Birds Of Prey Trailer – Joker and Batman Easter Eggs Breakdown

you know what a Harlequin is the
Harlequins role is to serve it’s nothing without a master no one gives two
who we are beyond death the Joker and I broke up I wanted a
fresh start but it turns out I wasn’t the only dame in Gotham looking for
emancipation spectacular news. Miss Quinn, she belongs to me. who are you guys Here’s the deal, Quinn.
you need me he’s after all of us now we should order pizza, make cosmos! I’m the one they should be scared of who’s having a good time Never call a woman a chick I’ll accept
broad, lady, woman on occasion b*tch welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my birds-of-prey trailer Easter eggs video if you’re brand new to
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the video – even if you’re not a big comic book reader you’re probably
familiar with the birds of prey this is basically birds of prey with Harley
Quinn because when you talk about DC girl gang related titles usually Harley
Quinn when she teams up with a bunch of other female DC people it winds up being
villains and they call it Gotham City sirens right now there actually is a
rumor that the sequel to this movie will be a Gotham City sirens movie so they’ll
do poison ivy and a lot of the other characters that you would see in a
Gotham City sirens title so if you’re wondering why this isn’t Gotham City
sirens it’s just that they’re building up to that through probably a new
trilogy starting with this birds of prey movie but they begin the trailer with
that Harley Quinn voiceover narrating the premise of the movie a bunch of
second-tier sidekicks and underlings Harlequins ordered to serve who don’t
want to serve at the feet of their respective masters anymore
black mask is the main villain of the movie if that wasn’t clear you and
McGregor it’s not clear exactly why he wants them to serve so badly there is a
MacGuffin during the movie but this trailer is meant to give you a better
idea of the broad themes of the movie doesn’t really tell you a whole lot
about the actual plot so it’s not that he just wants them to serve there
actually is something that they did that he wants to take them down for you see
you’re walking down the street with Cassandra Cain and one of her later
outfits you can kind of chart the timeline based on the different outfits
that Harley Quinn wear she’s one of the few characters that has a couple really
big wardrobe changes through the film if you’re a big Avatar The Last Airbender
fan fun fact in real life she’s actually the niece of Dante Bosco
Prince Zuko himself this is a shot of Black Canary singing in black mask club
notice the set design with the giant black fingers that she’s standing
between with those eyes in between is it black mask is always oppressively
watching everything that everyone does in the club this person kneeling in the
church could be Renee Montoya Black Canary or even the Huntress there aren’t
that many brunettes that look this young Harley Quinn trying to sell Black Canary
on the idea leaving blackmask employee trying to
explain her story how she left the Joker there’s a brand-new DC logo if you zoom
in enhance you can actually see that it’s just meant to be a representation
of Harley Quinn in full Joker makeup this shot of her cutting off our
trademark pigtails is probably earlier in the film right after she breaks up
with the Joker she throws knives at his picture on the wall it is meant to be a
representation of Jared Leto’s Joker picture notice the crazy teeth and the
haircut meant to look just like he did in the last big Suicide Squad movie my
understanding is based on what people have said he’s not supposed to be a big
on-screen character during the movie but there is supposed to be some kind of
archival footage or brief flash of him on screen during the breakup montage at
the beginning of the movie to explain how she leaves him she talks about
wanting to get her fresh start mentioned she’s not the only damon gotham looking
for one then they do a montage of all the different birds of prey characters
this is Renee Montoya on the street trying to investigate this big explosion
there’s another shot of Black Canary looking like she’s about to kill herself
she’s so depressed the shaking martini glass is just a reference to her canary
cry abilities but none of the scenes in this trailer actually let you know
whether or not she’ll be a metahuman during the movie even though the birds
of prey movie is rated R it is still connected to the other DC films it still
loosely connected the last Suicide Squad film in Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is
also starring in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie it’s not clear if that movie
takes place after the events of this movie or before it but if they’re doing
king shark during that movie there are metahumans in the last Suicide Squad
movie there are people with magic there are other metahumans like Diablo so it
wouldn’t be weird for Black Canary in this movie to actually be a metahuman
with canary cry abilities from the comics this shot of Huntress in the back
alley looking like she’s stopping her stuff from killing someone possibly
Harley Quinn it’s hard to tell if this scene of her is connected to the
Huntress scene might be one of the first times that they run into each other on
the street the person that Huntress is connected to
is also black mask and Victor’s oz if it wasn’t clear chris messina is playing
Victor Zsasz in the movie he’s actually working underneath black mask
that’s why later in the trailer you see him yelling at Victor’s oz saying she’s
mine this is black mask getting ready to interrogate Huntress while she’s strung
up upside down noticed the black glove with the one white finger he actually
does have a black mask of sorts in the movie and it does seem
based on that viral trailer that they released with it chapter two that they
are doing the false face society from the comics I know a lot of you are
excited that they’re doing Harley Quinn’s hyenas from Batman the Animated
Series in the comics it seems like they’re only doing one hyena though
instead of doing the two Harley running through the streets later in the film
black mass telling Victor saws Harley Quinn belongs to him then her just
playing with her hyena her to tell when this is happening during the movie but
she’s just rescuing Cassandra Kane from this biker gang if they’re connected to
Victor Zsasz or just one of the other mobs there are many different criminal
organizations and mobs within Gotham it’s a huge city they’ll have a way of
explaining why Batman isn’t around to help them with this but for the most
part that narration at the beginning of the trailer is meant to give you that
idea like nobody cares about us so that they’re trying to say that Batman has
