55 thoughts on “Black Mambas 09, Mamba vs Birds

  1. and the birds were like "HEY MAN GET THE FUCK OUT" and the snake was all "alright.. chill the fuck out." bird was still pissed.

  2. @emnetiret Thank you for saying so. I'll still have to post a few more Black Mamba videos before the end of this years. Thanks for watching.

  3. I don't know how you manage to do it as a one-man team but this is wonderful. Parts of it are done better than D. Attenborough's BBC animal series.

  4. Thank you for the compliment. Filming the footage was a though job indeed. It took me over three years to get it all together and still I had to cut corners, cuz everything was done on a zero budget. Still, filming was fun and sometimes dangerous too. Thanks for watching.

  5. OKC and Miami may start shivering now, the BLACK MAMBA is back !!! He has guns noe and is hungry for revenge!!!

    Lol sorry too tempting here

  6. England are beaten 1-0 by Israel as they lose their third and final fixture at the European Under-21 Championship.

  7. My question is. How do they get those camera's n there like that???? The camera's be n those places even before the action starts…

  8. Dendroaspis polylepis, The Black Mamba is quick enough to "hit" you 3-4 times before you can react, and venom is strong, strong, strong, different components affecting nerves, blood, tissue, few dry bites. Just live and let live. they are fast beyond belief.
    By the way, that was 12 dozen birds that were filmed the Mamba wasn't hungry any more, LOL.

  9. Have gone to Africa 3 times! Every time we encountered a Black Mamba, we killed it. If see a ISIS Killer, do you let him go or do you kill him.

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