Brand Newborn Puppy Still Attached To Umbilical Cord Is Stuck Between Rocks | Animal in Crisis EP94

A phone call arrived at the office, late at night. Informant: I think she’s stuck inside a space like the crevice of a rock and is trapped. Informant: I contacted the 911 but they’re too late.. Informant: I hope that you can come quickly now. A late hour already past 1 am.. The informants had contacted out of urgent minds as a rescue team was in a situation of being unable to mobilize PD: Is the situation really urgent? Informant: Yes.. It’s very urgent.. Informant: I can hear sounds but she wails.. like desperately.. A flight of stone steps on a flower garden beside the road? PD: Is she inside here? Informant: Yes.. Inside here.. Informant: Kiddo! She’s not replying.. What to do.. Informant: Kiddo~ Oh no what should we do? PD: She doesn’t reply? Informant: Yes.. Yaong~~ (A faint crying sound) (A faint crying sound)
Informant: Whew.. What a relief.. A sound of crying that’s faintly heard.. The sound is definitely coming from this crevice She’s moving Fluff of fur can seen in a cramped space between the rocks A situation where the rock doesn’t budge at all He puts his hand in after making a hole.. PD: Oh I can touch something. I think it’s the leg? PD: She can’t get out. She’s very tightly stuck. PD: Oh I can’t. I think she’ll get hurt..she might get hurt. Informant: Oh.. She must be tightly stuck.. / PD: Yes She seems to be trapped tightly in between rocks.. Informant: Ah.. I feel like going crazy watching. PD: Did she eat anything? Informant: We can’t give her. She’s floating in midair. Because she’s stuck in the rock.. Informant: We tried dropping food, but it fell to the ground. Feeling just in case, water was poured and all they could do was wait until the day gets brighter.. The next morning PD: Yaong Informant: Oh? There there.. Her face can be seen! Informant: She couldn’t even open her eyes.. She’s desperately crying with just her mouth open.. She seems to be a young puppy who hasn’t even opened her eyes properly Until the rescue team arrives, they decided to give her something to eat. PD: Oh!! PD: She’s eating, eating. She’s eating! Inserts an endoscopy camera PD: I can see the leg., leg! The leg. Leg! The first thing that was seen was the puppy’s foot.. With her feet put together, she isn’t able to move at all.. PD: When I look closer, she even has the umbilical cord! Perhaps it hasn’t been that long since she was born that even her umbilical cord is still there intactly.. A poor environment for a young puppy to bear She has to be rescued as soon as possible. Suddenly raindrops start falling and a vet arrived just in time Vet: If hypothermia continues for a long time then (the function of) an organ or metabolism will all fall so.. Rescue Team: These days, it’s continuously been rainy season so because it’s been like this.. Rescue Team: A second accident like that could occur again. Rescue Team: We have to leave it alone after making a gap for her to come out from.. This is.. If the rock is wrongly nudged then the boulders could topple down all at once..! Will they be able to rescue her safely from the crevice of the rocks..? An airbag is inserted for securing the space PD: Ohohoh…! It’s getting pushed, pushed!! The space started to open! Rescue Team: OK, caught her caught her!! Caught the puppy Finally, she got safely rescued After loosening her muscles first raising her body temperature is the urgent priority Meanwhile, the puppy fell asleep haha Informant: Whew.. saved her.. There’re no major health problems! There’re just light abrasions on the part of her face that was stuck in the crack Vet: Drinking her mother’s milk is the biggest nutritional supplement Vet: If you take a look..look at this. Vet: If she eats now, she’ll be okay. The only thing that’s left to do is to find the mother and have her suckle! Informant: We thought ‘Huh? Who is that dog’ as she went around the surrounding area Informant: Now that I think about it, she also has breasts and she seems to be the mom that dog While looking around the surroundings Assistant Producer: Oh? PD: Why! Assistant Producer: There’s a white thing?
PD: There’s a white thing? What is it? Assistant Producer: There.. I think they’re puppies? PD: Did you say puppies? At the place that was crawled into following the crying sound.. Assistant Producer: Here here When examined here and there, they’re an appearance similar to that of the puppy who was rescued from the rock crevice When compared side to side.. Even their physique is just like each other’s! But why was only this puppy separated from her siblings Vet: (The mother) could’ve given birth outside. While giving birth, to avoid the rain Vet: she may have bit and brought them one by one and had slipped that time and (the puppy) might’ve gotten stuck in the crevice. Suddenly the rain starts falling again.. We waited for the mother, but she didn’t appear and decided to first transfer the puppies to a safe place. The rain stopped and A white dog who appeared to be the mother appeared in the vicinity of where the puppies were. She feels some unusual atmosphere and stops walking The producer (PD) puts down the cage containing the puppies near where the mother is, and waits.. Before they know it, the mother had come near the cage.. and She goes inside with the puppy! Can see her transferring the puppies one by one by putting them in her mouth.. When they carefully look in The mother is wrapped around her puppies What reaction would she show towards the rescued puppy.. PD: Ah~ She licks her.. What a relief The mother licks every nook and cranny of the safely returned puppy Now all that’s left to do is to suckle the mother’s breast.. But she’s not able to drink at all..? Vet: (The mother is)too thin so there’s no milk. Vet: The other pups all drank the milk so there’s no milk.. She lacks the strength to suckle and is small as a result, Vet: Because there’s no milk, she can’t eat even more. Right now. As they give her food so that her milk will run well She emptied the bowl in no time at all And goes inside the house again and stays by her puppies’ side.. Vet: The pups are already taking their spots Vet: Oh..! She’s sucking sucking sucking! At some point, she properly suckles her mother’s breast! After replenishing nutrition from her mother’s milk, she seems to have found stability What’s strange is that.. she doesn’t have a big wariness to strangers unlike other ordinary stray dogs.. Vet: But she’s not very fierce? A characteristic of white Jindo dogs is that they’re very ferocious but she isn’t ferocious. Vet: Perhaps, she might’ve been abandoned not too long ago or she seems to have been cared a lot by humans. Ultimately, the informant decided to take in the white Jindo dog’s family and take care of them Informant 1: Since we discovered her first I’ll take good care of them from now on. Informant 2: We’ll take care of them well and healthily. We’ll anticipate that the puppy will grow rapidly beside her mother and her siblings she reunited with.

