Borderlands 3 – FL4K Character Trailer: “The Hunt”

HUNT The hunt is everything. And the pack is always ready. This one is eager to please. This one is eager to kill. And this one… Well, he likes to chase cars. But there must be an alpha. And the hunt? The hunt is never ending.

100 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 – FL4K Character Trailer: “The Hunt”

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  2. If anyone buys this crap after what 2k did to a small youtuber then you should be ashamed.I will never buy anything from y these guys again and everyone should do that to teach these scumbaga a lesson

  3. Just a reminder, if you like this company they will send some private investigator goons to your home to harass you.
    Please don't support these shitheads.

  4. So now official Gearbox forum moderator "Tokesy97" is berating BL fans/customers for "misgendering" Fl4k, sorry but Fl4k is a ROBOT who clearly takes a male form, people are going to call him HIM, seriously, at this point, after the SupMatto thing, Randy's "issues" and now this utter stupidity, I'm losing all interest in supporting Gearbox. I'm cancelling my pre-order, maybe I'll pick the game up from a bargain bin in a year or two.

  5. The man who coined the term alpha male did so without conclusive evidence

    It doesn't exist the way everybody thinks it does

  6. take two/2k can take 2 big dildos up their douche bag asses. i bought both borderland 1 and 2 and the shit i'm hearing about the intimidation tactics has inspired be to pirate borderland 3 cause you guys will never receive another penny from me. you make hundred of millions if not billions yet you feel the need or think you have the right to intimidate a small youtuber. GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  7. I seriously can't believe that take 2 (/possibly gearbox) has ruined Supmattos channel. Like seriously how can you bully this superfan to the point of seeking mental help??? Really guys???

  8. Is thia the game for wich 2K sent 2 private investigators to dudes house to check if he was leaking info on the game?

  9. Three reasons why FL4K is already the best character.

    1:He has a bunch of lil pets.
    2:Sneak classes are always great.
    3:Voiced by ProZD.

    Need I say more?

  10. BOY oh BOY HE looks pretty cool! HE would be my main if I didn't already cancel my preorder, but what a cool GUY!

  11. I dont even wanna buy the game at this point from all the negative pr coming from 2k and gearbox. Oh wait my cousin is ps4 sharring with me i guess im getting it for free anyways

  12. Banning people for using "improper pronouns" for a fictional (male-voiced) character? What is the world coming to :/

  13. Робот не может иметь пола, так что иди в лес разработчики со своей толерантностью. Игру покупать не стану заднеприводныефиминистическиетрансгендоры.

  14. Fl4k: "…..and this one (Skag) loves to chase cars."

    Actually, I would be surprised that skag was the one the got rammed by Marcus in the first Borderlands game.

  15. Well, HE looks like great character. Can't wait to play HIM in the game.
    But seriously, that's a dude-bot

  16. stupid charcter witch stupid teaser. Sniper stay in the middle of battle and all enemys is (star wars clones) no one cant deal any damage. Brdr 3 is shit and hunt is shit.

  17. Lmao @2k, you've been up to nefarious crap again, deleting your comments not falling in line with your game after bullying @SupMatto with your goons going around his house? Shady mf's , inflating the like/dislike ratio as well, what do i expect though from a company led by a man who left his usb at a coffee shop with questionable , very questionable porn on it, Randy likes them young doesn't he?

  18. I play on xbox so i get it early. Plus i pre ordered it so i get it next month of the 13th! Really excited!

  19. That is so, motherloving, awesome!
    Guys, you are terrible! I don't know which one to choose now – I like all of them!

  20. Personally I was pumped before he (oh no, I'm a bad guy) was confirmed as a robot. There were a couple of rumors that it was a cyborg.
    The concept of a lost cause mass of flesh, prostheticed into functionality, adopting a pack of mutilated creatures and giving them the same thing he (because I'm talking about the concept of a cyborg) had been given. For a disabled player, having even a chance of a mc in an action game as fun and physical as borderlands being disabled, well, it was super exciting. And this would have been the best way to do it. Epic character, maybe tell the back story but don't address the obvious.
    It's a world where many have prosthetics and severe damage but tech makes it a nonthing. Brain in a jar is about the only way to be a disabled character. Put that jar in a robot head with a few chunks of flesh here and there and it's perfect.
    Now I'm sad. It's just a political robot like everything else.
    First borderlands starts bullying people (school bullies are why I'm paralyzed) and sending goons to people's houses. Now I find out my hope of a relatable character has been snatched away.
    Keep your game. I'm done.
    I'm done with everything

  21. HE's looking bad ass. I wanted to play HIM, but your left brain studiio make me pirate this game and play this cool GUY without giving you a cent

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