We’re walking into
Boxer Rescue LA. It’s time to help
promote these guys. We’re going to do a
Facebook Live event, and get everyone excited
about the show that will be airing this weekend for them. And I can’t wait just to
check back in with them. The Boxer Rescue LA has a
special place in my heart, because I have a boxer. How are you? (SINGING) Good morning. Good morning. What’s going on? Good morning, Rodney. Good to see you again. Hi. Hi. How are you? Hi. This is Lulu. Hi, Lulu. What up, Lu? Lulu. Hi. Oh, look at that butt wiggling. [LAUGHING] He was found stranded
at the shelter. It’s pretty remarkable. So she’s pretty warm
right away, huh? Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ain’t no party
like a boxer party. Ain’t no party like a
boxer party, that’s right. [CLAPPING] They sit too. Sampson’s like I’m out. Sampson’s a fitting name. That’s right. I named him. Cute. Well that’s not
that hard, Rodney. [LAUGHING] That wasn’t a short joke. But– He’s so strong. I mean look at that. He’s such a strong dog. Yeah. Yeah. But he’s a big fraidy cat. He’s a little– Oh yeah? He’s a little bit of a– He’s just like a baby Huey. Remember? Oh really? Remember that cartoon– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. –where the duck was
afraid of everything? Either that or he
doesn’t know his size. No. Our leadership–
you know, it’s just kind of at least the
level of what you do and you know, obviously, we’ve
started to utilize the spaces, and it has been such a nice
piece of new life for us. Wow, that is great. Well and what’s neat about
you guys is when we first met you guys, you were going
through some pretty tough battles. I mean you had someone who was
an important part of your team that passed away,
and it was so abrupt. And thank goodness
we found you guys, because something like that
can be such a setback when you’re fighting every day. I believe that it
was meant to be, and then the fact that we get
to show that on a TV show, and tell that story–
the amazing story of what you guys do on a daily basis–
and show people shelters aren’t scary places, right? There are so many shelters like
you guys doing amazing things. OK, so that was Boxer Rescue LA. We did a Facebook Live. It was awesome. Those guys are unbelievable. Make sure you check them out. Watch their show. What do you think? Awesome, right? They have been so careful on
who’s coming into the shelter. Yeah, yeah. And making sure that none
of the new improvements have been public yet. Yeah. See– I think they’re so excited
for this to finally come out, so that they can show everybody. When we finish with
the show, sometimes it takes anywhere from a couple
weeks to a couple of months until the episode
airs, and so they want to show and tell everyone
about all the improvements. But we said, hey,
you got to wait, because it’s a surprise
when the show airs. And they’ve done
such a good job. Love it. All right, now
back to the office. All right, let’s do it. Headed back into the office
to get some work done. Meet up with the team, check
in, and see how they’re going. I parked at home, because I
love biking into the office. I think I have probably one
of the best jobs in the world. I live not too far
from my office. It just allows me the
opportunity to bike and get some sun, and all
the pups are at work too. I get to bring my dogs to work. How amazing is that? You guys getting anything
done today, or what? Yeah. Where’s Rich? John’s house. [LAUGHING] Hi, bud. Hi. You smell some
other boxers, dude? [INAUDIBLE] You’re not happy
about this, Flip? You did not approve
of this, huh? Sorry, buddy. All right. [MUSIC PLAYING] What are you doing? What are you doing? He’s got every toy in the world. [INAUDIBLE] Squirrel. You’re going to go
back in the playpen. [LAUGHING] Oh my– oh my god. [LAUGHING] Dude. Dude. [INAUDIBLE] You’re going to get– [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. What do you think? Do you agree that seeing these dogs tail wiggle just from being in the new yard the first time is AMAZING?!

  2. amazing! boxer were wiggling all over the place, so fun! I would love to have a shephard mix. like the casual office, bring the dogs to work, sounds ruff.

  3. I love this channel so much!  It always warms my heart and makes me smile <3  Keep up the great work and let's all pitch in and love our precious four legged friends <3

  4. Hahaha I have never seen dogs or boxers jump around so crazy! I also in the end that dog was pulling water bottles out of the trash can lol

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