Black Furday at the Animal Shelter

November 24th this year is Black Friday and we are taking that day and making it into a really fun adoption event we’re calling it black fur day and Essentially every animal will have their adoption fee waived they don’t actually have to have a speck of black fur on them We’re pretty generous with that now They’ve got a black toe black nose a black pupil any sort of black on them But we’re just we’re making it a fun event So all of our adoption fees will be waived on all animals on black fur day And that’s for dogs cats and small animals, and we have a lot of small animals Rabbits guinea pigs ferrets we have a lot of mice right now We might have reptiles like snakes or bearded dragons and all of their adoption fees will be entirely waived That adoption fee includes a lot of really great medical stuff that the animal will already have done including their spay and neuter surgery There’ll be microchip. They’ll have all age-appropriate Vaccinations, so they are ready to go home with you on Black Friday Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter is the fundraising partner for our County shelter? So we provide support to the shelter beyond what the county’s budget can provide One way that we do that is by sponsoring events such as black fur day allowing all of the Adoption fees to be waived friends is so excited to be sponsoring this event we look forward to seeing so many people the day after Thanksgiving and we look forward to doing this for many years to come

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