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good morning guys happy happy Monday it's kind of a gloomy Monday but it's a good Monday today I have to go to the doctor at one o'clock to go to the back here at one o'clock and then I would go I got a check a couple drive by a couple houses to Marley what do you got a bone I don't like them to have their bones out here because then they don't do their business okay Green I got a little piece of porkchop here let me put this up here on the railing i raked this whole yard ah what day did I do that was last week I think it was Thursday I wreaked the whole yard and my arm still hurts yes but stuff is starting to turn green the birds are out I think a bird made a nest in this clothesline right here in the hole you want to put the camera up there oh maybe I better not because then if there's babies in there and Magnum get away from that landmine come here sorry guys hold on get away from there you get away from there I haven't picked that's what I came out for let's pick up Liam mines so these poop eaters don't eat them I'm going you go on I don't what babies to fall out of there or something and then my dogs mess with them oh so I don't know if I should like stick a broom handle in here push that stuff out I don't know let me know so anyways I gotta go to the doctor Magnum okay let me clean up the poop and then I will be back look at them look at Mickey in Marley Erno McGee and Magnum maybe Marley that good um they know that little piece of bone is sitting right there and they're trying to figure out a way to get it look at them these dogs are no dummies let me tell you yeah you and Milo can smell it you know that bones up there huh well no one's getting it till we go in sorry anyway so this weekend you guys we hit 10,000 subscribers can you believe it I cannot believe it I want to thank each and every one of you who are subscribed to my channel I never thought I would have 10,000 subscribers just sharing videos about my boys but I know you guys love them just as much as I do so I really appreciate it thank you guys so much for your support and we will have and give you giveaway video Wednesday announcing how you can win it and sharing what you can win so stay tuned for that what else did I want to say a couple people have asked if the denim errand that mozzie is taking for his elevated liver enzymes it has any kind of side effects or anything and he's had no problems he's actually been acting pretty spunky since he's healed up from his surgery he's been actually great and just his normal self so why do you want that bone so bad I'm gonna give it to Marley too when we go in cuz oh oh no don't jump on me don't jump on me it's muddy I read last night don't jump on me so anyways yes I have to go I have to go in now and I have to get ready to go to the doctor and then I think I'm going to go and find Marley and magnums birthday is next week so I'm gonna go and try to find some birthday toys for them after my doctor's appointment and I have to drive by a couple houses to see if they're worth looking at this week so all right guys I will check in after I go to my doctor and show you what I purchased for him for their birthday okay guys so I am back from the doctor and back from running around to a couple stores I totally forgot about looking for dog toys for Magnum and Marley for their birthday totally forgot but I did pick up some bubbles at the dollar store I don't know if magnums ever I've ever tried to see if he'd like to play with bubbles or not I'm not sure I know I haven't with my love so I picked some up and thought I'd blow some bubbles and see if those two like it I don't know if you're gonna be able to see the bubbles it's so sunny wonder if I should turn my camera pointing the other way let me turn it around just a minute guys all right now the Sun is like blazing in my butt maybe I'll be able to see the bubbles now anyways ever see doctors wait good it's just yearly physical and get my prescription filled from my blood pressure medication so everything won't get it my doctor's appointment so let's get these open and hopefully from the singlet you guys can see the bubbles and see what the boys think you want to see some bubbles you want to see if you like some bubbles it's really think it got up to 70 I don't even need this little hoodie all right hopefully we're in the shot let's see let's back up a little why oh I think he's gonna blow in the air I'm gonna have to get in I may have to blow him a little lower okay all that get up okay can you guys even see the dogs I better back off I'm gonna back up guys keep in mind up yeah I need a bubble machine need a bubble machine so the bubbles just keep coming and coming I was like eating the dirt Milo are you eating the dirt where the bubbles pop I think it is the only one that look at their already bored they're already bored that was a dud that was a dud you want some my mom make them daddy bubbles are terrible yeah this was a fail this is a bubble fail plus it's a little wimpy fail the greatest so if you go to the Dollar Tree and you see these bubbles don't buy them they don't blow very good I think I need to see if I can get a bubble machine that I can just sit like on a table and just blow constant bubble problem because they got bored really fast because it was a Blowfish mafia we're trying to get a workshop you were trying to get him for a minute workshop all right guys kind of a boring video today but not really much going on except for just everyday stuff so I guess we'll see you Wednesday when I'll be announcing our giveaway and what she can win and how to win it so check us out Wednesday we'll see you then bye

25 thoughts on “Boring But Beautiful Monday | Dog Mom Life

  1. Boys remind me of working with teenagers. They don't listen and I'm betting a few of them eat pooh. Great play video!!. You should put all the boys in the car and get them "drive-thru" ice cream!? Schnauzer B-day Party!!

  2. My vet suggested milk thistle tablets for Cappydog elevated liver. His is just a little elevated because of his medicine. But she
    wasn't overly concerned and suggested the thistle. I think he is actually doing a little more spunk these days!

    Boys look great!!

  3. I lost my Mini Schnauzer Lashes 2 years ago on Valentine's Day. I miss her SO much. She LOVED trying to catch bubbles! Watching your videos brings me joy 🙂

  4. YES, WE LOVE THE BOY'S. Thank you for sharing them with us. I have my own baby, but there are many who would not have this bit of happiness if it were not for your sharing.

  5. Its nice to see you have sun and grass we are currently having a snow storm I think I will never see my grass again winter in Quebec is way too long?

  6. Kim can you imagine for a second what Miggie would do in a soccer match. He will make a brilliant mascot. He is really amazing with that ball. Very quick and never misses. Nope this was not a boring video. The boys are always entertaining no matter what they do. Thank you once again.

  7. See kim that stuff at the end of you just playing with the dogs was great. I could watch that for hours…

  8. Don't worry about having a "boring" video – it's lovely just watching you with the boys, giving them the love that is all any dog really wants <3

  9. Mom – maybe duck tape the opening of the clothes line pole . I did this with one of my dogs Louisiana hot sauce on stuff I didn’t want them to eat . Maybe leave a few land mines down and saturate with Louisiana hot sauce see what happens .

  10. Tape the ends so the birds cant get in….you’ll have bird landmines on your clothes! Congrats on achieving 10k……?

  11. You can give the boys stuff, so they won’t eat poop. Can’t remember what it is called. Mmmmm. Yeah, 2,000 Subs. Yeah
    I want one of the schnauzer pillows…been looking everywhere. Where did you get them???? Bubbles….to funny. Never thought about that. Mmmmmm I will have to get some.

  12. Congrats on 10k!! They make non toxic edible bubbles for dogs. I got some for Queenie at Christmas at World Market.

  13. When you put the broom handle in have someone hold a basket at the other end to catch whatever is in there. Don't forget Cats like the taste of birds too.

  14. Wanted to share my news. Heard my puppy was born Friday. Little girl with two brothers, solid black with a flash of white on her chest. Small litter. Always had rescues but couldn't get a snauzer this time – so good news for them. All being well, home at 8 weeks. So excited ? Your channel will mean even more to me, then ??

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