Board of Supervisors Formal Meeting 3-27-19

Oh you you you you you you you you you are gonna go ahead and get started here with today's meeting of the maricopa county board of supervisors thanks to everyone for joining us today do have three of my colleagues with me here on the Dyess and then as well we have supervisor Shukri on the line as well so thank you for joining us via phone supervisor shukri so with that we're gonna go ahead and start this meeting like we start all meetings of the Board of Supervisors with prayer in the pledge in our clerk of the board Fran McCarroll is going to lead us today thank you so much thank you Lord for the freedom we have in America to assemble together with mindfulness of this feet freedom let us remember all those who fought for and secured those freedoms we enjoy in these United States and when we see the beauty of this new springtime let us remember to praise you for all the works of your mighty hand Lord as the supervisors consider the matters before them today we ask you for the blessing of wisdom to rest upon them and for all of the employees of Maricopa County that we will serve with kindness we will truly listen to the concerns of those we serve we will seek to meet their needs and we will serve each one without discrimination but with a spirit of inclusion for these things and for your mighty blessings we give you things amen and now if you join me in the pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all and our clerk was asked to do the prayer in the pledge today by supervisor to Creason that right yes Thank You mr. chairman I just wanted to thank our clerk for being so hospitable and leading us today in the prayer and pledge so Thank You Fran all right so at this time now that you're done with the prayer and the pledge madam clerk would you please call the roll supervisor sellers here supervisor Hickman your supervisor Guyardo and chairman gates here all right well excited today to be joined by Jose Santiago from Animal Care and Control and his friend and by the way I clearly did not none of us here on the dais cut the memo on the attire today so we it is spring so we all need to be in spring colors and I decided that she was one of them that needed to be in spring colors today this little girl right here her name is poppy and I did name her this morning so that name can be changed she is about eight years old so she's a senior gal at the shelter but the senior gals can still have fun and have a lot of love to give to someone because she's a senior gal she has a reduced adoption rate so her adoption rate would be about $25 and she would have everything covered I also want to take an opportunity to say that we are still doing what we can to manage space within the shelter but I want to take a moment to acknowledge our alternative placement team since January they have placed nearly 1,000 animals and other shelters across the country I believe the number as of this morning was about 790 so without their help we would be in a much more severe state as we speak at the shelter so we are appreciative of them and we're appreciative of everyone who comes out and adopts well thank you so much and poppy is oh it says poppy is very well behaved so and she she has the ears for this hat not very well thank you so much and as always Jose thanks to you and the whole team for all that you do for our furry pets in Maricopa County Madame clerk do we have any changes at all announcements or corrections to the agenda today Thank You mr. chairman on page 18 of your agenda item number 34 regarding the vulture Mountain Recreation Area the very last line which actually comes out on page 20 indicates this is in supervisory district 5 and that should be a correction to district 4 I'll say nice try and mr. chairman also on page 9 of your agenda this will require a vote when you get there but I understand that item number 11 the road file declarations will need to be continued to your April 10th meeting just because of a publication issue so we're correcting that so when you get there we'll just need to have a vote to continue those items to the 410 meeting all right excellent well thank you for those updates and Corrections especially the vitally important one on where vulture Mountain is now that now that we've got that straight we can move on to a couple of proclamations we have and again turn it back to you madam clerk that's right Thank You mr. chairman members of the board the first proclamation is the National County government month April 2019 whereas the nation's 3069 counties serving more than 300 million Americans provide essential services to create healthy safe and vibrant communities and whereas counties provide health services administration mr. justice keep communities safe foster economic opportunities among other services and whereas Maricopa County and all Arizona counties take pride in our responsibility to protect and enhance the health welfare and safety of our residents in efficient and cost-effective ways and whereas this year's National Association of counties theme of connecting the unconnected aligns with chairman Bill Gates strategic priority to create a smart government that promotes the growth of a technologically advanced region now therefore be it resolved at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors does hereby proclaim April 2019 as national county government month excellent well thank you very much for that and it is very timely I had the opportunity to go back to the nako conference a couple weeks ago in DC and just a great reminder of what a wonderful job we do here in Maricopa County everybody all 13,000 employees and the team here that is strong and I'll put this team up against any county in this country so thank you and with that any comments or or we would entertain a motion mr. chairman it'd be my honor to make motion I started off my career right here in Maricopa County in the recorders office and as a county employee I've never regretted it one bit my experience here in Maricopa County has always been pleasant spent 14 years here and I made a bad decision by leaving here and going to the legislature but nonetheless it's been a pleasant 14 years I know how hard many of our employees work every day they sacrificed so much to provide critical services to our community and to our citizens so it'd be my honor to be able to move the proclamation forward on the National County government Month Proclamation so I move that we approve our in front of us well thank you for that motion and we are all grateful that she came back to Maricopa County so we have a motion do we have a second mr. chairman I'd be very proud to second that motion Thank You supervisor Hickman we have a motion and a second any other discussions or comments all right all in favor please say aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously and you did such a great job madam clerk that would you be willing to read another proclamation for I certainly would sir thank you this proclamation is national service recognition April to 2019 whereas the Corporation for National and Community Service was established to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and whereas national service includes AmeriCorps and Senior Corps whose members address many pressing challenges facing our communities including responding to national natural disasters supporting veterans and military families and fighting the opioid epidemic and whereas national service expands economic opportunities by providing education career skills and leadership training for those who serve and whereas the national service participants of all ages serve in more than 50,000 locations across the country both stirring local civic neighbourhood and faith-based organizations and whereas the Corporation for National and Community Service is joining with the National Association