Birds of Prey Trailer BREAKDOWN

Hello and welcome to my shot by shot breakdown of the very first trailer for Birds of Prey!

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  1. I'm shocked, but this actually looks good. A fun, zany girl trip… even if the trip is like a bad acid drop. Margot sounds cool.

  2. In the shot were it shows all the actors names, Harley os actually blowing up ace chemicals(You can see the logo in the back Round)

  3. Ok so… I'm a huge HQ fan. My only tattoo I have is of her diamonds. I know you didn't like the dynamite clip, but to me THAT WAS HARLEY QUINN! I'm having such a hard time putting Margot and Harley as one but that really felt like a Harley Quinn-esque act.

  4. I kinda liked it. I dont know what to expect, so that helped.
    The trailer as whole makes sense to me, because there is so many things that are… Kinda odd. The music choice for example, i believe that using "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" would make it more fun, and less crazier. Using Edith Piaf, made feel like, i was inside Harley's mind (This Harley, not the one from the Comics), the dissociation from what i was watching, with the song… i dont know… I enjoyed it, but i like, odd choices.
    About the looks, totally agree… I believe DC Arrow has better looks for the Canary, and even the Huntress.
    And the scene with the dynamite, i mean, i smiled at that. Because it went along with the trailer. I just hope it goes along with movie.
    I love you reactions and reviews. ❤️

  5. I think Margot Robbie should be concerned. Not only has the trailer and the early marketing had a very mixed reaction (which is on top of the backlash to the castings/costumes/story), but there's the Harley Quinn animated series starring Kaley Cuoco which premieres on DC Universe in October. The last thing Robbie and the makers of BoP want is people making comparisons, and preferring Cuoco's version of Harley, especially when the series looks very comics accurate.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that Black Canary is Jussie Smollett's sister?? Not sure if it was mentioned. Love the show Grace!

  7. Hate it. This seems to be ALL about Margot Robbie. SO much so, that she doesn't want anyone else to outshine her.

  8. Re: The Marilyn sequence I wonder if it's actually Harley riffing on Madonna's Material Girl video (which was referencing Marilyn) which fits better for this meta textual take on Harley/BoP?

  9. Hard agree with this one, these are my thoughts spot-on when it comes to the non-psychiatric, more comedic Harley.

  10. It does say Booby Trap. You're just so pressed to trash this movie you can't even notice the details. You didn't even notice the glass shaking or Ace Chemicals exploding

  11. Madonna has issues betraying Monroe? I didn't think that was such a big deal with our generation betraying a iconic scene that probably would take her mind off being used as a punching bag.

  12. Probably should, of had stronger supporting character development and wardrobe for the bird's of prey crew, also they should of added, Poison Ivy to balance out Harleys character, more. I like Margot Robbie as an actress, but i don't think Bird's of prey, works for me. Back to the drawing board.??

  13. I'm still 50/50 as well. If there are Agenda's implanted in the movie then it will tip the scale "Deal Breaker" to not go see!

  14. Great overview. I'm excited for the film even though Harley's the only character in the trailer that's got true style.

  15. I Hate you!!!! So much … How dare you speak of my Harley Quinn. # Margot Robbie. I will never listen to your Bull shit. Look at your self!!!! Your not all that!!

  16. That's the problem with DC everyone wants us to accept elsewhere stories but they haven't established a solid Baseline. It's hard to enjoy an elsewhere story when the man universe is a nowhere story universe

  17. 9:39 Because the idea behind this movie is to completely rob the fans of an opportunity to see characters they love on screen and completely change them into the joke (pun not intended) this is.

  18. Haha wow thats funny, i wonder if she did that on purpose, whe she jumped off the stripper pole and landed on that guys knee?

  19. The song is called "Hymne à L'amour" (A hymne To Love) and I personally think it's a great fit. Primarily because it's so ironic. The lyrics roughly translates to…

    The blue sky over us can collapse on itself,
    and the ground can cave in.
    Little matters to me if you love me,
    I don't care…
    We will have for us, eternity,
    in the blue of all the immensity,
    in heaven, no more problems
    my love do you believe that we love each other.

