Bougainvillea Plant Care : Bougainvillea Pest Control Products

Now we’re here to talk about invading pests
or insects in your garden. Basically your bougainvillea is a pest-free plant. Occasionally,
mainly during the spring, you will get an infestation of insects, unwanted insects.
Aphids, white flies, mites, some caterpillars, an occasional moth. We have things that will
take care of these problems. Now I think Mama Earth needs all the help she can get so I
am going to show you a few organic and/or product-safe ingredients that you can put
together in your home to control these insects. Later on I will show you a little bit more
of the heavy duty chemicals that you can use as a last resort. OK, if you find that you
have a sucking insect on your plant, a parasitical insect if you will, that you do not want in
your garden, you can take any oil, you can take a nemoil product, a dormant oil or any
vegetable oil. Three tablespoons put in your sprayer with one tablespoon of liquid detergent
soap. Warm water, mix well, spray your plant on the top as well as underneath the leaves.
And don’t be afraid to give it a second and third application as needed. Again, these
products are a safe, organic way to control your pests on your bougainvillea. Now, if
you find that the soap and the oil does not work too well you can go to a strict oil.
Again this is safe for your pets and your children. Follow directions, you can find
these products in any home center or nursery. Now this particular product is both a fungicide,
a miticide and an insecticide. Follow the directions. Now, you can go to your nursery
and home center and find these things already pre-made in a sprayer. It’s easy, it’s quick,
again, these are very safe to use in your garden; these are oil-based. Now if you come
across and some snails and slugs: pre-bait. In other words prevention is a really good
thing to do in your garden. Pre-bait will take care of snails, slugs, these are even
safe with your children and with your pets. Earwigs, sal-bugs, and a lot of unwanted insects
in your garden. If you find that these oils and the soap mixture really doesn’t work too
well and you want something a little bit stronger you can go to a product that you can either
mix with water or a granular that would work as a systemic. It goes through their leaves
and roots of your plant, it will not wash off and the protection is good for six to
eight weeks. Now, occasionally you might get termites around the base of your bougainvillea.
Easy to treat, you can go to any nursery or local home center and get a proper soil treatment
for that. What you can do with caterpillars and moths is very simple. There are a lot
of products that only target the invading insect. In other words: Dipel, mix with water,
or you can put it onto the leaves of the plant. The insect comes along, nibbles on the leaf,
it goes into the digestion tract of the insect and there it takes care of the problem in
there, leaving the beneficial insects alone. Again, there is a variety of products on the
market, both liquid, powder and dry that you can use to keep the attacking insects at bay.

2 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Plant Care : Bougainvillea Pest Control Products

  1. Have been watching you Videos on Bougainvilleas and would like to Thank You for all the work you put into them so we could be better with growing and caring for them.

  2. I know that this is an old video but, I have a small salmon colored bougainvillea that the leaves have closed flat like a book. It looks bad and I'm afraid it will die. Can you tell me what this might be and how to treat it. Thank you in advance.

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