Box Office for The Secret Life of Pets, Ghostbusters 2016 Reviews, Sultan

Welcome to this week’s Movie Math where wow, things sure have turned around for Hollywood! I mean just think back a few weeks!

100 thoughts on “Box Office for The Secret Life of Pets, Ghostbusters 2016 Reviews, Sultan

  1. I still laugh at how people say Batman v Superman was a failure after bringing in $330 million domestically and almost $900 million worldwide.

  2. Grace! Have you seen the 3,6 score on Imdb for Ghostbusters? Haters are possibly rating it to make it have a bad score. :O

  3. I'm so happy for Ghostbusters..  Honestly manchildren crying about their childhoods makes me so frustrated.. Like nobody's had bad entries in a beloved franchise.. None of those ruined my memories of the originals, nor did it prevent me from enjoying the franchise further… And they didn't even give the film a chance… Why some people dedicate their lives to hating something or someone is beyond me…

  4. I don't care how talented Zack Efron is. He's spit on his fans 1 too many times. From high school musical to his rom coms to the Lorax, Efron has been quoted over and over saying "I wish I'd never done that." I get none of them r perfect films but what does that say to people like me who grew up loving HSM and the rest?

  5. There are so many people who want Ghostbusters to fail. I read review that was positive and all the comments were negative and wanted the movie to fail. It's so weird

  6. Why is Batman v. Superman deemed a failure? I know Warner Bros. wanted it to do better but it's got the second biggest opening weekend of this year and it's the fourth biggest box office of year. Based on it's budget, it should have turned a profit. Granted,the reviews were really but, people are acting like it totally bombed.

  7. Grace Im pretty sure the buzz approaching BatmanvSuperman was quite positive with a bit of apprehension in the mix. It was only after watching it that everyone jumped on the hateful bandwagon. Ghostbusters buzz was almost entirely negative though, so I don't think its a comparable situation.

  8. do you mean 77% not 79% its in the picture. did you say 79% by mistake? also don't forget about the wrath of the fan girls as well because they're were a lot of them who hated this movie and wanted to die as well

  9. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I thought finding dory would stay at number 1 at the box office this weekend

  10. Glad to see Animation doing so well. I honestly think there is something wonderful about it and that it has been steadily flourishing as a genre not just for kids, but for general audiences, so I'm always happy to see it doing well 🙂

  11. I wouldn't depend on rotten tomatoes for that positive review just yet.  I remember seeing a 92% for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 about a week before it came out, then it dropped to about 55% for its final score.  Only 68 have been counted for it, and the final count for reviews for Finding Dory was 206.

  12. Lot of new words in that review, Grace!! The English language, BY FAR, has the LARGEST VOCABULARY of any language on the planet!! YOU are one of the reasons why it so big!! Okay . . . God bless ya . . . gosh darn it . . . you THE MAIN REASON it so big!! Plus, I am seriously beginning to believe YOU are The Funniest Human Being in The History of The World!! However . . . I bet u cant go one whole entire video without saying 'Billion Dollar Club'!! But even if u can't . . . I'll still think you're Ace . . . Grace!! Sir S of Most Plural Letter.

  13. All a man really needs, is a cup of coffee, a good cigar . . . & Movie Math!! Movie Math . . . yay!! Sir S of Alexander The Great's Curious Snake Shaped Symbol Which May Or May Not Have Been The Inspiration For S Shaped Symbol On Superman's Chest & Has Vague Connections With Shitehawk Freemasons So Regretting I Brought It Up Now. I'll Get Me Coat.

  14. I finally went to watch Central Intelligence. You totally nailed the review, so thanks for recommending it so strongly. Really enjoyed it. Tarzan opens this week in South Africa so keen to watch it. I still remember seeing Legend of Greystoke as a kid, hope the new incarnation is as memorable.

  15. movie tickets cost more than a dollar grace…… and what u call haters are actual rational people that like good movies

  16. Central Intelligence was surprisingly funny in a very dorky, cute way. Our kids begged and begged to see this movie. And we refused bc it just didn't 'seem' have the type of appeal we like. We finally gave up and purchased tickets for it last week. It was so silly/funny! Not at all what expected from this movie at all. Very light hearted, no stereo type jokes and it had a very positive message about growing and being true to ones self and the things we have to do to over come our obstacles. I think that it is sad that the movie probably does suffer from some stereotyping it's self. which is ironic, bc at its core this is what the movies' fight is against. I, too, would like to know what the make up of the polls are after the first week…this could help movie investors and producers help expand marketing in the following weeks of the release date. Especially for a movie like this where it really would be a good family movie for people 8 and up.