of counties and county executives across the country to recognize these volunteers who provide health education and Support Services now therefore be it resolved that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors does hereby recognize national service participants and proclaims April to 2019 as national service recognition day excellent thank you very much do we have any comments or emotion on this Proclamation mr. chairman I'd be proud to make the motion to accept proclamation of National Service recognition day thank you very much to Frazer Hickman do we have a second mr. chairman I will second it we have literally just hundreds of people just flew up folks they're just doing wonderful stuff out there in our community and I see it firsthand I know we all do see it firsthand and so it would be a second this motion well thank you very much she provides your Guyardo and especially you know over the past ten years or so as we've we've you know went through this Great Recession and tried to tried to come back you know these service organizations really came in and filled the void a non-profit in government and providing such important services so I think it's great that we're recognizing them with this Proclamation any other comments we do have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed all right that motion passes unanimously thank you so much all right so from time to time we do a take items out of order and we're going to do that now and move up a very special item we have today on our agenda item 34 which is a lease with United States Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management and I believe we have a REM Hawes with us today from BLM who would you like to come and say a few words first of all welcome yes well please come join us at the at the lectern thank you for being here today mr. chairman supervisor Hickman and members of the board my name is REM Hawes I am the public affairs lead for the US Bureau of Land Management near Rose until about three weeks ago I was also the field manager for the Hassayampa field office which manages the million or so acres of public land north and west of Phoenix including the vulture mountains so it's a double pleasure for me to be here today to begin with I wanted to introduce several folks from the Bureau of Land Management who were also here today first of all is Ron Tipton he is the Acting Hassayampa field manager and Leon Thomas he is the Phoenix district manager our big boss and Mariela Castaneda who is our public affairs specialist well welcome to all of you so just briefly I wanted to mention that this is this is in some ways the end of a very long process but the exciting part is it's the beginning of something big and just on a personal note I remember I believe it was seven years ago one of my first meetings when I became the field manager in the Phoenix district was with RJ Cardin and his staff and it was to discuss this very project which was already in motion but we really picked it up at that point and made some headway and it's been a it's it's a complicated process we've all exhibited a lot of patience to get here but this is really a momentous moment that we're getting ready to undertake when we all get together and sign this lease making this area under the management of the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department the Bureau of Land Management manages 245 million acres of public lands in the United States that's literally one eighth of the United States it's a lot in Arizona we manage 12 million acres of public land and since 1976 that's when the federal land policy and Management Act was passed which directed the BLM to in general retain public lands for management by the Bureau of Land Management and and so we have done so since that time we have a few mechanism to to make land tenure adjustments and in this case to grant lands to a public entity or a nonprofit entity it has to be a really good reason to do that to change the ownership of federal public lands managed by the BLM and I think this vulture mountains Recreation Area is is exactly one of those this is in it has to be in the public interest certainly this is and I think that the conveyance of this one thousand forty six acres of public lands to be managed under a lease by the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department serves a public need a community need in not only Maricopa County particularly in the outskirts of Phoenix and the Wickenburg community but I think what's really nice and interesting about this particular conveyance is we're not washing our hands of these lands handing it to the county and walking away nor is the county wanting to do that what this is is a thousand 46 acres that the county will be able to manage as a recreation facility under the park system but it allows for a footprint of cooperative management in the overall vulture mountains area surrounding Wickenburg which is a very large area of 70,000 acres or so public lands which are popular for recreation and other uses but I think this is the this is the foundation for a partnership in order to not only manage the park facilities on these thousand 46 acres but in partnership to be able to manage recreation across a much larger area so we as the Bureau of Land Management are very excited about this what we see is a partnership not simply a lease or a change of land ownership but but truly a partnership so with that I'd like to say thank you let you know that this is a real honor to be here we're very excited about completing this transaction as I undoubtedly think you are we look for word to your consideration and vote on this and hopefully being able to sign a recreation and public purposes Act lease today so thank you very much well please mr. Hawes I know some of my colleagues will have some comments here but just on behalf of of all-america County just want to thank you for this partnership I know that a lot of people worked very hard on this and but this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your partnership and I do want to recognize our J Carden and the parks team an incredible effort and we do actually have some of our members of the parks board here so these are members of the community who serve on the parks board thank you for your service and for being a part of this but this would not have been successful would not have gotten into the end zone if it wasn't for the efforts of supervisor guy yarder oh wait I'm sorry it's not in my district I'm sorry of course of supervisor Hickman who does such a wonderful job representing this area as well I want to recognize a Scottish um and all the great work that he did alongside supervisor Hickman on this so with that maybe if I can turn it over to supervisor Hickman for some comments thank you for being here and stating what's kind of going on so eloquently especially when it comes to the federal viewpoint on on the husbandry of lands and the and the absolute gem that that is the vulture mine so much history and just really happy that you're here to talk about it and and Leon you know I always thought BLM was about hands off hey they're out there somewhere that's a lot of land but we don't we don't get to see the face of BLM so it's great to see you guys but it's but that's actually not true I mean you guys are here today Leon working with you on other issues that you've been straightforward I can tell that you're a local kid just like me you've thrown yourself at this job and you've been there and present and if there's problems on BLM land it's like you're the you're the first guy that calls and starts working through them so it it really helps on that interface between federal state and county to have people like you like you guys doing the jobs that you do for the community and it's great to to get to see the public face of BLM out here today but before