Boston Terrier

the lost interior is as American as apple pie they're the first breed developed in the United States that's recognized by the American Kennel Club born in Beantown Boston Terriers are lively highly intelligent and people loving dogs they provide endless entertainment and delightful comradeship which makes the Boston Terrier wildly popular it's just a really fun dog to have around boundless energy I love their attitude the Boston Terriers history dates back to 1865 when pit fighting was still popular coachmen employed by wealthy Bostonians began to crossbreed the swanky purebred dogs of their employers the Boston Terrier is a cross between the English bulldog and the now extinct white English terrier these dogs were originally bred as a fighting dog and they've been bred down to what's known today as just a really great companion dog these companion dogs have very unique characteristics first they are known for their expressive faces the second characteristic is their striking color pattern their nickname is the American gentleman usually because they have these kind of perfect markings and it looks like they're wearing a tuxedo hence the nickname rose mcgowan the animal activist and actress the star of The WB's charmed and the blockbuster movie scream is a Boston Terrier fanatic Boston's are pure comedy and pure love we'll make you laugh all day long they're better than any TV program I think the best thing to describe them was incredibly sweet natured and very clown way their color pattern is brindle black or seal with white markings co appears black but has a reddish cast when viewed in the sunlight the face has a white band over the muscle and a white blaze between the eyes and the four chest is also white the Boston Terriers muzzle is short Square wide and deep in proportion to his skull ever wonder why these dogs can clear a room because of their short muzzles they take in air when they eat causing yeah this is a dog that's going to fart mm-hmm they can be gassy because they do inhale a lot of air this short muzzle is also responsible for snorting grunting and snoring this is a dog that's gonna snore despite the Boston Terriers variety of sounds they're a dog that does not usually bark unless necessary they only bark when you rile them up to play or when someone comes to the door cuz they're very very good guard dogs if you're thinking of adopting a Boston Terrier there are a few considerations while active these dogs overheat very easily you need to be really careful to make sure that you don't let them go too hard and too fast in the heat because they will push themselves beyond probably what they can handle so where you live is a consideration for this breed Boston Terriers live 15 years plus but due to difficulties caused by the dogs facial structure they often suffer from respiratory issues Boston Terriers have short coats and require very little grooming very very easy small dog having a high degree of intelligence and determination the Boston Terrier is easy to train this is a tenacious dog but this is not a tough dog to train the Boston loves people and is a great dog for children Boston Terriers can be really really good family companions so in general Boston Terriers don't fare well in hot or cold climates they're prone to respiratory issues grooming is a breeze they're smart and highly trainable and they're great dogs for families I have a great amount of respect for this dog this is a dog that would definitely make a pet

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  1. There is a reason my Boston Terrier is featured often in my videos. Love this animal. Love most animals really (except snakes -too shady).

  2. Soooo…. basically like everyone… Being the owner of a Boston I can say yeah.. but unlike other dogs they don't clear the room with the smell!

  3. "This is not a breed that barks unless necessary"- IT'S A LIE!!

    This was one of my hubby's favorite selling points when we were looking into a breed that would fit our family once we narrowed the list down. We have a little over a 1 year old Boston. He barks. A lot. I spoke with my vet and told her about how this Animal Planet 101 said this- and she (who also has a Boston) started laughing really hard.

    I also found a small pet store that sells home made dog treats, and has some with treats for gas. He has 3 Bostons at home. I told him about it, and he started laughing too saying that was ridiculous.

    We adore him and he's super sweet so I'm glad we went with this breed. But this is flat out wrong on that part. They bark people. A lot apparently.

  4. My Boston terrier had cancer on his leg with a very large lump as big as his head. He got put down yesterday. I miss him a lot. ? His name was Boscoe.

  5. They were previously bred to fight, just like some bully breeds, and now they've become awesome companions. Why can't people see bully breeds the same way as the Boston Terrier? Bully breeds can be just as loving and silly as this Boston Terrier.

  6. My boston terrier, and another dog breed mix, died just a few months ago. Well, my neighbors actually, but I consider him my pet as well, he loved me. I didn't even find out until a few weeks ago…. R.I.P. Pocket.

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  8. I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Boston Terriers are so cute!!!! They’re so sweet!!!! If I had my own, I’d name him Freddy.

  9. I’ve got a Boston mixed with a west highland terrier. Take a look at my page to see what he looks like

  10. I love Boston's. Always wanted one but I love mutts. There are just so many that need homes so I always get my pups from a shelter. I'm not against getting purebred dogs or trying to make any kind of statements. Just love this breed though. Lol

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