I got my cancer I live in the NL outfit yeah yeah okay girl so Eva is opening two more lol pets today yeah and she's already opened hoops d-o-double-g and Cottontail cutie if this constant og cheering business hit 17 towd yeah so let's have a look at your checklist to see which ones you would like to open today I would like this one I would like this one so Eva's got her eye on fancies poppy and this one miss puppy hmm so basically the doggies with Tiaras Eva yeah should we get opening yes I'm gonna open it up all right so here's our clue and it's fairy tale so here's our stickers all right let's see who you've got I'll never say nothing you could've had a duplicate that couldn't you so you've got hops kitty right so here we have our third lol pair she's slightly different in coloring to the checklist but she looks like hops kitty let's see what you've got in your blood bag about what you were looking for why do they have weird line that is it series three now so here we have her is right should we see what else is in your blind bags got two blind bags left but we've got a bottle so here we have her drinking flask right let's have a look what's in a blind bag here's our pooper scooper all right let's open up a sign and they look like okay what color do you think it is I'm guessing her shoes are in here what do they I will take them out can you see something yeah we can pick it up right so he cut off her shoe right guys so here she is she's got her shoes and she's got her bunny ears on now yeah yeah are you ready to find out what she does yeah let's take her ears off right Eva what do you think she's going to do let's fill her up again hello Eva what a bad Kitty you have that easy no neither the tape oh right so here's our bad kitty oh my gosh I can't believe it she spit all over the place by Ibaka are you ready to open your last ball yeah I wonder what the clues gonna say let me say my plane y'all private lovelies money what does it say tell me need to close funny musical bunny hop so a clue is music to my ears just anyone they were ever singing today comment the night here's our stickers right Eva hey we were missing the Sun right what are you gonna wait for first whoa who's it gonna be it's for a thing looking at the clip oh I was gonna guess that one rough rocker right so here we have rough rocker oh my gosh she's really tiny and Huey did you want a pooper scooper first so we've got a silver pooper scooper oh so we've got our bottle is that color No so we've got a tiny food bar with some chicken beaver yeah should we open your fans yeah he doing this babe oh are you ready Green side is he taking oh you're not using your paper scooper the chicken over this Hey okay now he's still kidding oh she lying down I can't it's a tiny color tiny beak on there isn't it no net but don't if you can see that cuz it's so tiny but it's got a tiny black color so here she is with her tiny collar on what a cutie either yeah should we see what she does right let's see what she does she is a squirrel right so here we have our coffee punches a squirter bye guys something if you like to get business great bye guys bye don't forget to hit that red subscribe button guys and click on the bell to be notified of our new video


  1. Very cute. Great video. Look at my new interesting video Goodluck friend!

  2. Love Eva's enthusiasm for the sand, I know Doll is going to be the same! We loved ruff rocker today, although the kitty peeing made Dollie LOL haha!

  3. Очень круто! Пальчик вверх друзья! Ждем Вас! Отличного дня! И теплой осени!!!!

  4. Yay for completing the Storybook Club with Hopps Kit Tea and it was so cute when Eva was digging through the sand with Ruff Rocker! Love the doggie bowl he came with! The LOL pet accessories are the cutest!! Big like!

  5. aawwww hops kitty dont you love her big eyes ??omg ruff rocker and her stylish hair super adorable great unboxing sweetie much love from us?????✨

  6. I am subscribed and have notifications on! Your videos are so enjoyable so I can never miss them! Thank you for making me smile today and everyday! I think Eva is singing Shout Out to My Ex xxx

  7. These pets are so adorable! Love the sand! Ruff Rocker is one of my favourites! Super video! And I love your shirt Eva!! 🙂

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