their respective debate clubs.  Either way, keep up the good work!!!

  18. NNN Gary, I agree Ebola is scary but I see no difference from other contagion s. When I grew up it was infectious hyp. Multiple kids died of it in my school. TB, Malaria but the biggest killer now is cancer. My father, mother, 1st wife, 2nd wife, brothers wife, friends, and I have all got cancer and most died. People are being frightened by hype just like after 911. While I agree you should tell about it and warn people I don't agree it is any worse than the many other dangers such as fracking.

  19. THIS IS NOT FEAR MONGERING, Next News is reporting the truth to you.  You should be grateful, there are people who stand up against pre packaged news.  In war times that would be called propaganda,  telling you how to think, what to think, and how to reason.  I would rather be informed truthfully, and be prepared.

  20. Ebola is airborne. Please look up CDC's Ebola guidelines ( There is a section for "Aerosol Generating Procedures". It asks that people cover their noses, eyes, and also separate breathable air and equipment for infected from uninfected. What is good for CDC is good for you. Keep in mind despite all the protective gear, people still get infected. I also believe the virus might last longer when not in human than we have been led to believe. My 2 cents.

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