Bird Of Prey Movie: Trailer

For me, these creatures are masterpieces of nature. If you find it in your first try, you are a very lucky person. –“What do you think?”
–“I think it’s generous to call that a hike. That’s climbing!” –“You know what the good news is? We’re an eighth of our way there.” It’s got this beautiful crest that stands up, these beautiful blue eyes, and its got bone-crushing, powerful feet. –“I just saw that, if I can be quick, we might have a chance, over.” I gotta get this camera built, you gotta think clearly so you don’t drop anything. Given the rarity of this bird, we cannot take chances. –“Skip or Laura, come in, over.” –“Yeah, Neil?” –“We’ve got a baby Philippine Eagle.” All of our islands suffered deforestation. No one was watching so they just cut with impunity. —“The baby is so fragile.” “I think a cold rain could kill a young eagle in an hour and a half, two hours.” We have to move on to attitude and that’s something you feel in your guts. Where other people find excuses not to do things, you find a way to make it happen. It’s a race against time and time’s not on their side. What it has for the human spirit is immeasurable. “I personally, cannot stand the thought of these masterpieces becoming extinct. And so, there’s a handful of people that want to do something about it. And I’m one of them.”

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  1. Beautiful. Typical of the stunning projects the Lab is involved in.
    Please correct the website link. The word "or" is erroneously included.

  2. I love the philippine eagle but unfortunately they are endangered. It is my dream to adopt a philippine eagle when im financially able.

  3. Please jangan rusak alam, jangan bunuh hewan apapun yang di hutan ?
    Aku hanya ingin anak cucuku kelak melihat salah satu ciptaan tuhan yang paling cantik ?

  4. People just don't understand.. How they are hurting this animal. But no one will ever care like we do.. I hate people I am one of these people who cares.. Stop killing our birds. I hope every single of these tree killers get their homes destroyed and maybe then they will understand

  5. It's sad my country is run by a bunch oligarchs and do what they want. These poor creatures suffer because they rather make a profit.

  6. Absolutely beautiful bird. Hopefully, the human race will learn from it's previous mistakes and learn to move on to a new, far brighter future.

  7. looking foward to the whole film! great trailer so far.i can only hope your film work will be able to also support this bird with the locals that tend to kill them when the captive bred ones land in their gardens,as they believe they would steal their babies or little kids. the deforestration yet again on mindanao is so frustrating,that i don t see much real futture for a long term survival of this eagle.yet again i know,that a bunch of very determinated people are working on its conservation as i have been a day in davao at the ph.eagles breeding centre. these guys are doing terrific work,but definitlly they always need more support,so thanks for your work on it!

  8. I like this raptor and chicks is too much cute and philippine eagle is beautiful and nice feathers

  9. this is a truely beautiful Bird.
    I´m looking forward to this Dokumentation, I´m shure its gonna be a greate one.

  10. outstanding! check out also this earlier (2014) work of our team (with them climate change commissioner yeb sano, now of greenpeace) on the great philippine eagle in slideshow format –

    keep up the excellent work!

    the craftsman
    wild bird photographers of the philippines, inc.

  11. Finally good footage of the Philippine Eagle, it’s hard to find videos of them. I notice there are a lot more attention to the harpy Eagle 🙁

  12. To all Harpy eagle fans out there who thinks harpy is the largest and strongest eagle in the world, just type it on Google and see what will appear. Philippine Eagle is the largest and the only confirmed eagle to prey on monkeys, wild pigs, deer's and dogs, dogs! That's why some of our ignorant farmers shoot them once sighted cause if they don't their goats and dogs will be flying. Plus it's the ONLY eagle in the world to have some majestic blue eyes like Frank Sinatra. I won't be surprise if they can sing too, after all they're Pilipinos. Mabuhay ang Haribon!

  13. Is any body knows how can I help to protect this precious Eagles I am a Filipino and I serve in Philippine Military.

  14. man this is so cool. you guys are awesome for doing this. went to davao just to see this majestic beasts! hope for a brighter future for this amazing creatures!

  15. I don't care if these eagles become endemic in many other rain forests of the world; if foreign countries' intervention is needed in order to save them from extinction, I'd gladly accept it. Though, they must retain their name, to honor their home country.

  16. That's brave of you guys. Mindanao has Islamic and Communist terrorists and there are bird watchers who have been victimized by them.
    edit: I hope the loggers who accidentally killed the eagle was reported. 12 years in prison for them.

  17. This moved me to tears. I’m a Filipino and just thinking about these birds becoming extinct because of our selfishness abd greed breaks my heart. Thank you to all those who helped preserve this magical creature. Looking forward.

  18. philippine Eagle is now Endenger thank You for this Video it represend to me My beloved Country The philippine so a huge Respect to you guys

  19. I was actually very lucky to touch one when one of the care takers are cleaning their cages on Davao Malagos Eagle Sanctuary.I would really cherish that day forever and tell my future children about it.sometimes when I saw one flying freely in the sky while we were travelling I was so fascinated they are really beautiful.Well my grandmother was a retired DSWD she told me the PH eagles are very important because they are mother natures gift

  20. God.. Philippines.. My country.. Please do something to guarantee the survival of these precious raptors. What we see right now is far from being enough, and the situation feels a bit shaky that anything could happen. Will these birds survive the environment in other countries who employ strict security of the wildlife? If so, we can really use their help. This is the heaven's gift to humanity, and it is a shame that as stewards of these magnificent creatures, we have mostly failed in ensuring their survival. I know we cannot generalize people, and that there are many Filipinos who truly care for them. But as it is now, the situation remains quite bleak, and people still choose to deliberately hunt these birds for trophy kills, and worse, there are way too many loggers that shred vast areas of the forest where these birds live. :'(

  21. 1:33 and 1:39 Those cries break my heart. Bless all the baby Philippine eagles, and may nature be kind to them and nurture them to their survival. :'(

  22. I am currently working on my thesis about a center for Philippine Eagle conservation. I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Too bad I am broke and I live in the Philippines. On my birthday, Sept. 20, the movie will screen in Estonia. Who's up to take me on an airplane ride?

  23. Guys if you really want to help there's a website which you can Donate to PEF (Philippine Eagle Foundation) just search it. There is apparently a '2 Million Peso goal' we are at 144+k we still have 202 days to complete it

    I'm a 16 year old (Filipino) who can't help directly so please, at least think about it and maybe spread the word, thanks.

  24. The sight of these eagles indeed takes my breath away. We should all be so wondrously grateful to Cornel and others who are so moved to protect and save these birds. Thank you.

  25. If we're in pokemon this eagle would be the one so hard to find but you'll stay up all night to find and catch because it's so beautiful. Like a pseudo legendary.

  26. Sana hindi maglaho ang mga Philippine Eagle napakahalaga pa naman yan sa bansa dahil simbolo natin yan.

  27. Incredible bird must be saved. Learn from what Neil Rettig says and does, then follow through with personal action for eagles and all biodiversity!

  28. I watched this and its very amazing and mesmerizing. You can learn alot, reflect yourself and you felt that you need to do something for the environment. Very inspiring and it is also an awareness to everyone to preserve the environment and the species living in it.

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