BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY in the forest | Wildlife photography behind the scenes – nikon z7, ftz, camouflage

(Whispering) Oooh, I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky… because… I have just heart it – up there… I’m going to photography that one… So, I’m ready. And I can hear them, and I have seen them. So, I’m eh… here, in Fosdalen, very close, very close, only 1 kilometre from my little farm, and… wow, it’s nice to be back here in the forest with all the greens, the trees, the little stream… I love this. It’s probably…Yeah, this kind of forest, this kind of nature, is probably my favourite. You can hear all the birds. You can hear the wind in the leaves… and my eyes have just missed all the greens. Just because, I don’t know if I’m going to photograph plants, or the water, or if I’m lucky to find a bird or something, maybe a deer in here… I don’t think a deer, but maybe birds. So, yeah, I just feel… I just wanted to get out and photograph something and just be here, and, of course… not to forget… the coffee! So, right now, I’m going to walk a little around here, on the little boardwalk up there, on a little track, and see if I can find a nice, little, cosy place. (birds chirping…) I hope I can be lucky to find some nice flowers, or maybe, to find a bird or something I can photograph. i really, really like this little valley. As you can see, it’s full of… These…emm… it’s…emm.. marple? Maple…trees? The one from the Canadian Flag! I can’t remember what they’re called! But, these ones, and hazel, and… ah… look at this! It’s just so incredibly nice! It’s really warm. I mean… it doesn’t really get much warmer here in Denmark, so… I hope I don’t have to take on my 3D camouflage because then I’m going to die! (Birds chirping…) I think, now, it’s just time to find this little, cosy place where I can sit and look. I might go up a little bit, have a look around, walk a little back, just to find the perfect spot for a cup of coffee. (Birds chirping…) Ooooh… I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky… because… I have just heard it, up there… wow, I’m going to photograph that one! (exhales…) It’s…Do you hear it? It’s a woodpecker! It’s a woodpecker nest! I can hear the small ones, when they are calling for their mum or the dad, when they come back with food. I’m going to find a place to sit here.. just to relax for, like, 5, 10 minutes, to see if I can get the binocular, and see where they are… where is the den and then get closer without disturbing them. Hopefully, I can get some photos and some video of… of the woodpecker. Oh, I haven’t photographed woodpeckers for years! (Whispering…) I’m sweating! (whispering…) Oh, it’s warm… (Muffled sounds…) (Whispering…) It’s steep… (Whispering…) Let’s see… (Whispering…) Yeah… (Whispering…) OK… (Whispering…) That’s better, much better. (Whispering…) Ok… Here is the perfect place to sit down. What I’m going to do now is… get a little colder! Get my 3D camouflage clothes on and my binoculars and see if I can get a glimpse of where the parents are flying into the nest. Because, the common mistake is just to, you know, walk in, and then they will see you are there, close to the nest, and they become disturbed, and very nervous. So… Yeah… Im going to see if I can locate where they are flying in, keep a respectful distance, with the 3D clothes on, make myself a comfortable, little base where I can sit and photograph and film and, hopefully, I’ll get something good. At least a glimpse of these beautiful, small birds. I haven’t photographed woodpeckers for so long! Yeah… (Whispering…) Oooh, this is crazy! So, Im ready… and I can hear them, and I have seen them. It looks like it could start raining at any moment When I came here it was blue sky and the light was actually awful because it was so hard. But now… it’s getting good, really good. I wouldn’t mind a little rain. Except that I don’t have any rain clothes at all. Yeah… Wow, did you hear that? Listen, the woodpecker… Do you hear it!? This is awesome! (Whispering…) It’s just over there… (Whispering…) Do you see the little hole in the… top right corner of the… the photo? Its right…ah, I can’t point. Well…anyway! Yeah… Here we are… Its a…the little one… the… I don’t know what you say… baby bird? No, you don’t say that. Emm…the little bird. I have only seen one, but it’s…with the colours…it’s like an adult. It looks… it’s not like it’s not, like, grey, you know how they are when they just get out of the egg. But, it’s like a tiny woodpecker, that just looks like it’s parents. It’s fantastic. And I’m sitting at a very, very good distance. So the parents will come and they will feed it, and they will go again. And that is perfect, that’s how it should be. If I get closer, they will be aware of me and they will give their warning sign, and then… yeah… it’s not good. So here, I am perfectly camouflaged. I have the bird up there. This is going to be an awesome afternoon! (Whispering…) Yeah… Yeah, look at this! (Whispering…)Wow! (Whispering…) This is really good! (Exhales…) This is really good! Now I understand why the parents are so busy. And I only see one little one in the hole. I have just seen another one sitting up there in the trees… with the white skies in the background, so I can’t make any photos of it. It’s just nice to have seen it. So, yeah… (Laughs…) Another example of why you don’t have to travel to the end of the world to get good photos and good experiences. It’s just, I’m 1 kilometre from home. This is great! (Music…)

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  1. ? BEHIND THE CAMERA ? version of this video:
    And thanks a lot everyone for all your amazing comments – it is so encouraging.
    You are all just awesome ?

  2. I love how you made it exciting to see how are you hunted for the bird nest. Showing leaves and branches and ferns moving with the wind and how you moved in that environment is equally interesting and good, does that shows the context in which the action is happening in. The music is subtle, calm and beautiful too.

  3. Hi Morten, First of all, I would just like to congratulate you and say how much I like watching your Youtube Videos. You have such a friendly nature about you. You have real passion about your nature photography and care about the subject. I have been a very keen wildlife photographer for well over 20 years. For the last 4 or 5 years I've been shooting with the Nikon D500 but before that I was shooting Pro Canon Gear 1DX + 500 F4 and so on. I've been seriously looking at getting into Videography and after watching many many reviews I feel the best camera for me would be the Z6, as I could use my existing Nikor Lenses. As I said, this would mainly be used for Video as I have the D500 for the fast action stuff. Keep making those great videos. I've just had the same Manfrotto MVH502AH Fluid Head arrive today so I just need the Z6 now..

  4. What an amazing videos you make, what an amazing guy. You make me laugh many times when I see myself reflected in. I can´t stop wondering how do you make the video filming if you are along there. It must be a hard work. An amazing hard work. I expected to be a more silent shutter as a mirrorless camera. WHAT A BEAUTYFUL MUSIC.

  5. Well done! You have actually tempt a keen sports photographer to start shooting wildlife after a couple of clips. Oh by the way you have a new sub 🙂

  6. I'm sure you know Morten but the woodpecker is a Great Spotted Woodpecker, the individual with a red nape (neck) is the male and the one without the female. All the juveniles have a red crown – it is thought that this is an aid for the parents to see in the gloom of the nest hole that they have all the chicks present and correct. Great watch, thoroughly enjoyed it. Si.

  7. The security of these now quite rare birds is so unsure, but safely preserved in your camera at least. Exquisite photos Morten, the rich rewards for your dedication and patience. Thank you 🙂

  8. Morten I love the way how you are so humble to the camera and I also appreciate you from the bottom of my heart how you managed to capture those amazing photographs and also shoot the video for us.
    Love from India!
    Keep reaching heights!

  9. I love your videos love your passion u make me want to grab my camera and go out and shoot. problem is here in eastern Ontario Canada if I where to lay down on ground like you I would be covered in ticks its got insane around here so much that I don't go out till snow and cold I have taken as many as fifty ticks of my dog on a short hike

  10. Thanks for the post its really helpful I’ve been trying to learn more about Photography. Something I’m also looking at is my friend says he makes a lot of money doing this. it’s some sort of online business training but the good stuff is 1hr in so id watch till that point. if any1 else has success doing it let me know i might

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