B&NES Pest Control

Pest Control
No-one wants to have a pest problem – pests like wasps
are a nuisance and can be dangerous while rats cause
damage to property, damage wiring causing a fire risk and
worst of all are a threat to health. So if you have a pest problem, you need to
act promptly. Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Pest
Control service can help, offering you a prompt, expert,
discrete and effective solution to pest problems.
We can deal with vermin – rats and mice – and insects
including wasps, fleas and cockroaches. We tackle the problem efficiently and responsibly,
selectively targeting the problem species. The first step is to call us on 01225 396007.
We’ll take payment and arrange a date, which will be a
half day slot. A qualified pest control officer will come
and do a risk assessment
Identify signs of activity Lay bait or apply insecticide
And leave you with details of what bait has been put
down, how much and what needs doing next. You can then call to report signs of ongoing
activity we will make up to 3 visits in a 6 week period to make
sure the problem is solved. We can also identify if the source of the
problem is off your property, and we have the power to enforce
against other people if there’s a situation on their
land affecting you.
Our aim is to get rid of the problem so you don’t have to
call us again. You can find out the cost of pest treatment
on our webpage, just search for Bath and North East
Somerset Council pest control.
We offer a substantial discount for people on benefits.
And these are fixed costs – there are no hidden extras or
ongoing contracts. And for a commercial premises treatment it’s
between £200-£300 but it varies.
We also provide ongoing commercial contracts to control
pests. The costs for this is based on size, location and likely risk. So if you have a pest problem, contact us
on 01225 396007.

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