  17. Central Intelligence was really fun to watch and I'm hoping Ghost Busters will be kind of like that too, so looking forward to it ?

  18. It's pretty sad all these comments wanting Ghostbusters to fail. Now what if people had an agenda to make Suicide Squad or Cap fail, ppl would have heart attacks.. This fanboy gang mentality of tearing down films to make their films they enjoy seem more impressive box office and review wise (RT) has got to stop.

  19. Wrong, this is a testament to the positive influence of Rotten Tomatoes; it is a reliable source for movie quality consensus that now can silence presumptive arguments with a simple profile of reviews.

  20. I'm not ashamed to say that I have tickets to see GHOSTBUSTERS on Saturday, I think it's gonna be really good despite the trailers!!!!

  21. Finding Dory is wonderful and well deserves its record-breaking totals.
    'Ghostbusters' (why couldn't they at least have given it a subtitle or something?) looks to me as if it MAY be worth seeing at home for free. Maybe.
    Secret Life of Pets looks…cute, at best? Someone gave me a very detailed synopsis, and I'm still getting the feeling of a purely fun, kiddie TV cartoon extended to feature-length for the big screen. Nothing I as an animation and animal fanatic haven't seen multiple times. Am I mistaken?

  22. If you don't like the look of a movie, please shut up (for the sake of everyone else) and don't watch it.

  23. Sultan is such a good movie, more people should see it. But they really should open it up more at theaters ?

  24. The ghostbusters cult fan base is SO MASSIVE. I cannot believe how much hateful reviews the new one is getting. Plus the new one is good….

  25. that reedit post does exist, but all comments tell the guy that he is an idiot. but of course only the OP is circulating on Twitter.

  26. Zac Erin needs to sleaze himself up a bit, maybe, and do an action movie. Not a cheesy action/comedy…but a smart action film

  27. I don't know why so many people wanted to shoot down tarzan, I was hyped to see that movie since he first trailer dropped and when I did see I wasn't disappointed.

  28. I think people went to Savages for all the other actors and actresses in it. Blake Lively wasn't why I saw it. Haven't seen her other films. I'm excited for Ghostbusters! Secret Life of Pets looks good too! I still need to see Tarzan too!

  29. Sultan was awesome! ?

    "Khoon mein hai tere mitti, mitti mein hai tera khoon….upper Allah, neechay dharti beech mein hai tera junoon." ??

  30. Sony very cleverly made any criticism of the movie about sexism so that their argument, at it's most boiled down level, essentially equals: If you say this movie is bad, you're a sexist misogynist.

  31. As you have pointed out in the past the actual score on RT is 6.5/10… and wasn't that the whole point of the Ghostbuster argument: Fans of the original didn't want the movie to be remade/rebooted as a medicocre film like the studios have done with a lot of properties recently? (RoboCop, Total Recall, Conan, The Thing,…)

  32. How is The Secret Life Of Pets NOT a Toy Story rip-off? I haven't seen it, but plot wise, it's the exact same thing. Old dog is happy w/his owner (just like Woody), owner buys new, bigger, bulkier and "cooler" dog (just like Buzz), the old one is jealous (just like Woody), both of them don't get along (just like Woody & Buzz), they get lost in the city (just like Woody & Buzz). And there's even a Toy Story 2-esque rescue mission subplot for all the other pets. It kinda totally IS a rip-off, lady.

  33. If Ghostbusters really does succeed in the box office I will call it the Hillary Clinton of Movies: no one likes it but somehow it succeeds

  34. Someone please stop Ilumination Entertainment please PLEASE, i'm so worried for the future of mainstream animation.

  35. As for those Ghostbusters reviews, maybe the movie actually has some funny writing in it that people like. They certainly kept it a secret from us in the trailers.

  36. Lets be honest though, the only reason people went to see Tarzan if they even went to see it, was because of Skarsgard's torso. 😛

  37. Dear Grace,

    Did it ever happend for a movie to earn more money in the second week of release than the first?
    If it did, why is it so?

    Have a nice day, and continue with a good work! Best regards, Stevan! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. I really wanted to see Tarzan but my friends dragged me to Central Intelligence and it was awful. Unfunny and the pacing seemed off. I don't think I laughed once and I love the Rock! I saw Grace liked it so I was hoping I'd like it too especially after absolutely loving Spy, but I just don't understand the good reviews for CI.

  39. every movie gets a lot of mainstream these days and breaking records that I don't care anymore. im going to the real world

  40. ❓❓❔❓❔❓Grace, why don't they factor in inflation when doing box office records? It makes no sense to me that they wouldn't take into consideration that movie tickets cost a lot more today then they did even 10 years ago. ???????????

