64 thoughts on “Bird Scooter to Personal Scooter Tutorial [Part 1]

  1. Hi men !
    Is a ES4 ?
    And because you don’t finish everything on this voi scooter, do i just need this contrôle board to make it work ?

  2. Did you have to pay and unlock it first to transport it? Then you disconnected the display (dashboard), and then you could remove the gps?

  3. Im glad ppl can repurpose these things. I support upcycling if its a discontinued item, not stolen. Like the first gen limes that break. They look pretty simple. Im sure its easy to upcyle plus it helps cut down on them littering the streets. U would think cops would cite the scooters as litter if its excessive.

  4. Finaly someone has posted this. There are so many broken beyond repair scooters around. Also some get sold at auctions.

  5. I've seen the folding mechanisms available online to make these fold able again, but no videos on how to do it. I know they all originally come fold able and companies modify them to force them to stay upright with that plate with the QVC code on it, and some welds I think. I've seen the parts for like $15, on ebay any idea how hard it would be to install them?

  6. at 2:12 when he was removing the extended battery, the sticker says GPS Tracked with an arrow. Is the GPS in the extended battery on this one?

  7. Darling, you are a retarded little thief. If you are so smart, you would have had the scooter running by the end of the video. No need to replace anything little boy or spend money buying parts. You flash the dashboard to get bluetooth working. using st-link. Then you work on flashing the control board. There is a little trick to getting this type of controller flashed. This control board has 2 higo/julliet connectos. you disregard the short one that goes to the gps. You connect your flasher get a reading and modify a setting with a hex editor and then flash it like any other stolen scooter. Sorry, little child, I can't tell you how to steal scooters. Its your mama's job to educate you. But if your google skills are good, you will find the tutorials on how to steal scooters online.

  8. Hello, i got a Jump scooter from Uber .So basically i just need to buy a new Dashboard and a controller to turn into a personal scooter ?

  9. I found a abonned es4 scooter, everything in it works and yea and I have a Voi scooter as well. could I put the original es4 control board and dashboard over to the Voi one and it’ll still work?

  10. Hello, I did as you indicate in your video, I bought a control board and a dashboard but when I want to turn on the scooter and it does not work .. can you help me please

  11. Whisniut in cali thay feels likenshipping mena bunch for the low i mean oick itnuo free droo itnin the mail and itnall profit andnfuck you do gooderbsaying thats no legal

  12. Actually, you either flash or replace the dashboard and flash the control board and BMS using py9b or NineRiFt (the latter of which, I wrote and am still adding to).

  13. Я живу в более бедной стране чем вы, работаю от 8-10 часов, зарабатываю не больше стоимости самоката в месяц. Но даже я смог купить себе самокат, а не украсить его у капиталиста)))). Наверное вы меньше меня зарабатываете…

  14. Hello I love your videos and I wanted to ask you several questions I have I want to make the same conversion and I ordered the eBay button with the control panel + Bluetooth and I want to know if it is necessary and necessary to change the engine controller because I do not know if it really I need it and I also want to know if there is to connect everything there is something that I should not do or some special procedure so that the skate is not blocked thanks

  15. Bird usually has special screws so you cant take it apart, where can i purchase the tools that fit there custom screws?

  16. Hello I really liked your video and I would like to ask if you need to change both the control board and the circuit board ?

  17. You know that is some one's property…
    You will eventually pay $$$ later for it…..
    Like everyone else is…
    ..PS they will eventually change the circuits and models to prevent this…..

  18. Bra jobbat vill bara säga tack för en bra video en polare har också fått nån voi som holler på fixar måste beställa kontrollenhet och styrenhet vad är det för model ni har i denna video hans är exakt samma.

  19. ✅If this comment gets over 50 likes;

    I’ll do the «Bird Tank» rent scooter to personal scooter next – also known as Voiager 2 where I live ?

    (Bird tank 1 and 2 should be the same, only difference are the brakes…and companies owning them?)

    Much stronger and higher quality! (Both wheels have disc brakes for example)

    Next up in the line may be Lime?? Watch out?? never know!

  20. I did this 3 month ago and today the metal tube broke after a really smooth shock, at the bottom of the scooter, the tube is brake in half and it is not the screw but the tube itself that broke!
    I think it's is because the location brand (this one was uber) are changing the tubes and make them in aluminium, it's cheaper and the scooter last for ~30 days before someone brake it so it doesn't change anything.
    Be really careful with your scooter…
    (sorry for the English, I am French..)

  21. Little update;
    New video with popular Q&A coming soon + reprogramming guide unlike this hardware swap! Which means….spending practically 0 and getting something better and with less extra parts/waste.

  22. Christ, the temptation is real. Just like with pirating movies n stuff. I really want to do it! Why join the navy when u can be a pirate!

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