bigger fish to fry than to help people like them Renee Montoya freaking out in
the streets it also kind of seems like earlier the trailer that she’s either
being kicked off the police force because she’s a detective or she’s under
some sort of disciplinary review she’s underappreciated within the department
for some reason she’s on the outs with the Gotham City Police Department we
don’t know if Commissioner Gordon is going to be in the movie at any point but
there are several different police departments within Gotham so it wouldn’t
be weird for him not to be in the movie black mask’s men in the club getting
ready to interrogate Harley Quinn there’s also an extended elaborate barry
marilyn monroe looking dance scene where she’s singing and she has her hair done
up it’s hard to tell if that’s real and she’s actually putting on a performance
for the crowd or was some sort of extended dream sequence where she’s
imagining all this happening while she’s taking down all these people because
then you see another person in black mask come out and start shooting all the
other people in black masks black masks in his bed in his home it’s hard to tell
why he’s freaking out but this probably has something to do with why he’s so
pissed off at the birds of prey and why he wants them so badly loved the set
design booby trap this is an amusement Mile there’s a big extended action scene
a big fight scene that they have that was in the last big viral trailer with
it chapter 2 this is just them getting ready to start that big fight probably
going to be a lot of joke or Easter eggs during this part even though he might
not be in this part of the film amusement Mile is just a big part of
Joker and Harley Quinn’s back story in the comics and Batman
made series so of course they’re going to have a big action scene there during the
film this is them supposedly fighting the
falseface society we’ve saw a little bit of footage that before all those people
wearing the animal masks then there’s an extended scene of Harley Quinn looking
like she’s escaping prison with young Cassandra Cain there is that extended
scene later in the trailer with all those fire extinguishers going off all
that water everywhere it looks like a really cool action scene of her busting
in to the prison she looks like she’s there to rescue someone it could be
connected to this Cassandra Cain scene because they’re both handcuffed to each
other and even though Harley Quinn looked like she’s just completely
nonchalant about all this like okay we’re just going to almost hit this person
on the sidewalk as we’re swerving around these cars throw some dynamite in
another car which is total Gotham City sirens and it seems like this is pretty
early in their relationship because Cassandra Cain is only vaguely familiar
with Harley Quinn she knows a little bit about her wait you’re that crazy chick
this is Harley Quinn going after a black mass you can’t see him in the back of
the car here but he has Cassandra Cain in the back of this car he’s wearing his
black mask she’s on roller skates there is some roller derby during the film and
they just did reshoots on the movie for this particular action scene we don’t
know exactly when it happens during the film but it’s meant to be one of the
bigger cooler action scenes this is Harley Quinn trying to sell the others
on the birds of prey team up we should have a sleepover this is going to be so
much fun let’s get some pizza like an area looking like she’s trying to slap
some sense into her come on Harley Quinn we have a job to do let’s go we had you
saw some behind the scenes from the scene of her in the supermarket with her
walking out with this giant bag of dog food and a little bit of the scene of
her with the hyena in her car driving away so it could be from a little bit
later in the film her to tell exactly when this is happening during the film
inside blackmask club when she’s wearing the pants just one of her other big
wardrobe changes completely shattering this dus legs look at the girls in the
background reacting like they’re getting ready to throw up at their table another
wardrobe change of her dressed up incognito
shooting this police officer with the beanbag gun this might be on her way to
rescue Cassandra Kane from that prison sequence she says I’m the one that they
should be afraid of you kind of get her sense for her arc in the film she’s
really distraught and pissed off at the beginning of the trailer because she’s
just broken up with the Joker she finds her confidence through the film and
finally starts ripping shit up traditional Harley Quinn a comic book
style anytime you see regular mobsters just wearing regular suits it
seems like it might be something connected to the Huntress maybe the
Bertinelli crime family they’ll have a way of explaining her backstory too
because it is meant to be the Helena Bertinelli version of the Huntress
really looks like her hyena is going to go to town on this dude and he just has no
idea they flashed the title screen just confirming that the official title of
the movie is birds of prey in the fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley
Quinn even though they’re using Harley Quinn to heavily market all the movie
she’s on all the posters very prominently this is meant to be an
ensemble film the movies coming out at the beginning of February so the
probably a bunch more trailers dropping in December in January of course I’ll do
more Easter egg videos if you have any big questions about the continuity or
where this fits with the other DC movies that are connected with sort of the
Justice League continuity just let me know in the comments because James
Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie isn’t coming out till august 2021 they’re shooting it
right now I assume that whatever’s going on with
Harley Quinn during that movie will be said after the events of birds of prey
so technically not connected to Matt Reeves Batman film there’s all kinds of
rumors about how they’re spinning out Batgirl and a whole bunch of other
Batman related characters like Nightwing within Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves
Batman trilogy but I’ll do more videos about that when we get more details they
won’t be shooting that till either really later this year or early next
year you know obviously this movie is not connected to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker
movie it’s out later this week of course I’ll post my full review video and
Easter eggs post credits scenes all that kind of
stuff later this weekend so be sure to go see the movie when you get a chance
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the MCU from Sony thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see
you guys tonight!

