Boo Year 2 # 66 – Wegman’s Nature Cat Food, Brother Cats Grooming, Boo Jumped On Splash

I've never seen boo and splash do this before oh my gosh if splash starts leaking booze head it will be amazing Stella / Simba Hydrox and boom the lucky Pharaohs good morning Stella it is 8:45 a.m. and we went to bed really late last night so we slept late this morning right Stella just I was still sleeping hello boo good morning boo what's going on in here look it's splashing Simba good morning splash good morning Simba what are they looking at I don't see anything just a mess so many fallen leaves and everything is still wet hopefully everything will dry out today so their dinner platter appears to be empty that means sometime between midnight and now they finished everything that was on it this is what the oat grass looks like today it is starting to grow nicely and I think this is three days it might be four days I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm also growing a little bit of oat grass in this container and I just took the plastic top off this container and I'm gonna leave it here like this now so it can continue to grow without the top the cats are trying this Wegmans nature food the turkey and giblets dinner this is pate this is what it looks like this is what I expected it to look like all of these similar foods look the same today the cats are getting fed into their fall platters the texture on this food is very soft so this would make a great food for cats they're having teeth issues it's a very very soft pate okay so Stella's eating the food or at least she's trying the food Simba sniffed it and he doesn't want anything to do with it and splash did the same thing and Boo wants to go eat some he just doesn't want to get in a fight with anyone he's being cautious so it is one can split among the two platters so if all four cats ate that would be a quarter of a can per cat and if only two cats eat it ends up being half of a can per cat and yeah hopefully no one will overeat because boo does like canned food so much Stella appears to be enjoying it she's eating well right now and Boo is eating the food also 10:20 a.m. look at slash he's relaxing in the Sun he's such a happy boy right now hello splashy and your Simba Simba says he's a happy boy too right yeah happy boy and here's stella stella says she's a happy girl Stella's after me because I just came out of the shower okay Stella okay you could smell my legs and here's boo-boos resting on top of the cat tower I hope you did not eat too much of the cat food I have to go check it looks like boo did not go back and eat any more of the cat food he really didn't even eat a quarter of the can there's still plenty of cat food left on both of these platters it looks like the cats don't really like it look how pretty Stella is sitting on the bed look at that look how she has her paws crossed in front of her she's like posing for a photo nope she moved one it is 819 p.m. I just got home later than I thought I would be getting home a lot later than I thought I would be getting home and boos in his room all day how are you boo you Bayman good boy boo have you been a good boy who came in his room and he's rubbing all up against his arch we had a live stream today and I just ended the live stream and before I shut off my computer I want to give a shout out to Tracey Yoshida for the $5 super chat she says hi boo and to Jamm who donated five dollars and they say love from ke DPC Moogie my fur kiss thank you guys so much for these super chat donations they're very much appreciated and they will go towards cat supplies it's 853 p.m. right now and I just went outside and I gave Hydrox have a can of food I also gave him some cooked chicken livers some of the chicken livers went in the freezer yesterday and decided to cook them up yesterday to see if the cats would eat some cooked chicken livers and they would not eat them so again I did not want to throw them out so I put them in the refrigerator and then today when I gave Hydrox his canned food I also gave him the chicken liver so I don't know if he's eating those or if he's just eating the canned food and I think this is Hydrox it might be ditto but I really think it's Hydrox and I wonder if if he'll go back in the shelter after he needs one thing I have to say is that like I never see Hydrox taking a poop I've never seen him take a poop in my yard yeah this appears to be Hydrox I'm sorry if there's reflections on the glass he's gonna stretch thing a stretch isn't high drugs yeah that's high drugs yeah there you gotta go stretch his back legs are looking a