Bonang Matheba invites Top Billing into her new home | FULL FEATURE

four years ago we glimpsed inside burnings previous sanctuary now she's changed address to the serene waterfall Country Estate yes this is the first time in the g-wagon for me this is a way to cruise with one of the top celebrities on the continent one of the hottest celebrities we're gonna check out your new place which is really exciting for the first time really cool to be celebrating Youth Day with you very appropriate because so much of the youth look up to you and want to be like you what kind of advice would you give everyone out there trying to follow those dreams I say you know I'd give yourself time give yourself patience I'm a I'm a person that writes down you know goals and objectives and things that I want to do with my life and I always find when you write things down it becomes visual and it becomes you know something that you see every day that constantly reminds you to keep working hard also a lot of patience I find that you need to be kind of patient with you with your success you know it takes about four or five years you create and build an overnight success and here we are searching for a new look the woman who's been crowned style icon of the year found the ideal fit in interior design by Jessica Hoff Mayer and architecture by Joanne Reynolds you managed to achieve a lovely balance between industrial and modern we worked actually really hard on that to get that balance right I used exposed steel timber and concrete to get an industrial feel it was quite difficult to bring it through into the house so what I did was I also used exposed concrete staircases which helps in terms of program and then uses those raw elements again to complement the house are you excited you want to see the hosta be bold the stairs fittingly tell the story of bonanza sense from her presenting debut was a fifteen-year-old to the peak of the industry welcome to my piece of heaven ladies have you ever seen so many magazine covers from one person in yeah you know we always have my family and friends I'm a visual person I'd love to see them every morning when I wake up and you know walking through this gorgeous beautiful I don't even know what to call it this is not expecting me it's like really like quite industrial they're like you think it will declare MoU with benign but this is quite a different side and this way you know just how does it my previous home was soft it was luxurious and this is a little bit more hard right a little bit more concrete and edges and very very modern and contemporary so very different from what I'm you know used to but I gave her you know 100 percent freedom and she turned it into I mean this is exquisite this is untrained nauseous right it's coming together really really nicely we've used a lot of neutral tones and then I'm very black-and-white and pronounced broad in the color and it's been a fantastic combination yeah I mean we've had fun putting you know everything together like she said like and white I'm know to love pink I'm known to love pops of color and you know her finishes have been exquisite I mean I would never have thought in my kitchen I'd ever have a tie like that or that I'd have you know so many beautiful pictures just all together but I think she did a great job images of banana maybe central to her business but otherwise these interiors are designed to help tune out from the media noise and just be how do you go about filling a space like this especially when you've got a client as glamorous as Queen how do you go about delivering a brief from someone like or not yeah we just brought in a lot of stuff to turn status after fabrics just to tone it down a little bit because the concrete and the steel is very very strong and in the plants I love putting plants and houses so we've got all the indoor trees obviously banan's flowers we've got lots of Oz's but the color comes in in the cushions and then definitely in the finishing touches with regards to the plants have just it really made it what it is most important the decor is not busy whether sitting at the dining room table all curling up next to the fireplace its sheer comfort this is my favorite part of the house because I sit there in cold winter nights just snuggle up next to my fireplace I love it my friends have set here many times and have had obsession but I love the kitchens amazing we only had one handle on the doors that you can change position which is really nice from a decor and giving certain things the spotlight we've done the industrial look on the side with the shelves which is really nice as well listen I don't cook with this kitchen you know I might do something the covers are so seamless and everything is so hidden anything with modern kitchens nowadays everything is exposed so it has to be part of the future nests and when you slick all the time that thing can be shown and messy and all that unless you're talking queen bees five million fans on social media but sometimes she just feels like an audience of one and this is my favorite place in the world this is my little garden small and quaint I do a lot of entertaining I spend a lot of time here it's got a lovely vibe out yet feels like you're well away from jo'burg I sit here every morning with a cup of coffee and you can never tell them encoding it is so quiet the air here is just so fresh I love it I was gonna say it's it'll smell again like oh you can smell the bush it's most new and fresh and it's its nature it feels like kind of a rooftop garden in the city with the symmetry and the pool and the way everything's done listen it it works very well so obviously from a maintenance point of view Penang doesn't have anything to worry about because she's always working but when she is home then it's just amazing to just be outside yet so if we brought the black-and-white theme in we cater to all the entertaining with the table and the outside couch and then we gave it a personality with the cushions that we used you'll see these flashes are black and white and then we brought some color in with the leaves of room I love it it really is chic you know black and