  41. I don't think the opening weekend will after for Ghost Busters, it is the second week that will make or break it.

  42. I don't think audiences "rally" to movies.  It's more like; "Let's go see a movie".  Then they choose what they are in the mood for.  We aren't all so lucky to live in your world, Grace!

  43. I don't trust critics again after the whole BvS situation.They have realized that they have some amount of power so they bash films they do not like & make sure it fails so hard because they do not like the people involved in the movie.I know all critics have their preferences but what happened to being professional?.According to most fans ,Tarzan was good but yet again critics bashed the movie.

  44. Watched Central Intelligence this past weekend; it was very good. The "mystery" was a bit confusing, but there was great chemistry between Johnson and Hart.

  45. Very excitd to see ghostbustrs nd secret life of pets. I just watched tarzan, very good movie. wish they would make prequel with young tarzan and jane

  46. I didn't like movies from McCarthy so far and wasn't much into this "Ghostbusters". I'm very pro "~50:50+-" but don't like a reverse like this. I would have been not very emotional about it and would have just ignored it, but if every reasonable critic is deleted (e.g. sony YT comments) and generally everybody (male) who criticize is belittled as a "manchild" etc. I have very negativ opinions of the actors (their comments) director and Sony and the media. So I won't spend my money on this movie and the chances of spending any money on future movie McCarthy & Co. are involved in is very low now.

  47. Will Tarzan even remake it's production budget? Things are starting to look bleak. If Ghostbusters doesn't, I wonder what that will mean. I bet it will do well domestically, but I wonder if there's an audience abroad (no pun intended).

  48. what '' THEY' 'dont realize is they kill the movies subjects them, selfs , if you over do it ie too many comic book movies you will kill it they are way to greedy for money less is more , they are allready starting to kill the comic stuff

  49. I don't think anyone was trying to tear down BvS I think it was just honestly a bad, disappointing movie.

  50. Please no Tarzan sequel. Just for the love of god come up with some original ideas. There are over 48 Tarzan movies. Why do we need another one. We get what he is about already.

  51. Hey Grace 🙂 have you revisited Me Before You's box office? its a $20 million budget movie but made $157 million worldwide.

  52. Looks like Independence Day Resurgence will soon pass the $100 million dollar mark domestically. I am very pleased by that fact. Grace what is your personal prediction for this coming weekend? Will Secret Life of Pets remain at #1 or will Ghostbusters swoop in?

  53. Grace, thank you lots for what you do! Your dedication for bringing us movie news, reviews, box office, is highly appreciated. Especially your editing, very very well done

  54. You have a very loud voice, can you try to calm it down a little bit. You have very good research and facts, great substance, but it just feels like you're very incensed and yelling at your audience. I am not just saying this because you are a woman, if it was a guy yelling at me I'd definitely not continue watching the videos.

    Plus, I'm a woman and I dislike the new Ghostbusters, not trying to kill it, but since I'm a fan of the first movie, it's hard to think about watching the third one.

  55. "Finding Dory" comes to Greece in September all the actors that were supposed to do the voice overs are either on vacation or on tour around the villages with theater companies. Finding Dory in autumn efore going to school yeaahh. It should start with "Do you miss summer??? Enjoy 1.5 hour movie about the life under the sea"

  56. I hope secret life of pets and finding dory destroys ghostbusters this Friday. It's not making its 150 million budget back. Not with Star Trek, ice age, suicide squad and assuage party coming out.

  57. There is one key difference between the fandom's rabid response to Ghostbusters & BvS: The Ghostbuster critics haven't even seen the movie & are just hating on it for rebooting their favorite childhood movie or being confused frightened sexists and hating it for replacing an all-male cast with an all-female cast. BvS on the other hand was teared down by the fandom after they saw it, cause it was a horrible mess of a movie (except for Wonder Woman), after the brilliance of the Nolan Batman-trilogy & Marvel movies in general.

  58. you do know the Rotten Tomones scores you have show was the critics and not the AUDIENCE score and that is like 44%.

  59. Grace. It's a documentary / concert film, but please do a trailer review for Hillsong Movie : Let Hope Rise

  60. I think Sultan did well because Wrestling is a huge sport in the Central states in the US (it's a big draw at high-school & collegiate levels). Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo did well for the same reason.

  61. And nope. 2016 Ghostbuster flop at $49mil opening weekend. Good luck trying to make it to $400mil when ST:B and Ice Age hits next week followed by the new Bourne movie a week after.

  62. I bet that Sony threaten Critics by black mailing them if they didn't give ghost busters review, they would be called sexist neckbeard.

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