little stiff but it could be from the cold weather it could be maybe he was sleeping a while in the shelter I don't know he's cleaning himself it's good he hit a lot of the food and it looks like he might have left the chicken livers I don't know but he seems to be happy look how handsome splashes splash your handsome boy right splash look at me splash look at the camera splash look at the camera over here at the camera are you hungry splash do you want to eat splash you want some food splash you want crunchies splash want to play special want some water splash you want to relax splash want to take a nap splash you want to jump in the cat tower splash what do you want to do what do you want to do splash just want to sit there go sit there I look pretty that's it just sit there I look pretty okay you can do that symma says I'm just going to sit here and look pretty also right Simba Simba says we're to pretty boys and there's a some kind of like gnat in here and boo said he's gonna sit in the cat tower and look pretty right boo 9:07 p.m. splash has been rolling around on the rock I think he wants to tell it to lick his head I don't know what is going on I don't know if there's a bug or what but Stella was under like a little side table next to the sofa and I don't know if she was eating something but she's making like these weird lip smacking noises and now look look what is she looking at look look it's like a little worm okay I just looked it up and it appears to be a millipede a dark brown worm like creature with up to 400 very short legs two pairs of legs per body segment moves slowly one to one and a half inches long curls up tightly when touched or handled or after it dies feeds on decaying organic matter so that would make sense because when I picked it up in a tissue it curled up into you like a little ball but it wasn't like a pill bug or anything and I flushed it so yeah I was a millipede that's the first time I've ever seen one I hope there's not more it's 11:10 p.m. right now and splash is rolling around on the rug in front of boo like he wants boo to lick his head I'm like – splash not know that's bear does he think it's Simba unless he and Boo are getting along better but he's been chasing boo around the house lately maybe he wants to play with Bill he's doing it again not only is he rolling around but he like making noises look at this a boo just laid down near him I've never seen boo and splash do this before oh my gosh if splash starts linking boos head it will be amazing this could go really good or it could go really bad look at this look at these two cats booth like laying on the road with splash hi okay and there we saw what food does to cats whenever he sees them in a vulnerable position hopefully he will learn how not to do that so who used to jump on the cats like when boof first came in he just jumped on them all the time now it's gotten to the point where boo only jumps on other cats when they are in a vulnerable position like if Simba or splash are laying on the rug and they're kind of you know in play position or you know showing their stomachs or something like that then boot takes it as a cue to jump on them and they don't like it so boo needs to learn how to interact better when it comes to that kind of posturing and behavior for the cats the cats are trying to be nice to him they're trying to be friendly they're trying to do like cat family things and he doesn't understand that okay right now it's like after 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I'm just about to feed the cat some crunchies and I just wanted to document the fact that splash rubbed up against me for the very first time so he lets me pet him a lot before they get crunch fees now and he's been really good with it so what I did was I put out my hand and he actually rubbed up against my hand like I did not pet him like I put my hand out like this and he rubbed up against my hand and for a splash that's huge because he never rubs up against me so now the cats are gonna get some crunchies and everyone's going to bed now splash didn't really eat any dinner at least nothing I saw so I gave him double the amount of crunchies all the cats got like one spoon of crunchies and he got two the cats are on their second and final round of crunchies thank you for watching this lucky eyes video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up please subscribe if you'd like me to post more videos and please 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36 thoughts on “Boo Year 2 # 66 – Wegman’s Nature Cat Food, Brother Cats Grooming, Boo Jumped On Splash