white works anytime it's like a fashion secret Jonathan forever you never know what to wear just wear what with much time spent away from home when B gets to have the girls over she's made sure they can talk into the early hours and there's plenty of room to stay over yes absolutely you know when I'm too lazy to go downstairs I usually just cozy up here and the MER is our definite feature you've done something very different over there yes I love mirrors you know if mirrors are very reflective and they're always given you know the feeling would being bigger than what it well you love mariscos when you look like you but it looks like a bit of a DIY because you don't buy them like that all right DIY let me tell you so we bought you see that the pieces of mirror we got those kind of cut out then the frames around each mirror those were actually also DIY painted by my assistant and me and then put up there by Jessica and you know when the girls do you want to kind of sleep over I do have two additional bedrooms this one here we left a very kind of neutral with the blues you know just the way just come on to it the other one is a little bit lighter it's a little bit area a little bit more banana a little bit more you know faux fur and it'll you know six yeah I can of course sir through that way we've got my mistress reach yes the headboard is a statement piece with pink accents reminding us who's queen-size bed it is this is my bedroom I kept it very clean you know very crisp pops of pink fuchsia pink have to be there absolutely and the view is spectacular I mean I wake up to this every single morning can you imagine that's why I'm always in a good mood of you is beautiful but the light no wonder your pictures always look so amazing on social media it's this light right I need to teach you how to take the perfect you know I've never posted a selfie imperfect light you to learn how to take a selfie promise for now so fantastic alright so what's a tricky look for the light you go wherever the light is so the light is coming from natural light it's always a bit absolutely and if you're gonna be taking a selfie you face the direction of the light but now how do you know what filters to choose because I always look at some more about this and they do smile with a like mysterious because you always look from above okay and if you like me and you like a view you live – cheaper than your angle come on all right I mean every side of you okay and don't smile be serious see you just look so I just think awkward I just look awkward in selfie he looks handsome no no he knows he does I'm gonna be posting that David's none of the soldiers join a sneak peak please the closet everyone's dying to see the closet I'm gonna show you a sneak peek but I've even better clothes that I've done just for you in the glam I mean you're gonna do that separately so this is just a sneak peek how much of a sneak up there we go look at that is a lot properties er look at that but this is nothing colored shoes this is nothing come okay a meticulously curated image is central to these work from our own reality show to MC gates here's where those looks are for this is like a superstars play this is where I get ready every morning and you know a lot of my shoots my interviews my appearances I need to get ready here at home so usually my hair and makeup team will come here my makeup artists will set up here and you know pick something fabulous suit wear and then off to work I go it's like it's great crazy to believe you just 30 years old I mean so much has happened do you ever just like sit in that fluffy chair over there and think yourself you know you can't believe all this has happened and what are some of the highlights for you I mean every moment you know I'm grateful every single moment my heart is filled with gratitude I'm well aware that what I have you know I'm very blessed I work very hard and I can never ever take what I have for granted in any given time so I do stop especially in you know that's why I created this room I love being surrounded by all my beautiful clothes and handbags and shoes that's why I buy them just just look at them the whole day but some of my highlights is impossible to say I mean the numerous international celebrities I've been able to interview courtesy of Top Billing as my favorite some of the wonderful places I've been to the people have met the achievements Awards but I think at the end of the day it's the ability to wake up every morning and do what I love to do it doesn't feel like a job at all it's not hard work even if no one was paying me for it it really is it's quite fulfilling for me to just you know get into this beautiful home and prepare for a job that I absolutely love well you know the viewers are gonna kill me if we don't get you into some other kind of outfits do you want some further think what do you guys think if I marry criticize this is standing out for me for sure yeah well Jonathan back to this one let me go slip into it should we check it out what just what are some of the star tips you can give beers at home I love that well I recently spent some time with ty Tyrone and a Sir John who is a mega buns for Beyonce's glam team and what I learned is that this winter we are wearing fur but fun fur is not real yeah yeah yeah so that's why I put it out here it is a trend so this is what we should be looking out for us Oh a lot of faux fur I try not to weird last colors as well mm-hmm oh Jesus feels nice it just uses a blanket torch movies spreading the message of Beauty Without Cruelty packs real punch when it comes from a digital influencer of the year and author of a number one best-selling autobiography fantastic well thank you for choosing this first you've got great taste I think it looks beautiful on you you know what I was trying to work out how we should close this amazing insert all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move out of shot and then that is our closing image right yes so I need to do all the universe that's how we inves he's lazy he's doing his job anyway thanks for coming I hope you enjoyed my house we're gonna bling bling no way are you mwah

