Bishop Jakes & son Dexter share a special moment

I think that it is important that you say things while people can hear I asked my youngest son to come because this is the last Sunday that he's going to be here at our service before he goes to Chicago to Columbia University he said to me he had an opportunity to go away during the summer and hang out with kids his own age having completed high school and have some fun and he said to me I would rather bypass an opportunity and hang out with you so we loaded up the truck and went to Vegas and we hung out in Vegas for a few days just having father-son time it was a very meaningful precious unforgettable moment in my life and you I had on this dog tag and you said you liked too so I took it off and I'm giving it to you to take with you as a symbol of my love and my prayers and my expectation I want you to keep it width and the sign of protection so problem bring daddy back that degree he said I promise I will

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