  1. 8:51-what does Splash want to do? He wants to wink at u!!Praise Jesus, Happy Holidays & as always bring Christ back to Christmas!!God Bless, good momma. ..I miss my baby Bleu so much. ..aftr I was so sick in July, I found some channels & I found urs like a month ago! !! Love ALL of ur kittn cats,lady!!??

  2. you've really come a long way with them. they're in the same room now. they interact more. they interact with YOU.

  3. Boo was a typical rough and tumble kitten, IMO. Unsocialised kittens get all their amusement by pouncing and play fighting with their brothers and sisters. Maybe Simba and Splash were different because there were only 2 of them instead of a more usual family of 5 or 6, don’t know.

  4. Simba the contortionist. I love when Splashy grooms Simba’s head. I was cracking up when you were asking Splash what he wanted to do. He looked so sleepy. Boo has come a long way. He’s a very smart boy.

  5. Yup, a millipede. They are seasonal (September here). I pick them up with tweezers and drown them in a jar. Otherwise they come back and bring their friends. I wouldn't let the cats near them or any bug but that's just me.

  6. Hello lucky mom, thanks for the new video, love you all:)
    how'bout a vacuuming routine video:) your place looks so clean! Even with 2 cats less, my mom's rugs look more hairy:))

  7. I am by no means an expert on this, just my experience. I think Boo's agressive behavior might be a somewhat normal male cat reaction to other males, my 3 wild boys do this, they are not mad or mean, just seems to happen. As they have gotten older this has gotten less frequent. I adopted out 2 male kittens, the family has told me of this happening with them, after they got to be 5 or so it seemed to go away. So who knows

  8. Thanks for your lists of books and your favorites list that includes the cat foods and toys, furniture, etc.

  9. Millipedes are harmless. Please don't flush them! Take outside and put on the earth or an area with leaves. Millipedes consume organic matter like leaves and other compost. They are beneficial insects and should not be killed. They don't come inside usually, but might have been on something brought in like a paper plate.

  10. Splash has been very interacting and adorable with Stella and Simba lately, very exciting! He was trying so hard to invite Boo closer to him, too bad it didn't work out this time but maybe soon ?

  11. Boo has learn't so much in the last year. It won't be too long I hope until he learns that affection from other cats is just as good as human affection.

  12. I started watching Lucky Ferals for the Boo journey but Simba is so darned cute that I'm watching more and more for them both and the whole family. I feel sadly for Hydrox as I think he is ultimately doomed.

  13. That cat food is very much like what Oska now eats. Its like a mush that needs no chewing just licking up. Most pate for mature cats, over 7yrs, is pretty much the same. Hydrox may like that pate, or even Ditto. With Boo's behaviour has something in the house or gardens changed recently that has caused Boo to have a set back in his relationship with the other cats?

  14. My theory about Boo is that he gets territorial and jealous of other cats. When he lived outside he didn't like sharing the area and the food with Hydrox. Now he has an indoor luxury living situation and doesn't like sharing it. But he has come a long way and has improved his behavior since he first moved inside and wasn't quite ready for prime time. Of all the cats, Simba has been the nicest to him and Simba's the one he attacks the most. Hopefully Boo will keep improving his behavior.

  15. I wonder if Boo gets nervous sometimes when Simba or Splash lie near him in a vulnerable position…he shouldn't, when the gates were up to his room, Splash would loll around in front of him and Simba would playfully put his paw in and they'd have fun. Boo was curious about them then and liked being next to them. Something about the gates made him feel comfortable. He's not used to being treated like one of the family. Bravo to Splash for wanting to get close to him two days in a row, but if he would've gone to groom him, I think Boo might have pounced. Not used to affection, still has that "get off my catio!" attitude like he did with Hydrox. He's better than he used to be, but he seems to be taking several steps backwards, and I do feel for him, and especially for his boys. Wonder what caught Hydrox's attention after he ate, because he sure took off in the direction it came from. Simba and Splash are the bestest bros!

  16. What's your problem Boo?. Yesterday you atacked to Samba and today to Splashy. Boths only wants play with you. Do not see it?

  17. It seems they take turn to bully each other.Few months back Simba and Splash were bullying Boo and now Boo is bullying them.It's some kind of family tradition ?

  18. The cats should be killing and eating the millipedes. If they aren't I would get rid of them and get other cats who will kill household pests. Sammy is in his seventies (in cat years) and even he will take the time to murder living things. You should have seen him the time he found the mouse. He had the energy of a kitten as he tortured it and batted it around.

  19. That ritual that simba and splash have is so funny and weird..simba gets head licks and in return he bites on splash's neck.For a bit there it looked like real good progress with Boo with splash..he even was kinda laying like simba does ..very relaxed..shame it had to make a turn and splash trying to be sweet as he does with his bro and mom..and boo took it as attack time.

  20. Hummmm. Boo Boy. What are we going to do with you? I love you unconditionally. However, your behavior lately sucks. I think you are still used to the rough life of a feral, even when you play. How do you teach an adult feral cat how to play nicely with other cats? Boy. That would have been great if Boo would have allowed Splash to lick his head. At least Splash is making great progress with him coming to you for pets. I'll say this for sure…there is hardly a dull moment in the Lucky Ferals household. Will Boo learn how to play with his sons like a gentleman cat? Will Stella smack the smithereens out of Boo for jumping on her sons? Will we ever see Boo sleep on the same bed with Stella again? Will Boo start eating more raw food? Will Splash and Simba get over Boo's attacks and still love Daddy Boo and maybe teach him how to play? Stay tuned for the next cat soap opera… Boo. Sit Boo sit.

  21. Well things are still better than they were when this all started. Boo will get even better as time goes on. Simba looked so funny rolling all around on the tower. Thanks for sharing.

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