50 thoughts on “Bonang Matheba invites Top Billing into her new home | FULL FEATURE

  1. I'm just trying to understand what you mean by working hard. My body is not being referred here right? Solid.

  2. Beautiful home. The stairs being so enclosed like a jail and escape is

    cant be very convenient hahaha just saying hahahahaha! ahem… Just followed the next video which is this so am getting to see and get inspired with the gorgeous houses.
    the first house i saw … SPOKE TO ME! no idea who these superstars are but they are so gorgeous!!! bombastic! but this womans house ( Amanda Dambuza ) was my dream home. ugh. like the sickening BEAUTIFUL simplicity of it all! God bless Africa!

  3. May God now bless you with an amazing husband, who will love you & not feel intimidated by your success. Remember God is the same yesterday, today & forever, therefore keep the cookie in the cookie jar. No sex before marriage or else instead of a man, your house will be filled with cats..meeooowww!

  4. One thing i really love about B, having watched her over the years, is how positive minded she is, even when things dnt seem to be goin right smtimes. Tht being said, i think she s trying to be as positive minded as possible abt the outcome of this project, probably having spent a ton of money on the furniture n the designer??‍♀️ nt to mention the house itself bt quiet honestly aoooowa i doubt this is B’s style at all. Nt to say its ugly buuuut hai… Bt this happens, to everyone really. things dont always turn out the way u wantd bt soon as she gets tht ? m tln u she s removing all those unB* things starting with tht ugly tile!!!

  5. Bonang!!!!!!!! this woman has always been my inspiration and im so proud of her omg!!!!! yazzzzzzz girl!!!!! It's all about the bling!!!!

  6. I'm not feeling this house. It looks like a box and the interiour has a pretentious tone to it. She seems to like it which is what's important and it looks miles better than where I live so I need to shut up.

  7. People i think we need to grow up i mean shes not perfect and neither do we,sometimes less is more, i think shes living her dream.

  8. Guys stop lying! Bonang doesn't live here, this is a show house. This house doesn't scream Bonang, it's too small! Where is the personal stuff she bought while travelling the world? Aowa stop it.

  9. Im really not her fan or anyones fan for that matter but I do apriciate a woman like her , who worked hard for what she has and apreciate it. But most of all I like what she has done for herself. It really is an inspiration to anyone with a dream.

  10. I wish that money that buys shoe n bags that she looks at all day van b used to feed innocent kids,,,its public that make a celebrity not opp ,,,

  11. Very beautiful ausi. I see a lot of pieces from Krameville in your house. Definately expensively finished. You shoped at ilLusso and Cassaredo neh? P.s. white peoples decor ideas are never palatable for black folks. Ive realised that when i was decorating my house

  12. Can someone please tell me more about Bonang? I'm from the States and I am learning about her. She seems great! Who in the States would be her equivalent?

  13. This is my favorite young Lady in south Africa,Hardworking,confidence and she is a go getta.We need more of this kinf in RSA.

  14. Bonanza is such an inspiration no matter her flaws she still keeps positive at all times❤️? I love her☺️?

  15. she has done well for herself! these houses are extremely expensive but it looks a bit sad honestly, décor is also not great. now I no longer pass by those houses wishing I stayed there…they are really small too for the price they are selling them for

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