47 thoughts on “Boston Dynamics' robo-dog screws the pooch at Amazon's Re:Mars conference

  1. Yup, hi-tech and robots going to take over the world. They can’t even get an effing cell phone to work right.

  2. Next ☢:Techism against robots,all battery banks are control by Rotts Bot….robot lives matter….yellow robot nationalist protest in newyork….robot need botexit from RU -Robot union…Right side walk robot needs fight aganist left side walk robots…✊✊??

  3. When I was 10 years old, I was curious of the big stapler that the metal embedded on my fingers, I didn't cry and I pulled it off.

  4. They invented a doggy robot, then that robot invented virtual robot fleas. It still has to work out scratching while standing.

  5. Clearly the robots are trying to lull us into a false sense of security and superiority. Well played robots, well played indeed………..

  6. Just Think! In the not too far distant future, a fully functioning version may be coming after you! At that juncture, you may not find it so amusing.
    Unfortunately, most people can't contemplate, beyond the end of their nose!

  7. The dog is missing some parts from China, you know american tech is not as good as it used to be nowadays.

  8. That was a set up. ! Think about it..! Nothing to see here move along nothing to worry about all is well !!!!! . Do you really think that is the most advanced robot now .? …Really ….what they have is now I'm sure is much much better go back to sleep…………Take the blue pill….. Stop thinking Hollywood movies ……that is the programing.

  9. See what i mean. RT is nothing but a Anti American news station. ??? wonder what would happen if they got taken down by YouTube:)

  10. The people who believes everything created just by random chance…. perhaps, let random chance fix it? Since it created better specimen lol

  11. That was very funny looks like Nancy Pelosi after a day at work also known as drinking during a very long lunch break and doing absolutely nothing but obstructing

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