Oh God today I've been sent an awesome package and I'm so excited to see what's inside you can see on the side I feel is gonna be sort of slang but I think there's gonna be some other stuff cuz that's flowing and there's some these bubbles but I don't know what it means it's really weird guys ether has been sent this awesome box from Smith's toys superstores and inside of the new pop pop pair so I feel you might meet up pop the box and these are by you loo so guys it says on the front of the box are you ready to pop are you ready to pop people I'm ready to smash pop don't know that we get it into smash got me definitely gonna need to do some cold day you can do some karate right guy says on the front here pour to pot are you ready to pull that tab and see what's inside the bar it can't see me in this one just so cool haha look at all those pop pop hair this will for you you're like what eight people so you've got this here I'm guessing this is to put your pop pop so maybe so guys here is a checklist it's got all the pop pop pets on and it says welcome to the world of pop drop Alice so there are lots of different sections on here you've got piggies penguins love birds you've got sloths CEOs kittens and you've got wiener dogs it says at the top that there are 60 pets to K'Ehleyr we've got sixty I think right go so here are the packets that came inside the box so we've got this back in here which has got 12 pop pop pets inside and as you can stay there's definitely some slime in there is there Eva yeah flying's and Pleasanton so this is the deluxe pack and on the back you can see where you're supposed to pop open each different compartment it says to collect them all pop pop get surprised and there is also a starter pack as well so these are series one and it says find two surprise pets inside mmm so on the bottom here it also says find the rare metallic pets you think we could find some red metallic pets today but yeah so I think we're gonna start with these guys that came inside the box there are quite a lot of pop pop exhaling back I can't dip them and f/13 no she's got a first pop pop put out let's have a look so guys this is what they look like and this bit on the top is actually soft so it's like a layer of like cling film or something with a slime underneath and it's really really soft oh my gosh say oh here's the empty capsule guy in case the slime and it's a really nice neat piece like that one so here is Eva's first pop pop pets and it looks like a Christmas alarm ah they let by for this part but get the rest of your pop pops out even asked us to mix em together guys and I'm gonna start putting D's in here's another one guys you ready that's not something inside either so either some bat cat and look there are actually Fuji and they're so tiny cute big you got oh my gosh you've got another llama you've got bumble bee larvae so eva has found a tiny bumble bee llama I feel like this one's got something in that oh my gosh she could literally spend all day popping these it's like popping bubble wrap it's like giant bubble wrap Oh either what's that I think you felt so rare and s my seal so Eva's got an Eskimo CO and this is super air cuz it's metallic and glitter eight you've got a dragon llama you just putting all your characters inside the slide here is psycho slop oh that's cute oh that's the seal as well and that is a rare see what left let's see oh well and I think nothing in there I really thought that was gonna be something in that one I've got an idea for the next packet well let's have a competition on who you can pop the most pop pop at its fastest line came out this side quick you will be fast right I've got another three I'm with it win it I think I'm gonna win II know that it's that one I've got to that mummy why he's just enjoying her slime farm house over there did you forget we were having a Rea surrealist found octopus and photo PE and penguin love it is a sushi sea oh how cute is that so guys either has pot open her pop-up hat and that one in zagging Murray put me on earth I'm in a sausage rip she's mixed all were flying together to make her sassy just see how much time you've got there Eva and all her pop-up pets are inside her slide I don't even see a head right guys so we do have lots of pop up pets left over so we will be doing a giveaway on Instagram so if you aren't following us on Instagram go check out evaced we plan it if you would like being with the chance of winning your own bye guys thanks for watching put your thumbs up if you like this video and don't forget to subscribe bye guys bye and don't forget ah pop don't forget to hit that red subscribe button guys and click on the bell to be notified of our new videos


  1. That packaging is adorable! I also love how there are specifically wiener dogs xD Not just any dogs. So fun ?

  2. Wow luv your videos ❤??
    I Just liked & Subscribed hope u can do the same. Keep them coming ????

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