– Okay, you guys ready? – [Mark] I’m ready
if you’re ready. – I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to
enter the chomp zone with the common snapping turtle. One. Two. Three. (chomping) Ow! (dramatic music) For several years, I
have been on a mission. To find and catch a world
record size snapping turtle. Throughout the process,
I’ve encountered many of these elusive
reptiles, and to do so, I usually have to
jump from a kayak and into water over my head. This is one of the most
dangerous aspects of my job. Trust me when I say that
I always try my best to avoid being bitten. But try as I might, when you
work with this many turtles, accidental bites do
occasionally happen. This turtle just bit
the top of my thumb off. And boy can they be painful. Hold on, he’s– (screams) That’s what you get for
climbing in the cage with a bunch of turtles. Then there are the
intentional bites, and I think we all
remember the episode where I was chomped by the
alligator snapping turtle. (chomping) Agh! The ultimate goal was
to show you what happens when a snapping turtle locks
its jaws around a victim. Oh, jeez! Ah! He’s through, he’s through,
he’s through into my arm. Unfortunately for
me, the giant reptile just decided to chomp on my arm until its beak
pierced the brace, ultimately bringing
the scene to an end. Okay, the turtle
can take a break. It was one painful
experiment that didn’t exactly go according to plan. Through social media I
recently asked the Coyote Pack, “Would you like
to see me chomped by a common snapping turtle?” Oh, ooh, that hurt! But it didn’t draw blood. I wonder what a larger
Turtle would do. You guys wanna see me chomped, by the common snapping turtle? Well, a whopping 95% of
you said “Yes get chomped!” So today I’m going
to do just that, and demonstrate what happens if you ever get your hand locked in the jaws of a
snapping turtle. Now I know you’re watching
this video and you’re thinking, “Coyote this is
absolutely crazy. “This turtle’s gonna
bite off your finger, “It’s gonna bite off your hand. “It’s going to cause
so much damage, “you’ll have to go
to the hospital.” We have thought
about this in advance and we actually have
some safety precautions in place to make
sure that that turtle does not take a
chunk out of my hand. We purchased these dowel rods. What I’m going to do is
cut a section of the wood and then glue it to
the side of my hand, so that when the
turtle bites down, my hand will be sideways. It’s going to strike
out, wap, and latch on. Now the beak is going
to pierce the top and bottom side of my hand, but what I’m really
worried about is the scissor power of those jaws. That’s why a snapping
turtle bite can be so bad. Their jaws are razor sharp,
lined with that beak. As they bite down, the
beak cuts through the skin. Now, what the wood will do is create a barrier
between the turtle’s beak and it’s ability to scissor
all the way through my hand and take out a
triangle shaped chunk. I know you’re probably
thinking to yourselves, “Well, it’s still
gonna bite you, “It’s still gonna hurt.” Yes, it absolutely is
and hopefully the turtle holds on the first time so I don’t have to be
bitten more than once. Now, once the turtle bites me, I’ll show you how to get
a snapping turtle off, and there are a couple
of methods you can use. The first one is water bottles. Simply dumping water
onto the turtle’s face, in its mouth and on its
eyes should make it feel as if its back into its
natural environment, which would be the water, and it will let go
and try to get away. Now, if the water bottle
method doesn’t work, what you can do is completely
submerge the turtle in water. If this does not work, the
last resort is rubbing alcohol. Now this is something
that I’ve seen a number of different people use
when they’ve been bitten by snakes or alligators. It’s not gonna hurt
the animal in any way, but it’s just kind of a sharp,
pungent taste in its mouth, and it should force it to,
agh, let go of my hand, and the hopefully I’ll
be able to show you guys how to take care of that
bite with some first aid. – [Mark] And if none of those
work, you just have to wait. – Yes, that is the
worst case scenario. If it doesn’t let go from
one of these methods, I’ll have to sit there,
bite my tongue in pain, and hope that eventually
this turtle loses interest in my hand or being angry at
me for letting it bite my hand, and then lets go. Oh boy. We are seconds away
from me being chomped by the common snapping turtle. I am definitely
nervous right now. This is gonna hurt. Just imagine that beak
piercing through my skin. If it bites and
it holds on, hoo, it is going to be