you know you asked for the vote there this this is kind of a business thing I mean this is this has been a long time coming it predates it predates me it was one of the first things I started to work on or at least hearing about my Wickenburg people that got stuck in traffic welcome to the great state of America a County that you've done that come in here a little bit further julie was kind of talking to me through tax trying to get down here so you can see the traffic and the logistical things that we as a board are trying to work through so thank you for being here but Effie if you wouldn't mind mr. chairman could could I have rj come up because we we get to look out on this Dyess and we have a small agenda today so i hopefully we can take a little bit more time we look out there and we and we thank you guys all the time but we hardly ever give a chance to talk about the nuts and bolts of what you guys do for us and the county parks and two of the ladies that beat me up the mountain on that hiking that day are here so ken can you kind of tell us was where we're at what this means and brag on your staff a little bit mr. chairman supervisor Hickman thank you so much it's been a long time in coming this has been a little over nine years ago that we started the master planning for the vulture Mountain recreation area and and as you mentioned mentioned former supervisor max Wilson spearheaded that meeting he was he chaired that meeting in the town of Wickenburg and so it was it was really a concept and I and I have to thank a couple of folks that are here today with the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation because 11 years ago they were in my office saying we need a County in Wickenburg and so Bernardin and and penny are here behind me so thank you and thank you to all the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation folks but but they really spearheaded this and I really put it back on them and also Julie Brooks is here the chamber director for the chamber of Wickenburg and I believe vice mayor Royce is here thank you for being here and I really I put it on them I said you know we have a hundred and twenty thousand acres of parkland in Maricopa County if this is something that's important to the community of Wickenburg we're here to partner with you on that but you have to help us lead that fight and they jumped in wholeheartedly and have pushed us quite frankly have rallied the folks of Wickenburg they've worked with BLM again I want to thank BLM and Ramen and some of the folks even before Ram they've been wonderful to work with on this process but it has been truly a collaborative effort we've had dozens of meetings in the town of Wickenburg some here in Phoenix to make sure that we got other Maricopa County residents involved you mentioned staff and I wanted to point out Jennifer Waller who is a little not moving so well today but she has been with me along this journey the entire way so thank you Jennifer you've done a great job can Vonda sure our Planning and Development Manager and he's been significant in making this happen as well as Jennifer Johnston who has been just fabulous she's out at the Hassayampa River Preserve every other day another byproduct of this wonderful project as well mr. supervisor Hickman is you know we just met with the Nature Conservancy because they were next to the Hassayampa River Preserve and said we want to be good neighbors with you so we want you involved in this planning process and about a year into that they came to us and I believe you at the time and said we are really impressed with the way Maricopa County manages its natural resources we'd like to give you this property and so we thought about that and and just what another jewel in our crown Maricopa County so I also quickly because it's national service day I want to honor Bob Rhoads who is a Tom Rhodes excuse me who's the chairman of our Parks and Recreation Commission we have Bob branch excuse me whose district for commissioner thank you and then Eric Mears who's also on our Parks and Recreation Commission and I have to thank our Parks and Recreation Commission they have been such a huge part of this all the way through so mr. chairman without taking too much more time finally I want to thank the Board of Supervisors because they the board has always been behind this project you've seen what the town of Wiccan Wickenburg has said they need you've seen the needs of Maricopa County and I'm just excited that over the next four to five years or we can now really start to develop this along with Maricopa County Department of Transportation so Jennifer thank you very much MCDOT has been a huge player in this effort and will continue so mr. mr. chairman supervisor Hickman if I can answer any questions I'd be happy to do that thank you very much rj any questions for rj or his team I don't have any questions after seven years it's too late yeah and and once again and I did want to point out our citizens involvement Maricopa County Parks is known around the nation as just the class act of of County Park systems and and a true leader and it's it all becomes because our Parks Commission make our job easy you guys take the time vet this out financially you vet it out and just figure out if these types of lands and these types of systems are going to be a good fit for our County then we get to take them in we put some money towards towards facilities based on the fees that the fee schedule that you said and we approve and it's it's fantastic it's just it's one of my pride and joys of being able to work with this commission when we talk about it because I I know these parks are going to outlast us on the board and and they're going to be there for the next ladies or gentlemen that come and take our spaces and we all get to talk just about fantastic things that happen in our Park so so thank you Bob Adele the great great seeing you too thanks for driving Bob down here he needs to help Royce I'm going to please go up and tell the mayor we'll give him a slight bit of credit but I'm gonna give you a lot of credit you've been there for for many years guiding this and the and especially the conservation foundation that that started this stuff up how can we protect protect Wickenburg and what can we do for our citizens to offer them amenities that and have them pridefully living way out out there but it seems to be getting closer every year doesn't it so with that mr. Chairman I would like to move forward or approve item number 34 at least with the United States Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management well thank you supervisor Hickman for that motion and thank you for your leadership on this this is oh this is a great day for Maricopa County and a great day for district 4 so we have a motion of a second mr. chairman I'm excuse me I'd like to make a second and a comment please as a part of the state Transportation Board I have visited Wickenburg for the last five years and I think this is really really an important thing that's happening today because of the phenomenal growth that's going on in Wickenburg and impressive growth so congratulations thank you alright so we have a motion and a second any other comments from my colleagues I apologize nope lead please supervisor shukri I did not want to put you at mr. Guyardo because I always do that but I do it well I want to echo my my colleague mr. Sellars comments and give kudos to mr. Hickman and as well as his predecessor who really saw this through and I this is when we talk about Maricopa County and what a special place it is well III think this item is really a way of trumpeting that and and how we see things for for the future of a future residents and in as mr. Hickman eloquently said our successor some day so I'm very excited about this I'm a little disappointed that Clint was only able to negotiate a