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what's up guys we're doing perfect I'm Jason Belmonte from Australia the number one bowler in the world welcome to bowling trick shot broken hearts RC Oh Oh you she makes me Oh welcome to another exclusive dude perfect interview here with Jason Belmont a son I'm gonna microphone no it's a flashlight actually the normal ball is use one hand yep I is to double the power double the spin double the fuck I'm an in Jason's words it is literally impossible for him to hit me right here I want to been a pro bowler so I actually that's at in your language how long do min a stroke bola I've been a pro bowler six years – my money smart this is the flying eagle do you have a pet koala I do not have a pet koala they're not that easy to capture so ladies to the top this burns you big fat about backstay Cal you know there's no such thing as like you know Halsey fries and I know there's they have you know such thing is bloomin onion really as I've shaken this is the world's longest strike ah ah everybody says 17 splits of artists in the game about backwards through the legs no looker Oh Oh you I'm sure y'all great you taught me how to bowl I'm gonna teach you how to celebrate sounds brilliant all right makes me now get them without knocking Oh aluminum or aluminium aluminium we say a heaters or we say add it up Nike swoosh it like Hyundai Hyundai yeah we say he andhe oh I'm racing yeah thanks for watching guys where do you perfect I'm Jason Belmont you want to check out our last video check it out up in this corner you want to play iphone guys check it out over here I'm sure you guys liked the music in the video check out royal tailors ready set go music video by clicking here I didn't get enough bowling action click you see y'all bonus video on the whistle channel make sure you guys follow Jason at Jay Bell MO get him with our signature sign hit with it and uh oh yeah noggin

39 thoughts on “Bowling Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  1. For the worlds longest strike the cameraman must be so tired because it takes a long time for them to actually make the trick shot

  2. 3:31 couldnt you just throw it in the gutter…? Come on, you guys can do better than that

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