100 thoughts on “Birds Of Prey Trailer – Joker and Batman Easter Eggs Breakdown

  1. Here's my Birds of Prey Trailer Easter Eggs video. Let me know how many you spotted in the video! There will be more Trailers coming this year. And more details on the new Batman Movie

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  4. I thought Easter Eggs were things revelatory of the story that aren't readily apparent. I guess this seemed like Easter Eggs to the laymen that aren't familiar with Batman or DC Characters. For those of us that know, it was just a detailed narration of the trailer. Yawn….
    …but great descriptions tho! so, good job on that.

  5. Really they going to make this movie when we don’t even have Nightwing at all or a good green lantern movie he’ll we don’t even have a green arrow movie but we’re going to give Birds of Prey a movie the only good thing is Harley Quinn’s in it she’ll save the movie other than that idk why they made this when we don’t have One good movie from Dc aquaman was honestly the best and then we don’t even have Nightwing movie like come on his story is way better than them like you got a kid who basically has the same backstory as Bruce we need a A movie about him also we need Shazam we need to make teen titans movie at least and have Shazam on there bc he’s a kid or even make a another Good Batman movie bc how many people are playing Batman rn like why can’t they just cast someone to wear the suit and be Batman and have someone be Bruce Wayne

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  8. Everyone freaking out about the title is just ridiculous. This is the first time that they are meeting. To create the birds of prey concept. Of course Margot Robbie is the main character, she is the most familiar to the general audience. Seems pretty easy to understand…

  9. They're probably afraid to show Black Canary's powers in case they look too similar to the CW's version and dont want to face criticism.

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  14. She should have been the main character in Suicide Squad. It really seemed like some behind the scenes Will Smith bullshit happened in that movie.

    Casting choices besides Harley seem totally off. Hopefully I’ll be surprised. Also seems strange that they’re pushing her so hard as a Hero rather than a villain. I mean yes, it’s true, without Mister J’s influence, she’d probably be a nice girl, depending on who the writer was. It still seems odd though.

    Interested in seeing it, of course. Just not overjoyed. I’m guessing this is going to be a temporary lapse before she inevitably jumps back on the Mister J bandwagon.

  15. Some peeps hated it due to it looking more like a Harley Quinn movie rather than Birds of Prey. It's more likely(as seen in the trailer) that this movie will serve as a plot to assemble Birds of Prey(of course, 'coz of one Harley Quinn), it's not like Birds of Prey is already a group right after the Justice League event. Also they they said that it's on a DCEU continuity, and to do that and make more appealing they need an already established character in DCEU, hence the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

  16. Birds of Prey have always been the heroes. Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk. What the hell is this? Harley Quinn is a villain and most certainly has never been a member of Birds of Prey.

  17. This looks like a just a Harley Quinn and the actual Birds of Prey barely appear in this trailer. My impression from this trailer is that it's just a vehicle for Margot Robbie, so I'm gonna pass on this one unless I hear something amazing from the reviews.

    Personally I think Harley Quinn is a B Tier character at best, especially next to some of the other characters in this film, there's a weird and silly trend of making her from a sidekick and bit player into a main character and major badass which seems totally undeserved. It seems every time DC takes a step forward, they take two steps back.

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    Btw new sub from Morocco ?? ?✌

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