thousand acres just over a thousand acres out of the full lot but we can do better Clint come on now we'll work on getting more Steve okay all right excellent excellent well thank you everyone for these comments and thanks to everyone for their hard work it's you know projects like this that go on for years it'd be easy to say you know it's just too hard to do takes too long and everyone's sticking to it to have something like supervisor Hickman said that will outlast all of us and be something great for generations to enjoy so we do have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed all right motion passes unanimously congratulations mr. chairman I'm hoping that you would oblige me by signing the documentation in front of the cameras to put this down in cement and if you could invite people that you deem appropriate for the picture or pictures it could be taken absolutely absolutely I would be happy to do that we'd love to have my colleagues join me down there and and those folks who participated in this come up and join us and you can also file in behind us and have one big happy family great thank you [Laughter] the Sabbath okay [Applause] thank you thank you all right well we would certainly welcome every one if they wanted to stick around but if you need to leave we our feelings will not be hurt thanks so much all right well where do we go from that that was that was good stuff Thank You mr. chairman that was fun I don't know if we've had a signing ceremony like that before I could be wrong Steve Chu crease the old man on the board maybe he'll remember that Steve juice did you have a signing ceremony you recall but I recall I don't think we have that's a good catch congratulations great all right thanks so much all right so now we'll move back into our regular order with the statutory hearings for clerk of the board we have seven liquor license applications temporary extension of premises patio for Bartlett lake grill LLC eight petitions hearing for the formation of the proposed Hacienda Granada irrigation water delivery district nine is petition hearings for the formation of the proposed Ventura Manor irrigation water delivery district in ten these are Road D annexations from the city of Buckeye to Maricopa County madam Clerk do we have any speaker slips here on items seven through ten mr. chairman members of the board on item number eight mr. Joseph sleaze on is here if there are any questions he is in favor of this item which is number eight okay great well thank you very much for joining us to any of my colleagues have questions for him any any other speaker slips and then mr. chairman three on item number nine which is the Ventura Manor water delivery district san Kelsall excuse me sam Kelsall is here in favor and would like to address the board also Ted character Kircher and Tom Celts I hope I've heard pronounced those correctly all three are in favor and we'd like to take just a moment to address the board on the Ventura manner I'm wonderful thank you for being here whoever would like to come on down first please join us mr. chairman and members of the board I am Sam Kelso I live at 40 30 East Monta Vista which is in the middle of interim manor all of us live in Ventura Manor we're all in favor of the proposed water delivery district and I'd like to give you a little bit of history and tell you why this land was first patented in 1897 to use Supervisors that means that went on the tax rolls in the early 1900's before 1920 irrigation of water was first delivered to the property and it was farmed from then until 1946 when it was subdivided into Ventura Manor Ventura manner was subdivided by company name Ventura engineering I know nothing about that but I thought it was an interesting factoid my next-door neighbor built her house there at the end of World War two while her husband was in the South Pacific they've long since passed away but many families have stuck throughout the years we have two or three generation families that own two homes in the subdivision so it's a place that people like to live and new people come to but there's never for sale sign up when I bought in there 50 years ago there was no for sale sign I've met a realtor and he said I know exactly the place for you but I have to go talk the people into letting go of it so that you can buy it and he did and actually they moved in with their mother-in-law while they're building their new house but that's how desirable it is to live in this neighborhood and it's because of the flood irrigation and the mature landscape and the trees that are predominant in central Phenix but are starting to go away because of failures of the irrigation systems our system part of the piping is 80 years old my part is on a ditch so you can repair it with a shovel you don't have to have a backhoe or any heavy duty work to do it but we have two major street crossings which we understand if one collapses well we're looking at $30,000 we have four and $500 repairs with some regularity we have a little difficulty collecting on those lines up most of us that do the work pay for it and the others get a free right this is a way to spread that load and give us the ability to keep it irrigated for the next hundred years at the system maintenance is is working the system works fairly well we'll have money by forming this district and the authority to get more money to make repairs and it'll be community involvement just getting the petitions with community involvement the three of us called on every single neighbor many of whom we didn't find their home but those that we did find we mostly got a good reception so the neighborhood is primed for this at this time and we'd like to ask you to form the district today we'll improve the service and then there won't be any questions also about who paid what because it's going to come out of their tax bill we're gonna have to go to the County Treasurer to get paid so thank you very much for listening to me you got any questions I'll try to answer them thank you very much mr. Kelsall any questions from my colleagues this is in my district in district 3 so we appreciate you coming and all the work that you put into this it's a bit is a wonderful area and this is this is a part in keeping it wonderful thank into the future no we did have a couple other speaker slips did anyone else want to come and speak or in supplement miss Turkel sales comments please good morning my name is Ted Kircher I live at 41 19 East Monta Vista I'm one of those second generation families we moved there 35 years ago and then our son he was living in Tempe later on after he went off to su and stuff and then eventually he started looking for a home and he was looking for something close to work in Tempe but one day he came by and he mentioned the house that Sam mentioned next door to Sam he saw the gardener's house is up for sale so he immediately bought that house so my son lives down the street the grandkids then that's nice to have and the neighborhood is like that and the when we moved there 35 years ago we told the people that were helping us look for a place to live we wanted a deep irrigated lot with big mature trees and stuff because that's what we were coming from and so that's what we found and we're happy as clams where we are and everybody I know around us know everybody on the block and it's very very good so thank you very much for helping us form this I've been part of the team to collect the money which is difficult at times but we've we've done well and we're gonna do better now thank you Thank You mr. Carter appreciate coming down mr. chairman councilman my name is Tom Kouts live at four one to eight east palm lane I've lived in that neighborhood for 41 years moved strictly to that neighborhood because of irrigation was for odain when I lived in Phoenix since 57 56 and I always wanted to live there we're forming