Bozeman woman uproots life to adopt dog in Helena

each year hundreds of animals are adopted at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society but for some animals it can take years to find their forever home mtns John Riley has more about the Humane Society’s longest resident and the woman who uprooted her life to adopt him society almost four years ago and during his time at the shelter he’s had three unsuccessful adoption attempts Tony suffers from separation anxiety and becomes very stressed out when he’s left alone for any amount of time and each time he was brought back to the shelter his anxiety got worse he was very stressed out he didn’t understand being left behind again no and some dogs do great here they come in and they’re like hey friends and they have the best time in play groups have a lot of support from our community and from our volunteers and we just all try and do our best but for some dogs it’s it’s just really hard on them Tony began to lose a lot of weight and few people were showing interest in adopting him staff were beginning to become very concerned about Tony’s future then they got a phone call from Cassady cook of Bozeman was not only interested but said she would do whatever it takes to do what was best for Tony including moving to Helena oh we couldn’t believe that someone was so seriously interested because she was living in a place where she couldn’t have dogs and she said you know what I’m just gonna move Cook says she saw Tony’s story on Facebook and instantly fell in love with him finally I just had a moment where I was like you know what I know that I can take care of his dog and I know that if I adopt this dog I will not leave him cook would spend the next months working with Tony to slowly build trust with him it was just my my way of trying my best to put some good out into the world Tony is now living happily in his new home cook says they’re still working on Tony’s separation anxiety but she couldn’t imagine her life without him reporting in Helena John Reilly MTN news there are currently 28 dogs at the Humane Society they’re looking for their forever homes alright give me a tissue it’s all years

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