BMW driven around the city by a dog

they did the steering column – plus we've got a set of pedals just a bit more that'll do do some work can you bark at that dude for me that guy's filming the dog looks like he's pursuing the Beamer he's slowing down and taking a look hey there fellas okay so it's time to destroy yet another car from I'm kidding we ain't destroying any cars to date to be honest it just so happens that it's been a while since we've had a bit of fun and brought some joy to the people around us so today we've decided to do something of the cheeky we're looking at completely relocating all of the controls in this here car to the rear seat so that we can drive the car while sitting in the back once we finish the conversion we go out for a drive and see how people react let's do this BMW driven around the city by a dog translation and voiceover by me and my Russian you can see how we relocated everything here we've made a sort of makeshift – which we've fitted the steering column – unless we've got a set of pedals the steering shaft is from August 21 Volga we've increased the length of the brake pedal with a piece of pipe this really wasn't that hard that's for the throttle cable as you might imagine it's just a bit longer than it used to be all right time for us to install some seats get everything looking at least slightly decent remove this wash that on tint the front tint the rear and then we go for a drive all right guys so we've successfully converted the car we've moved all of the controls to the back seat so everything is looking pretty good we've got another steering wheel and a seat up front see this guy over here he's gonna be driving me around today let's go bewilder some bystanders now his name is Sam work and he's a big boy isn't he so when he gets into the driver's seat there's literally no space left in there I'd imagine he won't be very comfortable but hopefully you're cool with that for the sake of this experiment right can you handle it but of course he can you said it himself right let's do this come on hop in get in there come on come here oh come on already just a bit more that will do that guy's filming the dog oh he's somewhere can you bark at that dude for me looks like he's pursuing the Beamer he's slowing down and taking a look and he's gone this furry boy right guys we had a lot of fun here we drove around looking on at people's reactions on this fair spring day we got quite a few people to smile the youngsters and small children were laughing their asses off especially girls we even saw some old ladies laughing we kept seeing people smile and point their fingers of course this also brought a smile to our faces it's truly a great thing to bring some joy to the people around you considering that we are doing this in the morning I mean that'll get you in a good mood for the entire day this was a pretty awesome social experiment and that's all I have for you so watch our videos subscribe send in a few suggestions give us a thumbs up alright catch you later Sam or say goodbye to the people speak alright that's enough

28 thoughts on “BMW driven around the city by a dog

  1. most rubbish and useless video ever seen…mother fucker find some thing uselful and do some thing constructive..your mother fuck

  2. That car is the most beautiful car chassi imo, second only to tr gt lusso from ferrari. New cars really suck 🙁 and yeah nice doggo

  3. "Let's go bewilder some bystanders".

    This is absolutely brilliant humour, and a neat reconfiguration of the driving controls to the rear seats!

    Seeing this will give people such a boost at the sight of that lovely dog appearing to drive.

    It is only natural that a German Shepherd is driving a BMW!

    Thank you for this hilarious video of Man's Best Friend taking his humans for a drive!

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