this for the fear of those underground lines going underneath the streets 30,000 dollar bill is just too much for anyone to our intent is to collect 80 bucks per acre we figured out might get what 45 hundreds or so a year after five or six years we'll have a kitty big enough to sustain that hit then the intent is to back that $80 assessment down to five dollars or something so it's strictly in order to keep something that's a gem going that's the entire focus on it all right excellent well thank thank you for your remarks and again thanks for all your work on this as a community really really inspiring to see when people come together like this any any questions or comments otherwise I would entertain a motion to approve and then actually this is I'm sorry did you both so this is so yes of a so my apologies so are you here to speak on you're here to speak on on Hacienda Grande on eight ok yes my apologies please yes my my apologies in your name again for the record Joseph Slezak okay welcome right so mr. chairman council neighbors thank you for being here and listening I've lived in the Hacienda Cardano neighborhood at 42:19 east Coolidge for 23 years my wife has lived in Hacienda Granada neighborhood for 41 years which probably explains why I'm up here we would like to form a district to preserve the history and maintain our irrigation pipes it's a wonderful property or neighborhood with large trees mature trees and it's the reason why people move into the neighborhood so thank you for your consideration and just wanted to to mention that well thank No thank you mr. Slezak thanks for your work and for joining us today so with that did we have anyone else who wanted to speak on these items if not I would entertain a motion to approve all of these unless anyone would like any particular one pulled out separately mr. Chairman I would move approval of items number seven eight nine and ten Thank You supervisor Guyardo do I have a second second Thank You supervisor sellers we have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously gentlemen thanks for coming down and joining us today next we'll move on to our statutory hearings under transportation mr. Chairman I move that we continue the item 11 a through E to the 4:10 meeting excellent thank you for that motion supervisor Hickman do I have a second Thank you Thank You supervisor Guyardo we have a motion to continue to the April 10th meeting in a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously and now we move on to additional statutory hearings under transportation 12 through 15 these are patent easement abandonments for Road file number pa B zero zero six nine zero zero seven nine zero zero nine two and zero zero five seven madam clerk do we have anyone here present to speak on these items mr. chairman members of the board Jared Moline is here and he will speak if necessary on item number 15 I believe that that particular one involves his property all right any questions all right any any questions from my colleagues that was that was speak and speak if necessary okay very good mr. chairman I'd like to move for approval items 12 through 15 we have a motion thank you for that supervisor Hickman do have a second second Thank You supervisor sellers we have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes you next we under the sheriff we have a 16 which is a donation from the Friends of Phoenix Public Library seventeen one-time additions to fleet of speed data collection trailers 18 is an IgA with the City of Phoenix for ICAC and 19 is a modification to the operating and financial plan with the US Department of Agriculture for a service up in the Tonto National Forest and then under the treasurer we have number 20 which is clearing uncollectible tax to have a motion with respect to item 16 through 20 Thank You supervisor Guyardo do I have a second second Thank You supervisor sellers for the second we have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously next we've got a treasurer's item 21 which is an officer on offer on tax deeded land parcel near sauceman Road and baseline Road the board will consider this item I think we've got a couple offers on it but would entertain a motion on this item mr. Chairman I would make a motion to accept offer number two in the amount of $200 Thank You supervisor shukri for that motion do I have a second second mr. chairman all right Thank You supervisor Hickman for that we have a motion in a second any discussion all in favor please say aye aye all opposed thank you very much supervisor shukri for getting the county top dollar on that one my pleasure mr. chairman all going to technology all right moving on County departments under emergency management number 22 we've got an IgA with the Maricopa County Community College District under finance 23 as funds train version warrants and under human resources number 24 is market ranges the board will now consider items 22 through 24 move to approve items 22 through 24 mr. chairman Thank You supervisor Hickman do I have a second second Thank You supervisor sellers we've got a motion and a second all in favor please say aye all opposed those items pass unanimously next we move in to Human Services 25 grant funds from the US Department of Health and Human Services 26 is an agreement with arm of save the Family Foundation of Arizona and the city of Chandler 27 is amend the lease agreement with the town of Guadeloupe 28 and 29 or grant funds for Early Head Start childcare partnership program and head start early head start programs and 30 is a Fair Housing proclamation the board will now consider items 25 through 30 mr. chairman I'd like to make a motion to approve items 25 through 30 I'd like to make a comment on item 26 item 26 is specifically for the benefit of a family in Chandler so I'd like to thank the Human Services Director both Bruce Liggett and the city of Chandler and especially to save the Family Foundation of Arizona for making this happen excellent thank you for that motion in those comments do I have a second second mr. chairman Thank You supervisor Hickman we have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye all opposed all right motion passes unanimously next we move under the medical examiner we have item 31 which is a letter of agreement with the University of Arizona College of Medicine 32 is an IgA with Arizona State University and 33 is budget appropriation adjustment under procurement 35 is the change order with Gould Evans architects 36 is an MoU with Kohn Inc in 37 is a contract with Lincoln constructors Inc board will now consider items 31 through 33 and 35 through 37 because we already handled item 31 or 34 with much fanfare earlier move to approve items 31 through 37 mr. chairman all right holding out number 13 holding out number 34 thank you we have a motion from supervisor Hickman do I have a second I think we had a second from supervisor shukri thank you for that all in favor please say aye aye all opposed all right motion passes unanimously next we go under public health 38 is an agreement with New Mexico State University and 39 is license agreement with the city of Avondale under real estate we've got 40 which is the IgA with Gila County and 41 is communications license agreement with Verizon Wireless the board will now consider items 38 through 41 mr. chairman I move for approval of items 38 through 41 thank you for that motion supervisor sellers I was second second mr. chairman Thank You supervisor Hickman we have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously now we move on to a number 42 which is an IgA with Gila County and this item actually requires a unanimous vote but I would entertain a motion at this time mr. Chairman I move approval item number 42 Thank You supervisor Guyardo do I have a second second mr. chairman oh boy oh boy I think we need to but we might have to play the tape