    The part I especially love is when it says "Je me fous…" right before the Marylin Monroe scene. The phrase itself means "I don't care," but if you look at the literal meaning of the words by themselves, it translates to something like "I am crazy."

  20. DC might as well have Greg Berlanti head the DC Film Universe cause they have more respect for the characters on the CW Arrow Universe than WB does for the movies

  21. My take on the trailer is It's a highly stylized and even crazy emancipation of Harley from the Joker. "We chicks we bad" … not enough to get me off my couch to watch

  22. I'm tired of every movie have such a focus on sexuality. He's gay. She's gay. He's Bi … crap. Does every issue in a movie have to be dealing with sexuality???

  23. DC ARE FUCKING GENIUS THEY MADE A HARLEY QUINN MOVIE BEFORE:FLASH OR GREEN LANTERN they haven’t even made a movie with antagonist like:penguin two face,riddler,scarecrow,poison ivy, and I could go on.

  24. Well, in the first minutes of this review, the image of the 5 characters in the movie break the universal rule of the "Cheerleader Effect". Then for me, this movie is a no no because you don't break such fundamental universal rules unwillingly and still wants to succeed.

  25. With Black Mask and Victor Zsasz being gay, this movie is gonna be ridiculous. Probably gonna bomb.
    Not interested!!

  26. The music was probably the best thing about this trailer, it's a gorgeous song. It's also edited with the song reasonably well.

  27. I appreciate the analysis and I agree with you on alot of things that you mentioned. My 2nd favorite villain in DC is Black Mask and this is just a poor representation of the character. I dont mind the Actor playing Roman but the way his character is portrayed is not my cup of tea and it would've been more interesting IMO if they had the Joker involved in the main story line. But this is too be expected as this is a trend no Batman and no Joker how disappointing.

  28. i hate the costume design it looks so low budget. no one stands out as an individual no one has an iconic look, even harley’s outfits look corny. not excited for this movie

  29. Looks terrible… kid Batgirl,,huntress look not like Huntress,poor poooor Reene Montoya what they did to you and minority hire Black Canary all really stupid.
    And Flaming gay Black Mask because why the hell not…

  30. are you fucking kidding me ? now you are sensitive about calling her Black Canary because they hired a black actress ?
    Grace what a fucking weak minded human being you are.

  31. Characters can be bi sexual except bi sexual characters are constantly portrayed as…I don't know, easy…which is fucking stupid.

  32. I have a strange feeling that this movie will be one of those scenarios where it SHOULD be terrible but then ends up being amazing.

  33. I love Harley she has been one of my favorite characters since the animated series but personally i just don't feel like she is a main character she is part of an ensemble but the point is her counter parts need to be at least equal to her and I feel like the point of her character is we love her even if shes not the powerful one with the plan she is almost the comic relief character and I feel like this movie is missing the whole point of who she is.

  34. As someone who always loved the birds of pray dinamic I'm very disappointed, they should have batgirl instead of harley and would probably be more balanced

  35. I don't like the costume or hair choices for Harley. I don't agree that Harley should be less "male gazey" I think the character in her original guise appeals to everyone, men, women, gay men, gay women. Her outfit is often bold and stands out and here she is bright but nothing about her says Harley Quinn.

  36. Did anyone notice that at the last part of the trailer "ACE CHEMICALS" is the building that was exploding?

  37. Honestly pretty excited for this movie. I don't really know anything about the Birds of Prey, but I do like Harley Quinn and I always thought she was held back in Suicide Squad.

  38. So Harley Quinn’s super power is she’s a little nutty?? So it’s like she’s in time of the month on a permanent basis…. but does that make her capable of being able to beat up men 3 times her size…….. ummmm nope. Bored of this movie already and it hasn’t even come out!

  39. I LOVED the Edith Piaf track as a background track,its haunting !! but who knows if it will be in the Movie, as for the gender, don't really agree, you can be a strong gay guy ( like me ) or a strong bi-sexual guy or a strong straight guy ! it doesnt need to be " Gay or Straight ??" but………………( as a fashion designer ) totally agree about the costumes of the other gals !! but looking forward to seeing the Marilyn Monroe scene !! but i'm just a lay man ! x

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