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  1. Thank you for going that extra mile to save a tiny baby. Can't imagine how it left the other babies. There is nothing like a mother's love.

  2. Im assuming She was changing locations of her babies and baby dropped out of her mouth falling in between the rocks getting stuck but mama had to move on in survival for her other babies.

  3. Terima kasih sudah menyelamatkan anak anjing yg terjebak di celah batu…tanpa pertolongan kalian mungkin anak anjing itu tidak akan bertemu dengan ibux dan juga saudara2x

  4. How amazing it is for them to team up and rescue a puppy. I mean some would've probably left the puppy by itself or probably worse, they'll leave it to die(that didn't happen, thank goodness). Such great affinity, humility and love for life is very commendable. 👏

  5. Wow. No way two fire trucks and rescuers with the jaws of life would arrive in my country. Puppy would have died here like so many poor animals. 😞 Shitty country.

  6. Академия переезда
    Видео похоже на сказку со счастливым концом.
    Люди спасли щенка попавшего в беду; нашли остальных братьев и сестёр; нашлась мать новорожденной компании (стала выполнять свои материнские обязанности); нашлись добрые люди, которые взяли себе в дом такую большую семью малышей.
    Круг добрых дел замкнулся. Но в дальнейшем должно быть продолжение-подросшие щенки отдадут свою преданность и любовь людям.
    Moving Academy
    The Video is like a fairy tale with a happy ending. People saved a puppy in trouble; found the rest of the brothers and sisters; found the mother of the newborn company (began to perform their maternal duties); there were good people who took such a large family of babies into their home. The circle of good deeds has closed. But in the future should be continued-grown puppies will give my devotion and love to the people.

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  8. Infinitas gracias por ser unos héroes los amo desde México 😘😘😘🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕💕💕💕💕💕

  9. 岩に挟まれていた仔犬の生命力に、とても感動しましたし、提供者のお二人がお世話してくれる事になり、凄く感激しました❤ 母犬もきっと、安心して、一生懸命育てられますよね😆👍本当に良かったです。

  10. Coucou un grand merci au sauveteur pour ce petit chien je souhaite qu'il va bien que son petit ange le protège et qu'il trouve un bon propriétaire à plus💙💙💙

  11. Come avrà fatto andare dentro a quella fessura piccolo amore spero ché vada tutto bene grazie x averlo salvato e curato grazie x tutto quello che fate x l'oro ciao piccoli buona vita amori ciao grazie !!grazie anche x là mamma dei cuccioli è stata proprio brava!!grazie siete delle belle persone!!!👏👏💪💪💋💞❤🙌🙏💙

  12. I'm sorry for making this joke buy I thought what they were saying the whole time was we got to make them healthy so we can eat them


  13. Tantos chistes de chinos esto chino lo otro, ahora se sabe que tienen tanto corazon ,pareciera que tardaran pero ellos estan demostrando que primero pensar ideas para visualizar la solucion,angeles guardianes no se encuentran en muchos lados,y solo un cierto grupo dara su vida para salvar a alguien,Dios los bendiga y ojala sus generaciones venideras tengan ese corazon .Quisiera ver el video de como va creciendo el bebeshito,me partio el llanto en los primeros segundos.(Chiquito como termino ahi BeBe😔)

  14. Por lo menos estan con su mamita seguros ,una historia triste se convirtio en milagro.Gracias por esos angeles guardianes.#NoCompresAdopta#NoAlMaltratoAnimal

  15. Que ejemplo de mamá,como saco a sus hijitos y los llevo a salvo.Dios de.mucha vida abundante en bendiciones Para éstos ángeles que los protejen.Gracias…….

  16. God bless you, all of you, for caring enough to save that stranded puppy. God bless you for finding the mom and reuniting her with her stranded puppy.

  17. Благодарю!💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏 за спасение мимишки щеночка 💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏

  18. Wow! God bless this country, the south-korean people are just amazing!!! God bless those who rescue, God bless those who take care the mother and her puppies from no one.

  19. هل هذه القناة صينيه ..ام كوريه ..شكرا لاهتمامكم ..❤😍❤😍👍👍👍👍👍❤😍

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