but I'll I'll give it to you I'll give it to you supervisor sellers thank you for that second so we do have a motion in a second and if the clerk could please call the roll Thank You mr. chairman supervisor Chiu Creek High supervisor sellers yes supervisor Hickman aye supervisor Guyardo and chairman gates aye thank you all right well that mash motion passes unanimously and now we'll move on to transportation 43 through 46 we've got agas with city of Chandler town of Gilbert in flood control district 47 is traffic signal installation and maintenance easement 48 is renewal of right away grant with the Bureau of Land Management our friends at the Bureau of Land Management 49 through 55 new and change in traffic controls 56 is easement right-of-way and relocation assistance documents and under board of supervisors number 57 is reappointment to the Maricopa County Building Code Advisory Board and we thank all those who are are willing to continue to serve in those roles so with that the board will consider items 43 through 57 mr. Chairman I move for approval of items 43 through 57 thank you for that motion supervisor sellers do I have a second second thank you for the second supervisor Guyardo any comments on those items all right we have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously as well now we move to the setting of hearings under clerk of the board 58 is a proposed Evergreen irrigation water delivery district impact statement under planning and development we have 59 Planning and Zoning cases under transportation we have 60 which is Road file number 59 32 and then 61 is patent easement abandonment Road file number pa B 0 0 8 5 the board will now consider items 58 through 62 approve items 58 through 62 Charma thank you for that motion supervisor Hickman do we have a second second thank you for the second supervisor sellers all in favor of those items please say aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously now we go on to the consent agenda 62 civil penalty appeals 63 property reclassification appeals for approval 64 property valuation notices 65 donations 66 in 67 duplicate in stale dated warrants 68 headstart monthly report in 69 precinct committeeman the board will now consider item 62 through 69 pushing to approve item 62 through 69 Thank You supervisor Hickman do I have a second Thank You supervisor Guyardo we have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously also on the consent agenda 70 secured and unsecured tax roll corrections 71 tax cases 72 tax abatements 73 treasures collections and investment summary report board will now consider items 70 through 73 move to approve item 70 through 73 mr. chairman Thank You supervisor Eggman and Thank You supervisor shukri for the second all in favor of this motion please say aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously next on the addendum under the sheriff we have a 1 which is amend rescind action and adopt MoU with the Board of Supervisors and just as a little bit of background here we did address this MOU previously within the past few weeks and there was a change in the construction approach that the sheriff is going to take on this and so that's why this is being brought but we're rescinding that prior action and now the board is being asked to consider this amended MOU which addresses the mash mash building – for the sheriff to perform that function so with that background would open it up to any comments or a motion from my colleagues mr. chairman just a couple of things one I appreciate the sheriffs attempt to deal with the mesh unit and I think we can do a lot in terms of helping them in there I'm not going to support this motion at this time I know I supported it previously I think you know after thinking about it for a few weeks I think there's better ways for us to deal with it has none do it the sheriff in his attempts and then all that I support what the sheriff is trying to do here I just think there's better ways for us to do this and I would hope that we would read recipes are Minaya also want to just make my thoughts known about this I I can't support the motion either just based on consistency I do believe that this going towards the c-more approach will be better for the county in the sheriff's department if so if so desired and if this if this moves forward but again based on my previous statements were I talked about moving further and further away from I leave what the mandates are in this on this subject matter to us as well I don't want to beat it you know I don't want to beat a dead horse but I just think there's other ways to look at this at this item that the Sheriff's Department has about the care and comfort of animals that are for you being held for evidentiary purposes I would implore again that the Sheriff's Department take a look at how we care and house our animals in the Animal Care and Control division we've put money more money towards that over the last couple years I believe strongly that Mary Martin is doing a good job in that area and I believe that the Sheriff's Department should at least kind of track track down to see what other municipalities are doing with this with this subject so for that if a motion comes forward I won't be able to support it either thank you for those comments just you know for the for the record just so everyone does understand what we're discussing here today this is an MoU that allows the Sheriff's Office to accept a two million dollar grant from PetSmart Charities and the sheriff has you know certainly come here and spoke to us about his vision to collect millions of dollars from nonprofit or private sector to fund the construction of this new mass unit so that these these costs would not be we would not be using general fund monies to to construct this facility again I'll ask again is there a motion to approve a one mr. chairman this I would make the motion to approve this item with a comment if there's a second please but I want to just say that hearing my colleagues describe this and their concern certainly resonates with me much of what we do as a County as a County Board is is in some cases progress not perfection and I think in this matter his progress it's not perfect to any of us and as there a lot of work that still yet has to be done I believe there does as do my colleagues so very seldom mr. chair do you see us a wrangle with an issue such as this but we do so I think to make sure that we can have success it's not and I think mr. Gardner said this in his comments this isn't about politics this isn't about pettiness this is about trying to move this county in this regard with our sheriff and with our jail system to make something better to have this public-private partnership I think this is a step in that direction and I know there's more work to come but with that I would make a motion it would hope there would be a second thank you very much supervisor to grief for your comments and of course thank you to my other colleagues for their comments already and I and I echo your comments as far as this is this is you know democracy in action and this is everyone trying to come to the to the best result for the county and that's the great thing is that everyone on this dais has that in mind and and and what motivates everyone's actions up here and I love that about about this this county in this board so I do have a I do have a motion is there a second all right well at-at this point I believe this item fails for a lack of a second so we'll move on to the next item we will recess is the Board of Supervisors in convene as the Flood Control District Board of Directors mr. chairman yes I apologize but if I might break before you convene as the Flood Control District we have realized that on item number 42 we had an error on the slide it indicated you were going to be having a unanimous roll call vote regarding an IgA