31 thoughts on “Black Cat Hit by Car Desperately Needs Help

  1. We're assuming she was hit by a car but don't know for sure, lots of scumbags out there… so glad I spotted her (she was hiding under bushes and ran out)… It took a long time to keep the other cats away from the trap with food in it and for her to get interested again, but it was worth the wait, she's pain free and off the streets now! <3

  2. Awww, sweet little tripod…how amazing you were not only able to trap and treat her, but to socialize her to humans too!! Great work!!! 🙂

  3. Makes me so sad when u see how nice they are letting u touch her as if she was someone's kitty at some point. Smh stop throwing your cats out and also not getting them fixed this is insane the amount of cats roaming the streets.

  4. This video made me get tears. I will never understand how some people can be so cruel and for no reason.. Thank you for saving her.. Poor girl and the rest of the kitties.

  5. What a lovely gal, I hope she got a nice home~

    We adopted a three legged black catch of our own, luckily it was only a front leg so he doesn’t have many mobility or jumping issues.

  6. This really hit home since she looks exactly like my black cat Tex…

    I'm going to go and give her a big hug now to feel a bit better.

  7. So glad you were able to catch her and get her the help she so desperately needed! That said though, I must say I do not agree with TNR practices. Maybe the cats can no longer reproduce but…they are still at the mercy of the elements, lack of warm shelter in bad weather, attacks by dogs, wild life and fights with other cats that can leave them injured. Not to mention the grave dangers cars and cruel humans can inflict. I love cats but also, strongly, believe in quality of life over quantity. If stray/feral cats cannot be socialized and made suitable for adoptive homes or placed in a safe, barn cat, situation, I think euthanasia is preferable to a high risk life on the streets. How I feel about it, so not looking to argue or debate.

  8. I just wanted to comment that I've seen several cats with 3 legs that are fully functional & adapt extremely well to having a missing limb. It's easier for them to be missing a back leg than a front one. They ate resilient animals & hopefully this little kitty now being tripedal won't affect somebody wanting to adopt her!

  9. This really makes me think of my cat. She was found with a broken leg too and they had to amputate it. They still don't really know what had happened, but now she's living the best life with us (seemingly unaware of her missing leg, haha) since we adopted her 6 years ago. It warms my heart to see what you do for these cats and I'm so happy you got to help this one. Hopefully she'll find a nice loving home just like our girl <3

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