20 thoughts on “Black and White Three Dog Night YouTube

  1. This 1972 song they today would probably call this racist seems like color was less a problem when i was teenager M A G A

  2. My best friend was a great black man my brother from another mother I miss you Billy Sheegog see you in heaven one day brother Eddie.

  3. Some trivia: the lyrics to Black and White were written by Alan Arkin's father, David I. Arkin in 1954 as a response to Brown vs. Board of Ed. He was a victim of the McCarthy witchhunt.

  4. Love this song. They started singing before I was old enough to appreciate good music. Luckily I had a mom who loved listening to great music. I know the words to songs way before my time. Music soothes my soul.

  5. this song reminds me of my late father … he used to listen to this every sunday morning along with other 70s hits … and little did he know that was how he exposed me to English sounds and songs .. RIP

  6. ini lagu mengingat kan aku pada seseorang yg pernah singgah di hati yg sekarang entah dimana berada.I miss u.

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