with Gila County however the agenda is correct that particular unanimous vote deals with Salt River Project so I don't want there to be any confusion with those that might be watching if they saw the slide and so if we might revisit that I can ask Andrea should we simply ask to rescind the previous vote and correct the title all right so item number 42 okay so on item 42 then we would need a I would entertain a motion for reconsideration on item 42 mr. chairman I'd like to make a motion to for reconsideration of item number 42 based on our clerk's comments excellent do I have a second second all right thank you very much for the second all in favor of the motion to reconsider the original motion please say aye aye aye aye all opposed all right the motion for reconsideration passes so now we go back to the underlying motion this is item 42 so this is again IgA with to say SRP this is a Salt River Project grant of power distribution easement excellent all right do I have a motion on the item 40 to make a motion now to approve item number 42 thank you very much supervisor Hickman do I have a second okay Thank You supervisor Guyardo we have a motion and a second all in favor of the new-and-improved except I believe we're going to have to do it by roll call again oh yeah sorry yeah exactly yes yes so it does require a roll call so madam clerk please call the roll Thank You mr. chairman supervisor shukri hi supervisor sellers I supervisor Hickman aye supervisor Guyardo and chairman gates aye all right that motion passes unanimously thank you very much for setting us straight there I apologize for the error but I'm glad we caught it we're still absolutely we're still here so it so it worked out great all right so now we will recess as the board of supervisors and convene as the Flood Control District Board of Directors we have item F 1 contract with a comm F 2 and IJ for improvements to McMicken dam outlet channel phase 1 project F 3 declare parcels is no longer needed for the purpose conveyed and authorized conveyance to the Arizona State Land Department and F 4 easement right-of-way and relocation assistance documents the board will now consider items f1 through f5 for approval items f1 through f5 Esther chairman Thank You supervisor Hickman do we have a second Thank You supervisor Guyardo we have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye aye all opposed Eponine passes unanimously now we'll adjourn is the Flood Control District Board of Directors in convene as the Library District Board of Directors and we'll consider item L 1 donations mr. Chairman I move approval item l1 Thank You supervisor Guyardo do have second second Thank You supervisor sellers we have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye aye all right all opposed that motion passes unanimously now we'll move to the stadium district adjourn is the library district Board of Directors and reconvene as the stadium District Board of Directors to consider s-1 tobacco-free facility resolution and policy you have a motion in favor of this item mr. Chairman I move approval of item s1 thank you very much supervisor Guyardo thank you very much supervisor shukri I apologize for mr. garelis delay mr. chairman all right we have a motion in a second all in favor please say aye aye aye aye all opposed that motion passes unanimously now we will adjourn as the stadium District Board of Directors and reconvene as a Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and we will move right into public comment and we do have one speaker slip today so we have Martha Thompson with the League of Women Voters of Arizona and please come join us thank you so much for being with us today we do have a clock up there on the wall but please take take as much of that time as you would like and great to have you here today Thank You mr. chairman supervisors I am Martha Thompson and this is my friend Susan Penner we both live in district 4 we are members of a league of women voters in Arizona and the u.s. we you have seen us attending these formal meetings as part of the League of Women Voters observer core with each meeting we have learned about the job that you do in government and the county and we have grown to appreciate all that you do I want to talk to you about our election system you are currently studying ways to improve the system the League of Women Voters would like to weigh in with an idea whose time has certainly come all ballot by mail it is one of our positions on voting in Arizona the League of Women Voters wants to see the whole state choosing to follow the example of Oregon Washington and Colorado where the system has proven to be highly highly secure and engages more voters and well it significantly lowers the cost of collecting those votes the league knows that this change should be written into the state laws of our by our elected legislators at the Capitol it has been tried multiple times it seems there are quite a few of our legislators who won't say it in so many words but who do not ever want to see the vote turnout doubled or tripled we are not naive we understand their reasoning but that reasoning is wrong and this should not be a partisan issue we believe that every person should vote and every vote should count the session as usual this session as usual they have introduced a rafter bills that would suppress the vote count and as usual the league has vigorously protested them you gentlemen could end the battle over votes at least in Maricopa County which holds more than half of all Arizona voters you could simply change our system to all valid by mail make the transition by using the presidential preference election in in March of 2020 to close down primary polling places and instead rely on the 40 the centers already in place perhaps opening a few more encouraged more voters to register for the permanent early voter list we call it pebble and then if I can just have your wrap-up you okay I wanted to point out successes in Orange County and in Colorado where many millions of dollars are being saved using this system so please consider vote by mail or ballot by mail for our County Maricopa County and lead the state in this very positive direction Thank you Thank You Miz Thompson for joining us really appreciate your time and your thoughts and so that is our only speaker slip we have today so with that we will as our normal time that we turn it over to the supervisors and the county manager to share any updates they would like to let me start with you supervisor shukri was there anything you would like to share with us this morning Thank You mr. chairman just other than you we received some donations that we approved today and I know that we're always grateful for that but I want to make sure that we we convey that to all those generous constituents of ours who help us that seems like each and every meeting with those donations and then just two other items again kudos I think to mr. Hickman in our former supervisor for district 4 for their leadership in that I think great partnership with the federal government when you start to see these trails and their true beauty it makes Maricopa County all the more special I know to all of us and to our residents and then lastly as we celebrate celebrate through this Proclamation County month I think all of us know how lucky we are to be able to work with each other and especially represent the people that we get to represent in the fastest growing County so that is all and of course thanks to all of you for accommodating me to call in here from Washington DC thank you so much for those remarks supervisor shukri and again thanks for for joining us next i will turn it over to supervisor Guyardo Thank You mr. chairman just a couple things before we meet again I think in April Tolleson is having their annual whoopee Days event they moved it up this year to beginning of April in