incredibly painful. And, it’s not a small turtle. It’s about ten pounds in size. It is going to crunch my hand. Oh boy. (hissing) Okay, okay. Okay. Now coming across a
snapping turtle of this size isn’t super rare, but
often times I catch turtles that are significantly
larger than this. A turtle larger than
this would definitely do a massive amount of
damage to my hand. – [Mark] Camera two,
camera three are rolling. Coyote your Go Pro is rolling. – All right. – [Mark] This is crazy! This is crazy. Oh my goodness, you’re
actually doing this. – Yeah, well, let’s see
what happens, right? I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m
about to enter the chomp zone, with a common snapping turtle. Are you ready? – [Mark] Let’s do this. – One. Two. Three. (chomping) Ow! He missed the wood! He’s latched on my hand! – [Mark] You all right? – Agh! Agh! Oh, he’s ripping
the side of my hand! Oh my gosh! Okay, I’m not gonna
touch the turtle. He missed the wood, this is bad. He’s, agh! Mario, gimme a bottle of water! As you can see the
turtle’s beak has pierced through the top of my hand and
it is latched into the skin. He’s got his eyes closed,
jaws locked in place. Just lightly drip that
onto the top of his head. Ah, ah, ah! He’s biting down harder,
he’s biting down harder, that’s not working,
that’s not working. Oh boy. Argh! To lift him up and
get him into the water is going to be extremely painful I’m going to go straight
to the rubbing alcohol. Now you can see the
way that his jaws have scissored into my hand. The beak has pierced
through the skin. Oh my gosh that hurts so bad! – [Mario] You ready? – He’s got the back
side of my hand. Yep, go ahead, just kinda dump
some into his mouth, there. Real light, real light. Okay, there he goes,
he’s trying to get off, he’s trying to get
off, there he goes. Agh! Oh, wow, he cut major
holes in my hand. Okay let me dip him in the water to get that rubbing alcohol off. There you go, little buddy. – [Mark] Oh my goodness. – Agh! – [Mark] I am really nervous. You okay? – Yeah. Ah, jeez. Oh, man, he bit right there
and slid off to the side. Agh! Oh, that hurt. Hold on a second. It’s almost like his
mouth wasn’t big enough to reach around
and bite onto me. Okay I’m gonna just get
this piece of wood off. There’s the bite right
there, you see that? – [Mark] Oh my goodness! He tore into you, wow. – Well, the water actually
just caused the turtle to bite down harder. It wasn’t until we got the
rubbing alcohol into is mouth that it actually would let go. Now you can see where the jaws
scissored through my skin. Wow, and the crushing
power was insane! I honestly thought the
water was gonna work and I thought I’d be
able to get it back into that container of
water to dunk it underwater. Only in an emergency situation where you didn’t
have rubbing alcohol would you wanna do that. – [Mark] Dowel rod
was ineffective, it
didn’t help at all. – It missed the dowel rod. It bit to the side. I mean I guess that’s one thing you can’t anticipate exactly
where a turtle’s gonna bite. Agh! He missed the wood! Let’s bring the turtle back up. Make sure he’s okay. Come here, buddy. Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, I see you. – [Mark] He’s like,
“Let’s go again!” – Let me hold him
up kinda like this. Well, that was actually a
pretty quick chomp and release. I thought I was gonna be
able to take that pain a little longer than that, guys, but having the turtle
locked onto my hand was… Phew. That was intense. Just imagine what a
turtle that weighs 40 or 50 pounds could do. Definitely would break your hand if not take off your fingers. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. (mellow music) I know you were all thinking, “Coyote, getting bitten
by a snapping turtle “was totally crazy!” I agree, and trust
me, it really hurt. Agh! He missed the wood! But hopefully me being chomped by what I consider
to be a small turtle will serve as a warning to
everyone out there watching. Snapping turtles
have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. Do not try to catch them. Do not try to pick them up. In fact, if you come
across one of these turtles in the wild, simply admire
it from a safe distance. Unless the animal is provoked there’s absolutely no chance
you will end up taking a chomp. If you thought being chomped
by this turtle looked painful, make sure to go back and
watch the time I put my arm into the mouth of the
alligator snapping turtle. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on this season of Dragon Tales. He slipped in-between
the bamboo, and went into my arm.

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