BLINGER DIAMOND COLLECTION I Hair Styling Tool that you can Load, Click and Bling Anything I Fashion

no looks pretty, but not sparkly enough no what about my accessories? I don’t have anything for my fashion show and I don’t want to disappoint the crowd if only I had something to bling my clothes, it could make them sparkly which is perfect I have an idea, I have something perfect upstairs that we can use on my clothes follow me everyone so I can show you what it is Hey moonies, welcome back to the channel, get ready for the sparkliest fashion show ever Today we have this super cool blinger products to show you so stay tuned to find out how you can get your own blinger gift box so now let’s open our box and see what’s inside right here we have the blinger diamond collection and the refill pack it says load click and bling, you can bling your hair, fashions, anything add bling to your everyday life,safe and easy to use. bling hair fashion and accessories easily comb out or peel off when you’re done. works with all hair types and sticks to most materials the refill pack has 75 gems, you can refill your bling and keep on blinging and blinging all day long don’t forget, you can get your own blinger at Smyths toys superstores this pack came with the blinger tool and 75 gems this is how you use your blinger tool can you see the black rubber band? pull it to the notch over here like that next you need to hold these two down and release the disk like that now pick whatever disk you want but you can only use one disk at a time, so I am going to use, white when you put your disk in, remember that it needs to be in the center of the hole otherwise it’s not gonna come out because if it’s there it’s not going to get out now we are going to shut it but don’t press the top down or you might accidentally waste a gem just press the disk down like that and then you can start blinging there are two ways to bling option one is this you can bling your hair and fabric option two is to pull the handle down and this is good to bling all your fashions let’s start blinging I am gonna go with this one I am going to put it back to option one and now let’s start blinging this now I am ready to click down guys see, it’s pretty. let’s bling more another bling, it’s cute this is all done I hope you like it and let’s go to the next one let’s do the glasses for this one I am going to use the blue gems and I am going to put 3 on each side here and there got one there guys the three gems are done now I am going to try and put one gem there and one gem there I am gonna change the tool to option two the glasses are done, they have gems at the front and on the sides I am going to bling my own hair, just grab a string of your hair, put it in and then bling can you see it guys? and you can add more, more and more now I am going to bling everything else so that I can get ready for my fashion show I think I am ready for my fashion show. My bags are all blinged, my bows my head bands even my glasses now let’s go down and put on a good show welcome to my fashion show That was my fashion show I hope you enjoyed it, let me know which accessory was your favorite and what do you think about the blinger? I think it’s cool do you? because it makes you shine you can put it on your hair, shoes, bags, anywhere for your everyday life do you remember when I said you could win your own blinger box? Here’s how you can head over to this website right here so you can win your own blinger gift box with everything you need to bling your hair and fashion accessories Okay moonies that’s it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed it give us a big thumbs up, subscribe, hit that bell icon so that you can see more fun videos and we’ll see you in the next video Bye

66 thoughts on “BLINGER DIAMOND COLLECTION I Hair Styling Tool that you can Load, Click and Bling Anything I Fashion

  1. Blinger Diamond Collection, are so cool 🙂 that was a cool fashion show Serenity and Elena did so well girls 🙂 giant thumbs up <3.

  2. This Blinger is awesome, so way to make you clothes Bling, Great for the coming school year. Great job showing how it works

  3. Great video!?Nothing like some BLING to dress up some hair, clothes & accessories!?❤️ Blinger is AWESOME! ?

  4. Aww this is sooooooo cool i love all of your creations and the bling in you hair mayches your unicorn perfectly i love it and elanas bling is the bomb! ❤

  5. Wow what a awesome styling blind tool it’s perfect for diy projects and personalized your clothing and accessories. Great review and very nicely explained ?

  6. Wow that’s super cool Serenity I absolutely love the blinger ? I love your fashion show you and elena look so cute great unboxing and review thank you for sharing L36

  7. This is so cool! I seen the blinger at Toy fair and we want one so bad. When I was growing up I had a bedazzler and this kinda reminds me of that ??

  8. Wow what a cool set! ? Jess & Freya would love this ? I’ll have to show them your video when they get home (and I’m sure this will end up on the Christmas list)! ? big thumbs up from us ?????✨✨

  9. that is splendid! That is a wonderful styling tool, you can add bling to lots of things. so many gems and pretty colors. spectacular fashion show. thumbs up.

  10. Oooooh too cute, my big sister would love this.. She loves making her own clothes so this would make a perfect gift for her

  11. really cool video, your blinker can really bling anything love it, its so easy to sue and it look cool, love your floss moves ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. L64 hi friends! I love the Blinger! You can put the bling on most of the items! Headband looked great! The sunglasses look cool! ? Nice fashion girls! ??????

  13. This is a super cool hairstyling tool! Emma would totally love this!!! Really great review! Enjoyed watching! ?

  14. Awesome blinger video loved your blinged up sunglasses and bag loved your fashion show at the end with your sister

  15. this is real awesome! my nieces would love these. we're new friends here, hope you can be ours too and support!

  16. Wow this is so cool! Such a fun way to express your creativity! Using it on your headband was a great idea! ?❤️

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