hopes to get a little cooler weather but it's always a great event out there in the West Valley it's well attended and and we're happy to be part of it and have a table there promoting the county services so we're looking forward to that and then of course it's baseball season we're out there we have another game tonight we were successful on Monday and so hopefully the the guys are gonna go out there and have a great time and and let's see how things work out but this is the season baseball man it's exciting and it's always fun to be out there and you know I tell people it's my therapy you know for two hours a day I just turn off my phone and I don't even think about anything but be out there with the kids and and have great parents that are helping us this year you need volunteers you need parents that really participate when I'm not there the parents take over and so I'm real grateful for that as well but great things happen in district 5 and we look forward to the summer coming around well thank you supervisor Guyardo it is starting to warm up out there so it is definitely time for baseball and thanks for all you do with the kids down there that's great supervisor Hickman first off thank thank you Steve for your comments about the historic the historical perspective that I think all of us maintain and Max Wilson so many great things started under his leadership so thank you for pointing out his service to the county it's been a it's been an absolute pleasure to to kind of keep carrying the ball or keep keeping carrying the ball forward echoing Steve Gallardo's thoughts hopefully our baseball teams can play each other there's no better therapy than being able to scream at your players so I know that's what you're doing umpire last weekend I was invited to the Sun City West Posse they were celebrating their 40th anniversary of being in service to the community I want to point out commander Myron for for inviting me out there and keeping me apprised of the the situation that continues to exist with not being able to roll posse members into the jobs that they volunteer for they pay out of their own pockets to to help protect the citizens of Sun City West so thank you for for the invitation to come out and celebrate them there's currently I believe somewhere around 30 or 40 out of 70 so hopefully we can continue to get more and more of them cleared from the Sheriff's Department to to do the vital service they do for district 4 and last I really can tell just how hard staff members work and I get getting to work with all of your Chiefs of Staff and the jobs that they do because we're missing one at a district four so Scott I'm sorry you're doing a fantastic job but as I continue to walk past the ever-growing list of things that Michelle has waiting for her I would like to celebrate her and let everyone know that she welcomed in a new office member of district 4 little baby Carlos was born last week so thank you to all of you guys for pitching in on at on the 10th floor we've we've had that on her mind she's doing great I know other people will be facing facing that shortly so thanks for for everybody's help in service to district 4 up on the 10th floor it helps out a little bit while she's well she's taking care of a brand-new baby well thank you and congratulations to Michelle just to be clear we do follow the child labor laws here in Maricopa there to be any question Joyrich any comments mr. chair members of the board I just want to acknowledge that we had some very sad news here at the county on March 16th Rosanna Osborne Perez passed away following a brief illness she was our first Tom Maness Award recipient I think that all of us here at the county that knew Roseann there was just no one like her she was completely dedicated customer service dedicated to the county and frankly lived everyday in support of our citizens but also all of us as county employees we all over the read years received words of encouragement from her I got to go back through my emails of encouragement from her notes that she had sent me over the years just a warm hug every time you saw her her loss is I know leaving a big hole at MCDOT and throughout the county where she served for decades but treated everyday as if it was her first she was no less excited her last day that she worked here than her very first and so there are gonna be services there will be a visitation and rosary on Sunday evening and then services on Monday morning and any of you who would like directions or information about those please contact my office thank you thank you so much and we all mourn her loss and thank you for for mentioning that joy supervisor Sellars Thank You mr. chairman I had the honor to attend the eighth annual mayor's prayer breakfast this morning in the town of Gilbert and it's always so encouraging to see the great diversity that we have in this valley and bringing all those face together faiths together in in one venue is really something that we can be very proud of and and I enjoy doing that every year so congratulations to mayor Daniels for handling that this year and and like I say I think that's one of the great strengths of our region that we have that kind of diversity and we find ways to bring them all together to share thoughts at least once a year and in that kind of a venue so thank you thank you very much and thanks for representing Maricopa County there again I just wanted to echo the comments that that everyone made to supervisor Hickman congratulations on vulture mountain and you know I felt like you should have been the one there signing the documents but hey a first and and an incredible accomplishment something that will that will stand the test of time so very excited about that I was very fortunate yesterday to have the opportunity to attend the mental health protocols summit which was out at the Supreme Court building so I was invited to join the presiding judge and then representatives from the county attorney's office correctional health adult probation and so we had counties all around the state that were represented there and it was a fantastic session and experts were brought in from around the country we all know that mental health is such a big issue as it relates not only to our jails the court system but also homelessness and it's exciting to see that Arizona is really leading on this and I think that there will be some opportunities as we move later into this year for the county to work with for the board to work with the judicial branch to convene some stakeholders and maybe even some of the other municipalities within Maricopa County to work together to figure out how we can address this vexing issue which we know is tied up in so many of the challenges we have so again thank you to the judicial branch for inviting me to to go there on behalf of the Board of Supervisors I'm excited that next Wednesday I'll be doing the district 3 farm breakfast so thank you to the Farm Bureau we're really excited about that I'm not sure what we're going to be eating but no I'm kidding as always thank you to Hickman's for providing the delicious eggs this year we will be again April 3rd 8 to 9:30 a.m. will be over at the AZ wholesale growers there that's on 19th Avenue between Pinnacle Peak and Happy Valley it's a great spot fingers crossed I need to go on and check out the extended forecast but fingers cry two years ago rained on us a little bit so hopefully we'll have a grade of invite everybody to join us great food and we'll be talking we'll be getting our AG update which of course my wife growing up on a farm and I was always happy when I get a little bit of egg update egg training and as always just so grateful to Farm Bureau for doing that and those are all my comments thank you everyone for being here and with it that this meeting is adjourned

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